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Reviews For Harvest: Greg Laurie Audio

Pastor Greg is truly the best. Started listening to him over ten years ago and have never stopped. Amazing human being!! Jon - Bellingham, WA.
He is funny, easy to listen to and speaks the truth. Great sermons.
I really want to listen; however it never allows me to load the podcast. I always get an error message!!! HELP!! I thunk something might be trying to keep me from listening.


By eyhonda
What a blessing! Every time I hear your messages, I say, "You are Dead on". Thanks for staying true to God's Word.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teachings of the Bible. God has surely blessed The Harvest Christian Fellowship congregation with a man who truly is a man of God.
Greg Laurie's podcast, Harvest, makes no apologies for it's content...it's pure Bible...and I am so grateful for that. I NEED to hear what God says through Laurie, and I can because of this podcast. He's very clear and straightforward. Thank you to all those responsible. This is a wonderful tool for education, evangelism, and personal growth.

By JDoc
I have been fortunate to have been listening to Greg on the radio for years. It is so nice to be able to take him to work with me and listen on my breaks. I am so glad that he has become such an awsome tool of GOD. GOD uses Greg for the kingdom, ministering to His flock. Thank you Greg for responding to Gods plan.
Look up "annointed" in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of Greg Laurie! He is truly gifted by God to preach and teach to a post-modern audience.