Reviews For The University of Iowa Department of Emergency Medicine

Hey, first off I want to say thanks for putting these on iTunes!!! Love all the podcasts and I know a lot of other people do too. That said, I was wondering if you could upload the rest of the EMS/ EM lectures for people to get. Seems like half of the ones currently cant be viewed and they are great topics! Thanks again and keep up the podcasts.
There is great info included in this podcast, but every other sentence is chopped up making it very difficult to listen to. Please fix this!
Most all of these lectures impart wonderful information and are a great review for those of us already in the health field. Once in a while the speaker cannot be heard well, but mostly the sound quality is good. Last one was from April 08 so I hope they continue to post podcasts this year. I miss them.
I am a post-bach pre-med student working part-time in an ED. During my very early morning drives to the ED, I love listening to these energetic, informative, honest, and direct podcasts. Why the hiatus? Thanks for investing in podcast technology.
I've been a paramedic for over 10 years, and this is some great content. Excellent topics, great speakers, just wish we could get the powerpoints that go with them. Keep up the good work and I hope you start posting some new talks soon. Thanks!
I really enjoy listening to these lectures during my road time. I'm a Chief Flight Nurse for a large air medical program and really benefit from using this during my "down" time in the car. Keep them coming.
By far, the most interesting pod cast series I have found on iTunes. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more. I will definitely take a long hard look at UIHC for my future EM residency.
This should be manditory for any med student, paramedic/EMT student, resident, physician, or anyone else that will take care of critical patients. Gotta check out the shock lectures. Kudos to UIHC dept of EM for setting up this lecture series. Looking forward to more in the future
Great podcasts, looking forward to seeing more info out of the U of I. Particularly enjoyed the podcast on the difficult airway!
I recently attended a 48 hour Paramedic refresher to renew my National Registry Paramedic certification and was able to observe Dr. Russi on one of his lectures and I was very impressed. We were able to utilize the mannequin that you will see in this podcast (the one in which the King LT is utilized). I eagerly await future podcasts from the University of Iowa and the Emergency Medical Services Learning Resource Center. For those of you in the emergency medicine setting whether it be in a hospital or prehospital, these are great podcasts to begin your collection or to add to your current collection.