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Pete and the whole pastoral staff are incredible teachers. Extremely relatable and always following the Lord when picking series or needing guidance during a message.


I have enjoyed listening to the teaching of Bent Tree, challenging and bible based. Thank you for sharing your messages with us
Its been a while since you posted a sermon. Pls dont stop. God bless.
I enjoy listening to Pete preach the word of Christ. His delivery is passionate and authentic. Pete takes the time to help you understand the history of what was going on in the world when the bible was written, then makes His word relevant to our time. I look forward to each week, thankful to have Pete on stage preaching the Word. Keep up the great work Pete, and thank you for helping me keep Christ in my heart and actions.
If you like solid, refreshing teaching directly from God's word, you will not be disappointed. Pete Briscoe is a Godly man who is simply teaching about what God tells us in the Bible.
For months my husband and I searched for a "home" church. Thankfully a good friend of ours recommended BTBF. What a suprise and a breath of fresh air for us to listen to a man (Pete Briscoe) who shared such passion, truth, and humility. For years we went to BTBF, however due to moving to a different state we are no lnoger able to attend. Every year when we go back to Dallas, TX to visit family, we always attend services at BTBF. Living in a different state we would also often find ourself listening to Pete's sermons on the internet. What a surprise it was to find our church here! Pete Briscoe is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend his sermons/church to anyone. God bless you and your family Pete and we miss you!


By UTPhil
Insightful teachings from a pastor filled with holy wisdom.
Pete Briscoe's teachings are insightful, funny and challenging. We went to BTBF when we lived in Dallas and I am excited to be able to listen to his sermons now that we have moved away. This podcasts will be a true blessing to you.
Bent Tree's Pete Briscoe brings new and life-changing clarity to timeless truth. A must-subscribe for your Podcast library.