Reviews For The Yank Sizzler

Someone in Lawrence Kansas cares a lot about the music you haven't heard. Inspired by John Peel, whose eclectic tastes and BBC heritage exposed unsuspecting radio listeners to music from the other side of the tracks, The Yank Sizzler strives to bring light into untouched jungle of underappreciated music. Each hour long broadcast brings a wide range of sounds and genres, the show is not afraid of playing touch and go with the wide pallete it chooses from - and while almost every song is something you should hear before you die, the show does not hesitate to play songs which alienate the majority of its listeners - which is exactly why this show exists. Besides the excellent assortment of music the show's hallmark is the host Michael whose interjections between songs provide background on bands and genres for the uninitiated and personal anecdotes drawn from his own experience. This personal touch makes even the worst undigestable music something to pay attention to - if not for the music but for the story behind it. How good is the show? It is good enough to have motivated me to start listening to podcasts again after a long hiatus of disgust and antipathy. Michael's presentations are poignant and prescient, his choices are sincere and well chosen. This podcast deserves a wider audience and each of the five stars I give it. (Sorry it took me so long to write a review of it)
I recently began listening to this Podcast and can't get enough. Mr. Stoecker is stellar, his between-songs comments feeling like one side of the rapport between two music lovers; his knowledge of diverse genres is readily apparent, and his comments and asides about bands are always informative. And that's just when he's chatting between tracks. The musical choices are solid, a real treat for anyone burnt out on FM or satellite radio. I have been listening to the Yank Sizzler in the car, and it reminds me of the best mix tapes I ever received, rocking along at a fast enough clip that even songs you might not like will be over with soon enough, giving way to greatness. Give it a try, it's well worth the time.