The Minnesota Wild Hockey PONDcast

Reviews For The Minnesota Wild Hockey PONDcast

This says not available.
I'm a Wild fan in CA and love listening to the post game and in game audio but it appears iTunes is no longer carrying new episodes. This is really too bad. It was a great show.
Love being able to listen to some of these post games, but I think incorporating Wild Fanline would be a welcome addition for those who aren’t often able to listen live (like myself). Great work overall...Go, Wild!
GO WILD!!!!!
Keeps me up to date with our team while im in college out of state. I listen to pre and post game shows religiously!
This is a great way to keep up with the team we love and to hear directly from the players and coaches. I really enjoy the interviews and updates provided!! Keep up the good work!
This is an amazing podcast - previews and post game interviews are great (although Jacque Lemaire sounds like a broken record) I also really love the inclusion of This Week In Hockey and This Week In the WCHA. Kevin does a great job and it is cool to hear from Tom Reid & Bob Kurtz as well...keep producing this excellent podcast, and more Hockey Unplugged!
if you don't live in the state of hockey, this is a great way to keep up w/ your favorite nhl team (if you're team is the wild of course). Go Wild!!!
Kevin does a great job giving the wild fans all the info they need in this 20 min show. He has a great radio voice and throws a little humor here and there. I allways look forward to listening to the post and pre game shows.
The PONDcasts are updated daily so just subscribe to it and you can listen at your leisure! - KF
Great podcast for the episodes available, but what happened on November 13th that stopped them from updating? Bring back the PONDcasts!!!!
This podcast is just what the doctor ordered, if you were sitting in the owners box! not only do they cater to the die heart fan that thinks their team can do nothing wrong but they love to blow their own horn and cut the fans down in little ways that most will think they are just joking around, it really makes me sick to see this type of trash.