Reviews For Undiscovered

Just recently found your show, fell in love, then figured out the show is ending. I cry now.
I’m so so so sad that this show is ending. It was one of my absolute favorites. Really interesting, and I love the personalities of the hosts.
This is a really thoughtful, well presented show. I love the premise of presenting things that haven’t quite worked out, or may not work out, and why that is. This one was of my favorite podcasts, and I’m sorry to hear there won’t be more new episodes. Well done!
This is a serious and seriously entertaining show. It is very important for the public to understand that science is an investigative adventure, that contradictions, setbacks, and new ideas are the norm. The hosts are doing a great job unveiling the stories while maintaining good entertainment!


Not sad they are done. I listened to all podcast to get a different perspective than my own. They are not objective and definitely push a non-scientific personal agenda, but it can be important to hear others perspectives. Especially when you disagree.
This podcast has been around since 2017. Why haven’t I heard of it until today? Gonna binge it.
Such interesting shows and definitely always learn something. So sad you’re ending the show, but thanks for making such an entertaining and educational one!
After listening to a couple episodes I'm hooked! I'm so impressed by the science communication, especially when discussing neuroscience and ethics, which are the fields I'm going into.
I checked out this podcast, because of an article that focused on great science podcasts... the article was pretty convincing, so I ended up subscribing to 12 new podcasts. Out of those 12, this is the one I cannot stop listening to! I’m almost out of episodes, so I’m hoping a new season comes out soon 😊 Keep up the awesome work!
Great listening for when im doin somethin but still want to hear about some neat science
Highly recommended!
This podcast is full of exactly my favorite kinds of stories. Interesting science, compelling human interest, told thoughtfully. Highly recommend!
Great show
Once again, I am subjected to tirades against terrible whiter males.
This is my new favorite podcast! What a lovely pair of hosts and fascinating content! Can’t wait for the next season!!!
These girls are too yippy and annoying. Some content is lame. I’m moving along to better podcast with hosts I can stand to listen to.


I LOVE IT!!! I can't even describe how much I love this!!!❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌
In a crowded field of sciencey podcasts, this show more than holds its own. The hosts combine a layman’s humor with an expert’s insight to make the material both informative and entertaining. Top marks.
I do lots of road trips and camping and this is my favorite "short" podcast! Informative and really interesting. Well done women!
I truly enjoy listening to this podcast for my ride home... thanks 👍
This podcast is so well thought out. They go the nth degree to get to the bottom of a science mystery and bring it down to level that anyone can understand. Keep up the good work ladies!
What a fantastic podcast. The perfect mix of great science stories with a wonderfully delightful delivery. Annie and Elah really know how to bring excitement back into science. Can't wait for the next season.
I like this 'cast a lot, but I wish they would tone down the base drum in the play in/out music.
Find the presenters engaging. Presentations are good and easy to understand. Topics are interesting. Sorry I am not creative with my user name ladies.
I really, really like the hosts’ questions, the way they tell the stories, and the way they present what they’ve found. This podcast is like strolling through the poster session at the most interesting science convention ever.


By Don G M
Great podcast and the hosts are exceptional.
Did they steal this episode from another pod cast
I listened to the first season and it was great. Finally I realize they’re back! It’s science brought down to earth, without excessive cleverness and without too much geekery. It’s usually just like here’s this thing, and this happened, then that happened—How about that?—isn’t that interesting?, mr or miss normal person (that’s me, mr regular guy—who enjoys this show quite a bit—highly recommended).
Always insightful, thought-provoking and focused on real science - this podcast has quickly become my go-to for stories and events that you won’t hear much about on topical news shows. Keep up the great work, everyone! 🙂
This podcast is incredible and the hosts do such a great job captivating your attention. I can’t get enough and all of the topics have been extremely exciting to explore. Each episode is well crafted and very educational. I was excited when the second season came out and each week I’ve been looking forward to new episodes.
The shows, here and there, have some charm (and useful information), but when analyzing scientific turf wars, they keep both thumbs on the scale for their pet researchers, to the marked detriment of truth and balance. Don't bother, if you want a cool, fun science show, the BBC's offerings are second-to-none.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. The subject matter is always interesting, the back and forth keeps my mind from wandering off, even the sound design is perfect. I’m so happy you’re back with more stories, please keep up the excellent work.
There are so many interesting stories out there and so many we miss because they are either not main stream or just nobody knows about them. Here is a podcast that finds some of those stories and gives you a lot to think about something that you had no idea was going on.
Super educational, thought provoking information.
I only recently started listening to this podcast. All the episodes have been pretty good but the most recent, The Magic Machine, was simply amazing. As I was listening, I honestly was wondering if they were going to win an award for that episode.
This is a great podcast for learning the story behind the science.
Really loving Undiscovered! I usually don’t enjoy science related content when in narrative form. It often feels emotionally manipulative, drawn out, and like the audience is being talked down to (*cough* Radiolab). This is not the case with Undiscovered! It keeps a delightful balance of facts and anecdote while leading me through totally engaging narratives at a good pace. Glad Science Friday turned me onto it AND ALSO so happy to digest science related content with female hosts/voices cause it’s about darn time!
National Geographic had the same story a month earlier but was not credited. SHAME! Anyone involved in this episode should be fired!
Great podcast with awesome hosts. A fun way to go on quick deep dives about science.
I love this podcast! It not only focuses on the science but all the background details and unlikely stories that explain how we got the science.
Definitely worth a listen!
Such a well done Science podcast, really well produced and enjoyable to listen to.
I love the deep dives into scientists’ processes and personal stories while doing science. Inspiration to realize we are all scientists and can do science ourselves
I love the show! Great job! And just a side note, love jamming to your theme music!
Looking forward to hearing more. Excellent work all around
Love this podcast so much and can’t wait for the 2nd season to be out!!
I’m so thrilled that Undiscovered is finally back! There are plenty of great podcasts out there, but this one is such a great blend of thorough research, careful perspectives, and interesting topic selection about science and society. I’ve missed these voices in my head.
Just found this podcast and it’s quirky storytelling is endearing. I wish all science communication was this good!
A decent podcast is rare. This one was fun, but like so many others, it has apparently gone on into podcast heaven.