Reviews For MiceCast


By owens93
Not many places to go that focus on Disneyland, but this show consists of a conversational bully and two lackeys (that should make Greg happy). Richard is a nice guy but occassionally forgets to talk only about what he really knows. Mike is the only redeeming character. Still, not as bad or idiotic as some, worse than others (Hub, Laughingplace)
I really am starting to enjoy this podcast. Im glad it's back!
What a great way to start the year! The Hub is ok when Mike or Greg would show up but wasn't the same with just a little too much PC on what couldn't be said. Greg's sound effects should be the 1st item to go into your "yesterday land" files, but overall it's great to have you grumpy ol' guys back. Mark
2013 is starting out terrific, as my favorite guys discussing Disney (and alot of other topics) are back!! I love their honest take on the world of Disney. I love that its not sugar coated rhetoric. And Greg, Mike and "Shaft" have a real easy flow together, obviously from being long-time friends. So Thanks for making my New Year special!!
The moment we've all been waiting for! So happy to have MiceCast back in my iTunes feed. Disney Podcasts had relatively disappeared from my library, and it's nice to have some new shows. Love your take on the parks, and looking forward to the new schedule. Great idea. Banter on guys!
The host of this show are all over the place .its like there in 3rd grade , please don't waste your time with this show , they start to talk about Disneyland then someone else starts talking about what they had for dinner . And when they did talk about Disneyland you could never get a straight answer from anyone .
I had to stop listening because Greg is so maddeningly pedantic. Often when Richard says something it gets picked apart word by word like they are in court. God help anyone who mis-speaks!! It is draining to listen to. Do these guys even like each other? Doesn't seem like it. Also the interrupting, on all sides, is off the charts. I'm bummed because most disney pod casts are orlando based, and these guys know disneyland which is my park, but the argumentative tone gets to be unpleasant after a bit.
No offense to anyone but I just don't like this podcast. The team argues A LOT and it just isn't as fun as some of the other Disneyland podcasts out there!
I am so glad I found these guys. While being a bit off color, they elighten and entertain. While this isnt the party line, they can still carry the DF banner, and keep me listening. Between Mike the host, and Greg and Richard - the fun sidekicks, every email is an adventure. I look forward to many more entertaining hours and hours and hours....
Seriously, this is the best Disney podcast out there. I have been listening for over 3 years, and Mike, Greg and Shaft never let me down. Keep up the great work, and the F-bombs!
A few months back I thought I was going to go on vacation to either Disneyland or Disneyworld. Since I listen to mostly podcasts I downloaded as many Disney podcasts as I could find. Unfortunately we were unalbe to go on our trip. But I still subscribe to MiceCast.and enjoy each episode. Greg, Shaft & Mike are great hosts and I enjoy the interaction between them. This is a very humorous and informative podcast. I will enjoy Disney through their podcast until I am able to go. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars Jim
IMO, the best disney podcast available, by far. Mike, Greg, and Shaft bring years of Disneyland knowledge and passion to each episode. You get different perspectives on many hot button Disney topics, but one thing is clear, that these guys have profund repect for the Disneyland. This is a Disneyland centric podcast which I think adds to my appreciation of this podcast.
Great conversations about Disney without all the pixie dust. Also finnally three Guys willing to share their opinion not just rehashing what every one else is reporting. As for their politcal views of course they will pop up from time to time. They are having normal conversations that start with Disney but do not always end there. At least they did not drink the Obama Cool-Aid like some in this Country have. Keep to your politcal tagents heck even the Star Trek ones are interesting. Thanks for the Podcast.
There is a reason most podcasters don't talk about politics. The conservative, anti-Obama, pro-Rush Limbaugh spin of Greg (mostly) and Mike (somewhat) turns me completely off of anything they have to say about Disney. It wouldn't be a problem if only it didn't come up in every episode, and even more often since Obama walked into the White House. There are so many other Disney podcasters out there, this one (along with "Imagineering My Way") has been deleted off of my podcast stream.
This is one of the BEST podcasts out there. I just wish they would record more often. I have been listening for about 2 months now. I have them on while at work and have burst out laughing more than once. Having the whole office look at me weird. Keep up the great work. RECORD MORE.
Finally a pod cast that I can share with my husband. I love all things Disney, I wanted him to be a part of the fun but he is not into much pixie dust. Perfect combination! We now listen together . Love the inside stories. Keep it up.


By LFCMark
Cool Podcast guys. It is fun to listen too. Your subjects are fun to listen to. Thanks for the good work. Keep it up
Even though I live in Florida and an a WDW passholder (and I've never been to Disneyland), I never miss Micecast. The guys are great, very informative and funny. It's like sitting around tipping a few back and shooting the breeze about Disney. And it's awesome.
The detail that Greg, Mike and Shaft expound is phenomenal. I absolutely love the banter back and forth between the three and how they have their take on items. This podcast is addictive and is a good way to mellow out on a long day at work. I listen to it in my office at lunch as well as when I work out. This is not your pixi-dust sprinkled podcast.
funny. funny. funny. These three guys understand that entertainment is really what all these podcasts are all about!
Enjoyed the show until you starting talking about politics. If I wanted a right wing- conservative radio show, I'd listen to just that.
I love that this show is not your usual sugar coated "everything is perfect at Disney". They know what they are talking about as they are past and current Disneyland coworkers and I find that facinating and I enjoy hearing that inside knowledge. They say exactly what is on their mind, not caring who or what they offend, they go off topic on tangents, and its one of my favorite shows! I usually hate hearing the F bomb being dropped but i cant help but crack up everytime i hear them do it.
This is a great show. I really like that they don't agree on everything and that they don't pretend to be experts on everything. It is fun to listen to this bunch of friends put together a show.
This podcast uses too much profanity, it gets uncomfortable after a while. The sound quality is terrible, too.
Every week I look forward to when this podcast comes out. I love the combination of backstage information along with upcoming news. I also really appreciate that they have three different viewpoints looking at all sides of the issues. If you are not a fan of the occasional rant and sidebar conversation this is not the podcast for you. If you can appreciate the conversation for its candid nature than I am sure you will enjoy this show.
What is up with the downloading time? It took me 2 whole hours to get 1 episode on my I-pod!!! It is nice to see a Disney Podcast that isn't family friendly.
All the previous (great) reviews have really said it all, just wanted to add that even a conservative, 56 year old lady DF (that's Disney FAN) absolutely loves this podcast. I can't even object to the F-bombs, because I always feel like I've invited myself into their kitchen to eavesdrop. These guys may be stubborn and opinionated and sometimes even a little rude, but between the three of them, always get to the meat of whatever the subject winds up being!
These guys are fun to listen to! The format is very relaxed and casual. It's as if you're there with them enjoying an "adult beverage" and just shooting the breeze about your favorite pastime. They are former Park employees and know the subject matter very, very well.
The perfect podcast for those of us who love Disney but don't drink the Kool-Aid. If you are a current or former Cast Member, you will laugh out loud at all the familar stories. By far my favorite podcat!
There are few words that can describe this podcast other than just plain awesome. It certainly is a relief to hear some back and forth conversation about the "Home Park" and not just another news report or music filled podcast. Keep up the great work Greg, Mike, and Richard!
Great thoughts from former cast members about all that is great and could be great about Disneyland. These guys are passionate and funny at the same time.
Micecast is an unabridged podcast about the "Happiest Place on Earth" by a couple of curmudgeons which makes it so enduring. :)
I can't put my finger on why I like this podcast- but it is one of my favorites. I find the conversations funny and interesting and there is something about Greg that reminds me of listening to the crusty veteran cops or firefighters I used to hang around tell their "war stories". Mike and part time host Richard just add to the fun. Keep it up guys!
Greg and Mike do an excellent job on this podcast. I enjoy having a podcast that isn't too worried about a "G" rating. The frank discussions are great along with their rants and special guests. These two know how to keep people interested. If you like Disney podcats with frank and honest discussion this one is a must add to your playlist. Keep up the good work.
This is my all-time favorite podcast! I love how they don't make up stuff in their discussions and say their true opinions instead of making it sound all sugar-coated. I also like the topics they're covering and could listen to them over and over again. And unlike other podcasts, they don't cover the news and take their sweet time telling us things we already heard off; they cut right to the chase and go straight into subject. Greg and Mike, you're both really funny and have a great podcast, so keep up the good work!
This is a really entertaining podcast, but probably only for those of us who have an interest in Disneyland and the functions of modern day theme parks. These two guys are just regular "Joes" who used to work at Disneyland and are chatting regarding their perspective on the present-day happenings in the park and the Walt Disney Company. The only reason I rated them as being average is because of the limited appeal and the extreme length of the episodes. If this sounds appealing, subscribe, and you will enjoy!


Love the show guys! Disney talk in a very cool (ding) format. Mike & Greg are great guys-just talking about something they love. :o) A must listen.
At first i was a little put off by the hosts tendancy to go off topic and skip around. But after a few shows I came to really like it. I am an especially a big fan of a perspective on Disney that doesn't revolve around kids.The guys are always honest and thier discussions are mostly accesable to a general fan. You can listen to one podcast or all of them. The only reason I dont give this podcast the higest score is becuase if you are unfamilliar with the DPN and it's members, then some of the discussions are pointless. But even if you dont know who everyone is the guests are, they always offer a good opinion. I love the adult discussions. I say slap an explicit sticker on it and drop the f-bomb whenever you want. Can't wait to hear more!
UPDATE: I was just reading the last review you guys got. from ba.. People please read the show discription this show is "Opinions" about disney this is not the fluf shows that you get from some of the other podcasts. I love this podcast. At first I was not sure if I would subscribe to another DPN cast but you guys are well worth it. Dan
These two guys are a good team and it has been interesting to see Disneyland through their thoughts and eyes. They are both former cast members and go to Disneyland a lot and have definite opinions about everything. You really do feel as though you are just chatting with a friend. Good luck for continued success.
At first I have to admit I wasn't fond of the show... I thought man Greg is a *BLEEPING* jerk... then I listened and he made sense! (And so does Mike) I will admit I am partial to WDW (as I consider it to be my "home park" and I haven't been to Disneyland - yet) but I am aware of the history of Disneyland and it deserves more respect than we give it. Now Micecast is one of my most anticipated podcasts each week. My one and only complaint is that I cannot listen while the kids are in the car because you never know about the language.... but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make in exchange for the frank opinions I receive. Keep up the good work!
This is a great Disney Podcast. Two former cast members (Greg and Mike) sit down to chat about what they love about Disney and maybe some things they don't so much love about Disney. It's geared more for adults so if you are looking for a family type Disney podcast well then this probably isn't your cup of tea. They give you a unique perspective as they cover both Disneyland and Walt Disney World while most Disney Podcasts focus on one or the other. I appreciate their honesty and unique look at the way the Disney Parks are run and the changes they have seen over the years. Great Work Guys!
This cast is good IF you have any kind of a sense of humor. Those who are looking for bare bones, all info, nothing extra podcasts should look elsewhere.
Sophmoric attempts at humor, poorly paced...like being stuck on a plane with 40 something guys who still act like they're 12. Boring. Just not my cup of tea, but they are enthusiastic!
When I first started listening it was not my favorite, but as time has gone by, it is one of my most anticipated downloads. Keep up the good work guys. I like that they talk about both the California and Florida parks.
Greg and Mike do a wonderful job in getting us thinking about the parks. Topics range from crowd control to resort differences to whatever! I don't always agree but they do have some great conversations in expressing their Disneyland ideas!!
this isnt like the other shows in the dpn. theres no set conversation, every show they pick different topics and talk about them but most of the time get into something else. Its really a good podcast if you give it a chance. They seem like they enjoy doing the podcast which in a way makes it much better. I give it 4 out of 5 stars
Mike and Greg provide the insight of former cast members while still retaining the enthusiasm of a Disney fan! This is the thinking persons Disney Podcast, insightful, descriptive and pretty darn funny. These guys need their own radio or tv show! Mike and Greg paint a picture of what is right, what is not and what needs to change in the Disney Co.
Very funny, I laugh a lot. I enjoy the conversation & roundtables. They explain things well - for example I've never been to WDW but they discuss it in a way I can visualize quite well.