Reviews For Meandering Mouse and Meandering Mouse Club TV-(AUDIO and VIDEO) Disney Park Fun

Love this podcast do more!!!
This is the podcast that got me started...I really loved listening to Jeff, he seems like the type of guy I'd be friends with...and I think that's what I like about it. The podcast is like hanging out with a goofy friend. Very relatable, especially the weird voices ;) i found this podcast after it was done...very sad. Any time I hear Jeff on any other DPN podcasts I smile. Hope to hear more from him. Very worthwhile podcast! The Hub is a close second...but not my first love ;)
The Podcast is great!!!! i wish it still continued! a must listen to Disney Park fans!!!! Love Jeff's commentary and some great information. really helps me through the days at work!! Jeff bring it back!!!!! iam sure aim not alone, some new meanderings would be great!!!
Been Listening to all episodes since it started , I really enjoy all the funny commentary Jeff does and the clear audio. I feel like I'm right there .He not only goes into detail about the parks he also goes into detail of arriving at them and outside of the parks such as citys surrounding tokyo and such. Also the video from Friki Tiki and commentary from friends like Superdry. Keep up the good work !
Jeff's commentaries are just like going to the park with my smart aleck brothers. There's no question that he has a good time while visiting the Disney parks, and segments with Saul are hilarious!
Two things make this podcast really great: (1) the large amount of in park audio is really neat, and (2) Jeff's own personal commentary is hilarious. He sounds like one of my buddies taking a fun trip - I just wish I could talk back to him. Love Disney and good humor? Then this is the podcast for you.
I came to this podcast for the Disney experience but I stayed for Jeff. This is a good concept but Jeff is what makes it worth listening to. He is so entertaining. However my complaint is Jeff spends too much time on buisness other than the subject. For example I am listening to one right now and before he even starts the audio over 10min have passed with nothing substaintial. This occurs before and after the audio. Also I wish the podcasts were either shorter or more split up. Overall it is a podcast I subscribe to, while not my favorite, it is saying something to subscribe.
Jeff it's so great to see new shows that you've posted. They mean a great deal to me and your touch of humor is perfect for my taste. They have been the ray of sunshine on boring car rides and entertainment on bad days. Any Disney fan should subscribe to this show. An absolutely amazing podcast!
If you are the type of fan that wants ride through audio WITHOUT a commentary you should not subscribe. If you like sound oddities and funny commentaries this podcast is the way to go. Jeff isn't as funny as he used to be (listen to a recent episode and then listen to "Talking Trees, Disney Bathrooms, and Dinosaur Meanderings" and you'll catch my drift). I am a huge fan of this podcast and I will keep on listening to it. Keep up the good work Jeff!
I think that by far that you have the most awesome podcast out there. It makes me feel that i am actually in the parks with you. i recently was at walt disney world during the week of september 3rd and i can fully understand what you are talking about with the tonga toast and ohana. i did both. i had a great time at the parks that week and also enjoy the meandering mouse tv podcast. just keep doing the great job that you do and keep those podcasts coming looking forward to the next one. from a very devoted fan meander on. pirategirl
jeff has unique take on disney, and one you've heard him talking to himself on the attractions or as he rambles through the parks, you'll be hooked too. he comes off like a weird cross between kevin smith and bill murray's "caddyshack" character. he's one of a kind.
This is my favorite Disney podcast out there! Jeff combines quality audio and hilarious commentary from Disneyland, DisneyWorld, and even Tokyo Disney, which adds a more meaningful note to each and every episode. I personally would like to travel to each and every Disney park around the world, but until then I can live vicariously through the eyes and ears of a fellow meanderer. Great job!
In a sea of gushy, adoring, and syrupy sweet Disney podcasts, The Meandering Mouse is a refreshing shot of plain old fun with friends in the happiest places on Earth. No "pixie dust" here, just a guy meandering around the best theme parks in the world and taking you along for the trip. He'll let you know exactly what he thinks of what he experiences, too, commenting as he takes in the attractions and ambience so you know what he's getting out of the experience. For a completely unique twist on Disney podcasting, take a break from the bland and meander with Jeff from Houston.
Jeff from Houston - You are awesome. Everytime I'm missing WDW, or on the way to disney world, or just feel like getting a little disney fix - You're there. I laugh at all your corny jokes, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that doesn't mind them! I especially love your buddy Patrick, he makes me laugh so hard. My favorite episodes would have to be 17, 18 and 19 - especially the one where your splash mountain at 1 in the morning and you both are all loopy. Awesome. To all the haters - you obviously are anti-disney or have not really truly listened to a full episode from the meandering mouse. Thanks so much Jeff! Keep on meandering! - Chloe =)
Jeffs podcast is one of the few Disney theme parks casts that is bi-coastal on a regular basis (heck now he's even hitting some of the overseas parks), his show will be a great addition to anyones disney theme park podcasts line-up.
The Meandering Mouse is one of the most unique and fun podcasts out there. I subscribe to several Disney podcasts, but this is my favorite. I feel as though I am there with him or just eavesdropping on the people around me. His comments are not meant to useful tidbits of information or to show of his Disney knowledge, they are just fun comments. The musical transitions are awesome. Give it a listen. Love it or hate it, but try it.
When Podcasts are updated (usually over the weekend), Meandering Mouse is usually the first podcast I turn on. It's clever, funny, and different. Jeff from Houston definitely is a love/hate sort of host. You either love his ramblings, or you don't. But I do, and I vote this podcast a five. Give it a listen!
This is a awesome podcast! very entertaning and informative. The sound quality is great! Download NOW if you LOVE Disney!
This is one of the best Disney podcasts available. I love the sounds from the park and listening to Jeff from Houston is like spending time with a good friend. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into each episode. Keep up the good work, my son and I love it!
Just listening to Jeff's shows puts a smile on my face! It's as if you were there with him during the show, having fun along with him.
Just want to say that this podcast is probably in my top 5 of Disney Podcasts. The creator of the DPN is the Lord of Disney Podcasts, FRIGGIN AWSOME
Imagine going to a Disney park with a friend you have known for almost your whole life. All the things you might say and all the things you might see or do. From the weird to the legendary. Even recreations of classic attractions that are no longer around. You get to hear the laughs and the amazement first hand as Jeff explores all the nooks and crannys if everything Disney. Its a good time and a fun ride.


Jeff From Houston (TX) walks his way thru the Disney parks and lets you know what he is doing. This is a great disney park podcast with awesome audio, and a great production. The music really sets the mood of his shows as well. I love it.
The Meandering Mouse Podcast causes me to laugh out loud everytime I listen to it....from the crazy dialogue between Jeff and whomever he might be in the parks with, including himself, to the frequent guest Saul, you will find yourself smiling and trying to hide it if listening in public! Thanks for the laughs : )
Well I started listening to the Window to the Magic podcast and then he recommended The Meandering Mouse podcast. If you want a hilarious point of view of the Disney parks from a wackey meandering mouse, then this is the podcast for you!
This is an awesome podcast. I've listened to many disney podcasts and this is by far the best I have found!!! Subscribe now!!!!
Do you need to know about “angry food” before you go? Ever wonder what would happen if you meander outside the “Disney bubble” and why you shouldn’t? Have you ever wanted to know what music/sounds play in the bathrooms of the theme parks? How about how many adults can you fit in Pooh’s playhouse tree? Do you just need a good laugh for today? Start with the first show and work your way through his (and his amazing cast of friends) latest shenanigans, for those questions – and more - to be answered. This show is as unique as the host! Starting from the music, ending with the commentary, and everything in between, Jeff will help you through any stage of your Disney addiction! He’ll bring back awesome memories from your own trips. Deepen your senses to visualize what you’ve already seen. Point out the finer details of each park so that your next trip is that much more special. Last, but certainly not least…if you’ve never experienced the Disney magic before, these shows can give your mind the ability to see something you’ve never seen! Try it…you’ll LOVE it!!
Jeff is a lot of fun to be with as you listen to his podcast throughout the Disney parks, both WDW and Disneyland. I have been listening for awhile now and feel like Jeff from Houston is a friend. I appreciate the work and time that he puts into the DPN (Disney Podcast Network) and getting all things Disney organized for Disney fans to enjoy. Jeff was a big part of 2006 Mousefest and I really enjoyed the reports of his thoughts about that meet at WDW. Thanks, Jeff.
As soon as I found the Netcot podcast I was addicted. I appreciate the clever approach that this podcast takes toward sharing the WDW experience. Thank you very much!
Who says you always get what you pay for. This podcast is great entertainment and it's free. Give it a listen and you be hooked.
This cast has plenty of production value. MM is often irreverent (as it ought to be in my opinion) and very funny. He does a lot of ride-through's but if you are looking for commentary-free sound, look somewhere else. I enjoy the commentary (thus the review) and find it funny, you might not.
I cannot get enough of "Jeff from Houston". This podcast is not just fun and amusing. Jeff also provides some great Disney information. Jeff does this in a very entertaining way. I so get a kick out of his charactor "Sal". Jeff does a most excellent job on this podcast.
I really was blown away by the EPCOT retrospectives of Horizons, Energy and Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth has gone from a wonderful learning experience with Walter Crokite to a joy ride with Uncle Scar. When the theme park opened, it had the pure intention of educating people. It has gotten far away from that original mission. I really miss it. I know that with time, technology changes, but the spirit should remain the same. I am looking forward to going through all of the Parks with Jeff.
The Meandering Mouse is NOT your typical Disney Podcast. Jeff from Houston makes sure of that. If regular Disney Podcasts are like Birnbaum's Official Guide to Walt Disney World, the Meandering Mouse is the Unofficial Guide. Jeff brings us his own funny, irreverent and unique outlook on the parks, creating an enjoyable mix of the best and not-so best of the Disney Parks. Join Jeff as he meanders about the parks, soaking up each and every Disney Detail... even the very smallest.
Outstanding podcast, Jeff! I listen each to each episode and really enjoy the Meandering Mouse. Keep up the great work!
I've got to say this is one of the best podcasts out there. Jeff really keeps it interesting, entertaining, and educational. I feel like I'm right there with him as he meanders the parks. Keep up the great work.
Jeff combines the snarkiness of a too-smart fraternity boy with the warm sentiment of a charming grandson and makes it work. This podcast does many things right, but two in particular. First, Jeff's trademark meanderings will leaving you feeling like you're at the parks with a good friend, whether that's riding the DL Railroad, standing in line at Monsters Inc., or having a beer before Wishes. Second, his painstakingly researched Epcot retrospectives are genius. I'm the type of person who saves the best for last -- and week after week, that pride of place goes to Meandering Mouse.
Try strolling through the parks w/ Jeff and giggling along to his witty comments....This podcast makes my morning drive. Jeff you rock!
Jeff from Houston really captures the magic of the Disney parks. The Meandering Mouse is captivating, entertaining, and informative. Not only can I experience the wonder of being at DisneyWorld on a daily basis, but I am also inspired to go to DisneyLand, as I have never been. Jeff has an amazing sense of humor and obviously puts a lot of work into each podcast. They are all well constructed, never lacking in entertainment value, and flow seemlessly with wonderful background music. My FAVORITE Disney Podcast!
Great podcast with lots of information.
The Meandering Mimi episode was nothing short of tearjerking. Jeff obviously has a great love for his Mimi and I can tell in her voice that she is so proud of him This podcast has amazing headphone audio and really fine commentary - The EPCOT episodes are incredible. Take the time to search the archive and listen to a lot of the shows - they'll keep you on your toes, because each show is unique.
Jeff really knows his stuff and his comments always crack me up. Keep up the Good Work!
I am a podcast junky. I listen to dozens of different ones on many different and varied topics - including 20 or so Disney podcasts. Of all these podcasts The Meandering Mouse has become my favorite. Not only does it cover my favorite topic - Disney - but it offers great audio that really makes me feel like I am in the Disney parks. Jeff is also my favorite podcast host. I don't know if it is because we are similar in age but we share a lot of same points of reference in regards to Disney and life in general. His minor irreverence just adds to the fun. It is so corny to say and I can't believe I am writing this but Jeff feels like an old friend who I am walking with through the parks although I have never met him or communicated with him in any way. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this podcast!
Wow!! When I listened to Jeff in Meandering Mouse, it just feels like your there sitting right next to him, with his hilarious humor!! If the ratings went higher on these podcasts, I would rate it a 20!! This is podcast is not just great, it is out of the box thinking of Disney Magic. To all Disney Freaks, subscribe now to the Meandering Mouse Podcast!!!
What makes this podcast stand out from all the rest is the fact that Jeff cares about the Disney parks. He gets it. He understands why people go, why they want to come back and why those memories are treasured. This is not commentary on the parks by a jaded, cynical fan. Jeff appreciates the thought, work and creativity that went into each attraction and shares the experience with us like he’s seeing each one for the first time. I’m a big Disney fan, and I’ve learned something new every time I’ve listened to an episode. The biggest compliment I can give is that listening to The Meandering Mouse is like going to the parks with a good friend. That is, a good friend armed with professional-grade audio equipment and production skills. You hear ambient sound from different corners of the parks, original source audio from closed attractions and high-quality audio from current rides that beats most video ride-throughs. I can’t go as often as I would like, but this is the next best thing. Thanks, Jeff!
The podcast feauturing the Universe of Energy retrospective was absolutely amazing. Our family has been enjoying going to WDW in Orlando for years and it was really neat to learn some new facts about the original attraction! Hearing the original soundtracks was truly like going back in time. It also brings back great memories of bringing our children to Epcot when they were kids. Thanks so much for taking the time to produce this show. We are listening to all the previous episodes.
This podcast and other Disney themed podcasts has made me want to visit Disneyland again! The last time I went to the park I wasn't feeling all that great and because of that I didn't enjoy my experience and really had little interest in returning but after listening to these podcasts by Jeff it makes me want to go back again very soon. Jeff's commentary, comedy and sounds from the park had brought back that love for Disneyland that has been dormant for years. I got my brother hooked on this podcast as well and so now me and my siblings are going to plan a trip out to Disneyland. For those who don't know Jeff from Houston wonders (meanders) around the Disney parks (in the U.S.) either with friends or by himself and records (in high quality stereo) a pretty funny commentary while walking around. I think my favorites are when he is by himself because I can just imagine people thinking he is crazy because it would appear that he is talking to himself since it is most likely not obvious he is wearing microphones. Also because it is high quality stereo when I am wearing headphones it almost feels like I am at the park with him. I hope one of these days I am at Disneyland I run into him so I can thank him in person for the joy I had received from listening to his podcast. Download at least two episodes to get a feel for this show. He has a few formats and you really can't get a feel for the show by just listening to one episode. Also check ou the Disney Podcast Network that he hosts: They have a forum where you can talk with fellow Disney Park fans and Indie Disney Podcasters. I am a member but I haven't yet found the time to post but once I start I am sure I will be addicted to it as I am this podcast. Thanks Jeff!
I love this host's perspective on all things Disney! You never know where you are going to be taken, but the commentary on the way is what makes the show special. Smart, wacky and sometimes emotional earns this all 5 stars.
It's not your ordinary Disney podcast. Snarky? Yes. Irreverent? Absolutely. Addictive? Highly! I can't go a week now without Jeff's dosage of Disney bliss. Keep it up Jeff!