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Reviews For Israel National Radio - Temple Talk

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I wish I could listen to all of the podcasts but most of the recent ones give an error message when I try to listen.
Rabbi Chaim Richmond handles the material and issues with a gentleness and kindness that is rare.
This is a wonderful show that teaches so much. The only problem is that for the past few weeks, only the second hour is coming up in itunes, so I end up having to listen online. I hope this can be corrected. Thank you for the great show!
Having faithfully listened to this podcast since 2008, I absoluely love this podcast! It is very in-depth, informative with real life application of the Torah's Mitvot for this modern age. I especially enjoy the interplay between these two best friends (though sometimes I wish they wouldn't talk over each other). It's just one of the great podcasts from Israel National Radio! Thanks to itunes for carrying it!
Wonderfully accessible Torah insights laced with gentle wit straight from the Land of Israel. When I miss Temple Talk, I miss my Minimum Adult Requirement of genuine Soul Food.
this is a great podcast for in-depth insights into the torah and kabbalah. i also enjoy the inteaction between the show hosts. they keep it light for such heavy, meaning-of-life subject matter.
I look forward to this enlightening commentary and entertaining conversation every week. 'Temple Talk' with the scholarly and precise Rabbi Chaim Richman and his often thunder-usurping sidekick, Yitzchak Reuven, is an animated invitation to anticipate and actively engage in the ongoing efforts toward restoration of the Holy Temple and the spiritual Torah revolution, reformation, and readiness that is needed for that Divine Restoration to take place. Baruch HaShem.