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This use to be one of my favorite podcasts to listen to, but unfortunately, in the past couple years it has just become a room full of whiners. Have we become spoiled tech geeks here? Sorry Roundtable, listen to your last podcast with third person ears. You will see what I mean. I wish you could turn the discussion back to more enjoyable things to listen to. I know you can do it.
Love to hear everyone talk it out about different Apple related news or products! Good stuff.
Nice to hear options from multiple Mac greeks.
I like to tune into this podcast to find out what the Mac gurus have to say. They discuss current topics concerning Apple and it's products. It's great that there are so many well-know podcasters involved in the podcast. You never know who you're going to get when the new episode comes out.
This is a must listen wonderful podcast. It really was great to hear "how will I tell my father in law how multi swipe touch whatever works". Everyone who is contemplating lion should listen to this. I am almost 54 years old and only a 7 year mac user and I agree with John F Braun - sometimes the "new stuff" is not better and I rely on you guys to tell me what to do to "stay classic". Cheers!
It is great to hear these podcasters, to whom I listen to separately on their individual podcast, talk together, refining and elaborating on their points among peers. I wouldn't miss it!
I will be listening to every podcast you produce. The form and function are great: a group of friends discussing... disagreeing... laughing. I enjoy every one.
This show is great fun! I always enjoy listening, and I always learn something, even if it is about the Chuck-Allison rivalry! Keep it up!
This has usually been an excellent podcast, largely due to intelligent commentary from a variety of perspectives. This last episode, though, was quite disappointing, mainly because one person seems to have hijacked the entire episode, and, sadly, a mean spirited person at that. Usually when there's criticism, it's well thought out, and there are several view points expressed. Hopefully, neither the mean spirited attitudes, nor the single viewpoint will be come a trend. If they do, don't bother with this podcast.
and Mrs. Hyde of podcasts. A show that can be great one episode with intelligent discussion, interesting anecdotes, and fun references to cult classic media, while the next gets filled with arguments from an overbearing member dismissive of the fun, personal elements of the show and who lacks any cultural sensitivity beyond the US boarders. Request that broadcaster step down and allow the podcast to thrive.
Several of the podcasts are truncated at about one minute - what happened to the actual discussion?
Truly the mac Illuminati in formation. I want an invite to be on this show! Dhojazz
My favorite Mac podcast, and I listen to several. However, you need to do more! Once a month isn't enough.


By Blktmo
The best tech show out there do more of them were can I send money
Would have received 5 stars but Alison and Bart are SUPER annoying! Alison in particular makes my skin crawl so I either FF through her comments or delete the episodes she's on. Otherwise, great panel and decent discussion.
What a treat to have multiple mac experts to sit and banter about our Apple products. Keep up the GREAT work.
I like the new format. I even like when you begin to talk over one another. As someone else commented it sounds so natural and casual. I love when Mac fans talk about the Mac and their favorite Mac peripherals. I like the way you guys and girls discuss the Mac with truth and passion, not just a lot of fan boy or fan girl-ism. Any Mac fan listening to your podcast can tell that you are true Mac enthusiasts. I truly enjoy this podcast you guys and girls are excellent. By the way, I am writing this review with MacSpeech Dictate version 1.5.2, Fantastic.
I have always enjoyed this podcast but I think it has gotten significantly better over the last few episodes. Allison, Katie, Don and John make for a lively forum. There is a lot of knowledge in this crew and I look forward to each new episode.
Welcome to the show John. This is where all the best Mac podcasters chat. Check it out.
The variety of hosts is fun and I always learn something! Keep it up!
One of my top mac podcasts. I'm always picking up helpful tips and staying up on the lastest mac and related tech news. The podcast is hosted by different people in the mac community, and it's always been free. It is well edited and since it's on once a week, you can actually keep up. Take a listen and I'm sure you'll subscribe immediately.
Mac Roundtable is one of my must-hear podcasts. The group changes occasionally so there is always a variety of views on a wide range of topics. While the group has been know to stray from the topic once in awhile, it's normally very entertaining. I look forward to their episodes each time they are uploaded. It's a "must hear" for a Mac user or a switcher or someone considering a move the Mac.
The guy who runs the Mac Roundtable Podcast quit charging money for it! The best things in life are free.
I love the different people that are part of the podcast and the variety of topics that are discussed.
Mac Roundtable has been very helpful to this new convert to the Apple universe. Not only do I get helpful advice on hardware and software, I am pointed to resourses which further my ongoing Mac education.
I listen to several podcast. This is in the top 5. Great reviews, comments, recommendations and tips. Its nice to hear men AND women on this podcast.
I listen to most of the individual podcasts. I enjoy the interaction when these folks get together. Don't like the constant Microsoft bashing.
The Mac Roundtable has been so great since it was "reborn". With a changing group of podcasters on each broadcast, it stays so fresh and always comes up with some unique views and suggestions. Keep up the good work.
This is a good podcast with a great variety of perspectives on the Macintosh platform and related Apple software and peripherals. I don't follow all of the individual podcasts and blogs of each individual member, so this is a great way to figure out who I can relate to better and follow what they are up to on their individual channels of interest. I also listen to MacBreak Weekly, but noticed this podcast has more useful tips and less frivolous banter and ads. I also subscribe to ScreenCasts Online, which is member supported and worth it for those who want consistent video quality in Macintosh education with a professional touch. This has a lot of that level of quality and attention to detail in audio and I appreciate that it is completely free.
With this show you get a well rounded informative podcast. Each time you will get a random circle of mac podcasters talking about mac tech. Its fun and helpful all at the same time.
John F. Braun was a nice choice for a guest this week. I love the podcast. Keep it going...
A nice group of people who talk about Apple stuff. The interplay is entertaining, and the point of view is different from that of the "celebs" of the Mac community. Occasionally gets bogged down in the mundane details of a panelist's experience, but usually it's like hearing from friends who are plugged in to what's new in the Mac universe and are happy to share.
The Mac Roundtable just keeps getting better and better . Allison Katie are a hoot as well so it is really a worth while to listen podcast.
Fantastic show. Best thing about it is the variety of speakers which broaden the show's ability to teach new things. With a variety of different backgrounds and experiences, the listener will always come away from the show having learned something new. A must for any member of the Mac family.
This podcast seems very shallow compared to other Mac podcasts I listen to. A lot of yakkity-yak without much analysis or insight.
This is a great podcast (I rated 5 starts), but the guy that does it no longer offers it for free. You have to become a paying member of his website to receive this podcast. I wish it was still free. I have not signed up for a membership and probably will not. I think there is too much information out there to pay for it, even if it is a pretty good podcast. If they bring it back for free, then I will certainly download it.
I don't get the whole " must bash Microsoft to feel superior" attitude displayed in this podcast. It's a Mac podcast talk about Macs.
I enjoy the roundtable format of this Mac-centric podcast which allows for a more interesting and well-rounded viewpoint.
I have been a long time listener to the Mac Roundtable and am glad that it has been resurrected. The give and take, friendly discussion aspect of the program makes me happy when a new episode appears in my downloads. This is a great place to learn about what's new in the Mac world in a pleasant, informative way.
There is great variety to keep any Mac enthusiast interested.
I am just a recent switcher to the Mac (November 2007) and iPhone in December 2007 and was looking for Mac related Podcasts. This one is by far the best when it comes to the real content. As the previous poster already stated - it's about the content and not the egos. That's what make it stand out of the masses. I like it a lot !
The new cast produces a fun lively hour of timely discussion. Unlike TWIT, the show is about the content and not the participant's egos. Great work!
I think with all the wonderful news I have heard from Apple in the last year as a recent switcher is the fact the roundtable is growing and back like never before. I think its awesome you guys all got together at the famous dinner at the "MacBlast" and the rides home to work out adding other resources to the roundtable. The more the merrier I believe and I only wish I was as brilliant and experienced as the rest of you to join the fun. Since I cant be one of you and in on all the fun at least I can support all of you and your great podcasts that greatly shorten the learning curve that can be overwhelming at times when switching from the PC world. I am a huge podcast fan and subscribe to dozens of mac and techno podcasts. You guys are tops and I hope you can get the roundtable spinning at full speed for all of us out here in the "MacWorld". (I hope I dont get in trouble for using the name of this awesome magazine)!! Sincerely, Brett Spinning
If you love mac podcasts and tech news, this is a must subscribe podcast along with: Mac OS Ken, the Maccast, Typical Mac User, Mac Observers Mac Geek Gab, Technocracy Radio, Maccast Loop, the Macreviewcast, and Apple Gazette daily. All excellent podcasts.
The Mac Roundtable is just another podcast that I couldn't care less if I miss. I listen to it if I think about it and I don't have anything else to listen to, but I'm not saying to myself "gee, I cannot wait for the next episode". Sorry, that is just the truth of the matter. It isn't terrible and sometimes I hear something I find interesting, but I'm not feeling compelled to listen. I suspect I'm not alone here.
This used to be one of the best Mac related podcasts out there. The new format, of each of the previous four hosts who made up the roundtable now hosting their own version of this show just stinks. What made it so great before was the mix. Yes, each host will now be bringing on their own guests to make the "roundtable" but it's not the same thing. An episode hosted by Adam Christianson sounds pretty much like a MacCast with a guest. Okay, I guess. Nilo and Stanger haven't hosted one that I've heard yet, but I couldn't get more than a few minutes into Verpoorten's first sortie into hosting it by himself. And I hate to sound cruel, but host Verpoorten's voice would make a better sleeping pill than an Ambien/Lunesta cocktail. His rambling drone apporach to speaking just doesn't belong on a podcast. Some people are meant to speak, some to sing, some to write behind the scenes. Verpoorten may have a worthwhile message to be heard in the Mac community, but it should be written, not spoken. Sorry Tim, it's not personal, but you're just too hard to listen to. The message is lost on the snooze factor.
It is always refreshing to hear these folks get together and share opinions and experiences on the mac and OS X......might be nice to have this podcast produced more often, or even a vidcast.
MacRoundtable's web site is down, and there hasn't been a new episodes for several weeks. Is this podcast alive? The past episodes were great.
These guys are Mac royalty! Great show!