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Well, I just subscribed and immediently listened to the last one about City on a Hill Productions. THANKS for telling me somewhat of what was goin' on the last night! I missed not being there. But all in all the rest of the podcasts are very enjoyable, and interesting. Keep it up, and I look forward to listening to more!
So not to brag but these have to be some of my favorite people ever. What an amazing way to be able to resource the church and give away what they have learned. Thankyou to the guys who give up thier valuable time and energy to make this happen, you need to check it out and get others to subscribe to this post. If tech is your thing, the techtalk is the thing for you...
A fun and informative podcast. Tends to be more geared toward large churches with big tech budgets, but there's enough for smaller churches to glean from as well. Bump up the volume a bit, though. Very enjoyable, and I'm glad the fun niche podcasts keep coming.
Perry is the coolest tech guy to walk the earth! I was sad to see him go. All is good though! he will be missed. GO CHURCH TECH TALK
If you want to know anything about the church tech world, this is your podcast. The guys on here make it fun and laugh a ton. Not only do they do a great job of talking about relevant pieces of equipment, but they also are great guys. If you volunteer/work at a church, then this is the must have podcast in iTunes. I have listened and relistened to all of the podcasts it's that good. Keep up the great work guys!
If you work in the local church and have ANYTHING to do with technology, audio, video, lighting, you need to subscribe. These guys are practical and give insight into the world of church tech. Most of all, they understand what it is like working in the local church. A priceless resource.