Reviews For McAfee's 2Minute Warning ™ Daily Security Briefing


By JEBtech
Listening to the podcast is like a Dr. taking the patients pulse. Informing on the current state and what to watch. It's a 2 minute cast it takes me 3 minutes to get.
Great daily podcast, but it has disappeared since the New Year. If you want it, you will need to go to the McAfee website.
been listening to this 5 minute daily podcast for several months now, and hate to miss a day of it. the podcast presents a broad overview of threat topics: daily news, an internet traffic report, and a malware report. while deep is a relative term especically for techies, in a short amount of time each podcast willl present a concise view of threats and interesting happenings in the infosec world. since mcafee purchased citadel, the service has been off radar -- i can only hope mcafee doesn't 86 it.