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Thank you for not being political. Love you both. You guys are entertaining and fun to listen to. Keep it up.
No genuine opinions on the show and too many ads. Hands down the worst podcast. No authenticity. Ben tries to be too politically correct and just comes across as awkward. Ashley is the epitome of a white privilege women with no social awareness. Done listening.
Ben, I hope you don’t kill your Grandma. You seem educated, but to be traveling and gathering in groups right now with new records for hospitalization every day shows complete disregard for the health and life of others. Ashley at least detailed how her family was testing before getting together.
Giving y’all a couple more weeks to go back to the original format before I unsubscribe after being a loyal listener from the beginning. Sooo many ads and interviews with people from bachelor nation that no one cares about anymore. Keep it relevant to recaps at the beginning.
Honestly, FanTayshia seemed like such a blast from the past before Ben and Ashely were more careful with their words due to public opinion (not a dig, just saying) it was so dang nice to here this breakdown. It took me back.
I have listened to ALL of your episodes over past 2 years. In addition to entertaining chatter and fun guests, I have heard you grapple with the gravity of current events this year, apologize when necessary, commit to learning and growing … all admirable conversations that have surely fueled similar actions and conversations among your listeners. I commend you for that. But I am highly disappointed (and sad) to hear you talk of Thanksgiving and Christmas travel plans. As we all work together and mourn our personal sacrifices of time with beloved family, it is painful and also sadly revealing to hear of you CHOOSIING to jet-set in the time of COVID. This seems so out of synch with the message of the Gospel, which I know is important to Ben & Jess. Ben, I heard hesitancy as you discussed your plans. But I honestly could not tell if that was authentic hesitancy as you realize you may need to forgo short-term gratification to align with what the CDC has asked of us (no Thanksgiving travel) or if your hesitancy was merely fear of bad optics, of being seen as hypocritical. It is not my intent to convey shame, but to humbly ask you as leaders and influencers to consider doing what is right (and then talking about it). Please join those of us who are sadly sacrificing our family time this year so that our nation (especially the least among us) have a better chance to see next Thanksgiving. Boy is this sacrifice hard and disappointing, especially for those of us who are older than you and have fewer years ahead with our parents. I know you want to be with your extended families as you celebrate engagement and new marriage. But doing so is taking a stand. Please think carefully about what you want that stand to be. The CDC didn’t say get tested and then travel; they said please do not travel. It pains me to think that you may see yourself as playing by slightly different rules. In the season of gratitude and joy, I am especially grateful for the sacrifices of so many to keep me safe and to end this pandemic. So many of us are hungry for leaders and influencers we can admire. Stand tall. Not because of optics, but because of what is truly deeply right. Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report… think on these things. Phil4:8 God speed and thank you for “listening.”


Lots of ads and especially ads that are pushing an agenda on people. You should probably not partner with them. Not going to be listening anymore.
I can’t believe two people with such huge followings did not once mention voting or encourage followers to vote. Really sad to see. Not saying you had to mention who you voted for, but a message about voting would have been great.
This was first bachelor podcast I listened to, but it is not the same over the years. Way way too many ads. Their contractual obligations (like them appearing in the show mid season) prevent them from sharing any real opinions or theories. Also, Ben seems like a politician or news anchor, and not as genuine - it’s just the bachelor after all. There are just way more entertaining Bach podcasts out there!
In the latest episode, Fantayshia, Ashley puts down Peter & Kelly for moving to NYC because it’s not in the “greatest of states right now.” That is completely spreading false information as NYC is doing better than most cities right now and either way, it is not her place to make that judgement call. It puts fear in the minds of her followers, especially those living on the East coast. Please refrain from using that language going forward, I’m dissapointed.
They changed their formatting and now the recaps are at the end. It’s frustrating because I have to fast forward 30 mins to find the recap. Please go back to the original formatting.
So often I will tune in to a bachelor podcast and there are side comments about politics. Over and over! Thank you for being light refreshing and absolutely meaningful without throwing constant digs about the president or any other political issue that is going on! Thank you! 🙏. You are the only Bachelor podcast I listen to because of precisely that! Thanks for keeping it clean and unbiased!


Guys I love you both and I use to love your podcast but your content gets less and less time every single week. You have way too many ads I feel like I spend most of my time listening to ads when I hear your podcast. I came for the bachelorette recap and I’m 45 mins in and nothing yet. Going downhill and it makes me sad!


Please either put recaps at the beginning of the episode or do them entirely separate. When listening specifically for a recap no one wants to skip through 30ish minutes of the episode to get there.
UPDATE: Please stop with the spoilers!!! I had actually forgotten that my first review was about this very same thing. I thoroughly enjoy your podcast but I have not been able to listen to it in MONTHS because of all of the spoilers and speculation that you both make. If I wanted spoilers, I would head to reality Steve. I adore the two of you and want to listen to your podcast but cannot do it until you stop spoiling the show! I am frustrated that y’all went on and on this week about a possible theory of who Peter ends up with. I avoid spoilers throughout the entire season and am bothered that y’all didn’t give a heads-up that you would be talking about this, AND that y’all didn’t edit it out of the episode prior to airing it.
Ben sounds sharp and crisp and Ashley is kind of slurry sounding. Very strange...
But wayyyyyy too many ads it’s more and more every week 😳
Guys please I used to love you and get so excited for this podcast, 45 min in and you just started recapping the episode, please so one cares about talking to THIS much alumni. If you can’t recap it all due to contracts, just say so so we aren’t waiting around for nothing. After Peters season you guys lost it. Editing is messy and ads are also uncomfortable, esp the sona Bella add which is not body positive at all, super bummer. Please for the love of God more recapping less time wasting.
Most of us are coming to you for re-caps ~ not to hear about someone from 7 seasons ago who just got engaged (snoooozzze). Please consider moving re-caps to the BEginning of the episode: there is SO much drama going on w/the current season & we want to hear about it!!
Took about 25 minutes to get to them discussing the actual episode. That’s the amount of time I could listen to many other bachelor recaps. Sure Ben and Ashely were great reference points to the “journey” 4-5 years ago, but at this point in their life they need to get to just that, the point. Ben’s great, just needs to learn how to get his message across without proselytizing. Ashley is neutral and doesn’t give much insight I can’t figure out myself. Unsubscribing before the eventual gushing over Ashley being on the upcoming episode with Jared.
I completely understand that y’all are contractually obligated to be the ONLY podcast talking positively about Clare and justifying her abusive, narcissistic behavior. However, can’t you pretend for just one second to actually break down the episodes? You’re completely ignoring MASSIVE parts of the episodes where Clare acts like a psychopath just to protect her. Where is the “grading” that y’all used to do? Hannah and Peter were fairly “rated” on how good they were at being the lead and when Clare comes in and literally stops being the bachelorette because she found a hot guy on Instagram and wanted to get engaged AGAIN (acting like it was the first time by saying “wait I’ve waited so many years for this moment” looking at her ring), she clearly deserves an F but you conveniently forgot to “grade” her? She didn’t even have the decency to apologize for screwing these men over and being completely disrespectful of their time and giggling behind their backs like a 15-year-old. It’s just so incredibly frustrating to listen to y’all completely ignore every single HORRENDOUS thing Clare did and somehow still condone her actions. I’m not calling for hatred of her - quite the contrary. I’m asking for REAL, HONEST conversations about how her season ACTUALLY went. I simply cannot listen anymore.


By eaa1
The sono Bella ads, just ick. The word choice, not good. It is really sad coming from this platform. Then at the very beginning of the episode after sharing how you love talking to everyone each week, and are going to start doing 2 podcasts for the month of November, and then immediately ‘taking a break’ for 2 minutes of ads. I used to love this podcast, and the episodes are piling up because I just cannot get through them as easily because something has changed lately. I want to love this podcast again. I understand it was a long off season, but the off season is over. The episodes are providing so much content for you to ‘break down’ so why so much gossip and breaking news.
Who is doing your editing? Lots of repeats
Why are you guys keep praising Eazy when there’s sexual misconduct/assault allegation against him? Why are you keep putting Clare down when it’s obvious she’s the latest victim to getting villain edit? The info/spoilers are out there about everything that went down, speculating and putting out negative narratives is not helpful.
After so many months, I find the strength of your podcast to be the in-depth interviews. The guests are always wisely selected, and not only does a listen learn more about the subject, but insights into life and production as well. I particularly liked the insights of Benoit, his description of Clare as a person, the reminder that the show is edited in ways in which a lead has little to no control, and that as viewers, we only see the character and not the person. I do believe that no lead is a perfect as they seem nor as bad as production allows them to be portrayed.. just like in life, people are beautifully imperfect. But, I will add that if I had a daughter or son that wanted to apply for the franchise ( they are all married with children), knowing what production can do and the words on social media, I would highly discourage it. Poor Clare has to live with this portrayal of her and the unkind words for a long time. Future participants beware. For my “kids”, it wouldn’t be worth it. Great job Ashley and Ben! I still continue to really enjoy the in-depth interviews, especially in times of fear and uncertainty. The also always show that everyone is more complex and multidimensional, sometimes something that is easy to forget.They also show both Of you, Ashley and Ben, to be sensitive, intelligent interviewers, and separate the Almost Famous podcast from others that deal with similar topics . Keep doing in depth. Five stars!!! The in depth interviews are so well done, allowing listeners to really get to know the context of the lives of those interviewed. Both Ashley and Ben are at their best, asking good equestrians, allowing the interviewee to answer in depth (not always the case with some podcasts, one in particular), and show really empathy. I particularly found the Chris Soules interview to be compelling, but in general, the in depth episode was really Ashely and best. Please continue to do more of these episodes. Five stars
I'm a former fan but I've found that this podcast has gotten more and more shallow as it goes on. And I know everyone's said it, but TOO MANY ADS. Lots of gossip and obvious bias. It’s only gone downhill in the last year and I didn’t think that was possible.


By Lobun10
loved this last episode with marika dominczyk. would love more episodes talking with celebrity bachelor nation fans. agreed that we could do with some more self love ads if we have to deal with so many.


By Kssears
I used to enjoy this podcast, but now I find it tedious to listen to. It is too long, has too many commercials, poor sound quality, too many moral lessons from Ben, and Ashley sounds like she’s falling asleep most of the time. I would have liked to hear them getting to the point quicker and not talking about minor issues ad nauseam. Just can’t stand it anymore.
I used to love listening to this podcast the day after the show as it felt like talking to a friend about the show! Now it feels like it is so centered around bachelor alumni and not about reviewing the current season. I don’t know if that’s because Ben and Ashley are so close with the cast they worry about giving TRUE opinions because they don’t want to hurt feelings so they divert away from jumping into it?! That’s NOT why I listen for a PC opinion. Sometimes it feels like viewer opinions are wrote off because Ben and Ash have insider knowledge that isn’t shared? I’m not sure. I miss the old show...Also, if I hear the word “celebrate” one more time I’m gonna go crazy!
The bouncing around between what’s happening personally with Ashley/Ben, the bachelor recap, and what’s happening in bachelor nation is so inconsistent. How there is not a consistent format is disappointing. Recommend breaking it up to two podcasts per week bachelor recap and “hot news” or figure out a stronger format. I personally tune in for both, but the blending between the two is NOT working at ALL for me. Been listening elsewhere for my recaps lately - which bums me out cause I love Ben and Ashely.
I normally enjoy y’all but this episode was so hard to listen to with you defending Clare’s behavior. How Clare is acting is not okay and no matter if you are friends you need to recap this more objectively. Your guest was more spot on than you on the recap!!!!
??? A guy gets weirdly aggressive after an awkward kiss moment and you guys chalk that up to Clare not wanting to be rejected? How about she doesn’t want to be assaulted or made to feel uncomfortable.....
How is Ben still considered the most beloved bachelor? I have listened to many podcasts and have never written a review. I was appalled at the speculation that JP and Ashely’s divorce is over Ben why don’t you be bold and talk about your politics...oh that’s right. The all might dollar is more important. Scared to be conservative in today’s environment?
I’ve been disappointed by the poor editing lately. Clips are left in of them debating whether they need to add another commercial break... of Ashley saying something to Ben that totally spoils why she was at La Quinta and clearly was meant to be cut out... awkward silent gaps... them stopping a sentence, pausing and saying it again... it’s really weird and unprofessional and makes it hard to listen to.
I usually enjoying listening to this podcast, but these ads for fat removal make me feel extremely uncomfortable. A bunch of young girls and boys listen to this podcast and you’re encouraging them to find parts of their bodies that they hate and get them lasered away. Please, be the people you claim you are and drop these ads. You’re really going to hurt people if this continues...
Half the show is ads and they are completely under contract with ABC. They totally know all of the spoilers and are pretending they don’t. BS.


By savcast
Please post the photo of you falling getting off the bus.
I used to love the podcast. I’ve been listening since the beginning. But, now there are too many ads and it’s time to unsubscribe. They need to understand that they become less credible and appear money hungry for making half the show about ads.
I keep trying to listen to this podcast but Ben’s questions and transitions are so awkward. Perhaps the young target audience doesn’t recognize how out of his element he is, but how is he still a host? Also, did he actually cite a click bait headline about Dale and raise attention to it as a valid issue and NOT even read the article?! If he did, he would realize the context and actual response Dale gave wasn’t even what Ben is claiming. Pretty irresponsible reporting.


What in the world are you thinking speculating about the reasons someone’s marriage ended? This is beyond in poor taste. Your sister and another friend said it sounded like politics? Seriously? Not your job or your place do start rumors about people. Be better.
Half the podcast is ads!!! I can’t listen anymore
This sono bello (Sp?) ad is PROBLEMATIC. “It’s your choice to starve yourself and go to the gym every day, OR you could lose it all in a day!” Excuse me? Like those are the only choices? I’ve been sitting by hearing all the problematic things y’all have said this year and learned from and apologized for. I’d also like an apology for this and do better. In 2020, this is still the messaging we are pushing on women? If you continue to play this ad that plays to women’s fears and insecurities then I can no longer support your pod. At this point if you have to apologize THIS many times for what you say, maybe you take a step back and say, maybe I should have an expert guest when talking about this and just do recaps with us two. You can’t tell me you didn’t know that prerecorded ad would be harmful... and you could have gone back and re recorded it after you said that without thinking about it. Unsubscribed.
I can appreciate someone trying to take advantage of opportunities that came his way, but be REAL be Authenic. Ben constantly contradicts himself and has become a complete sell out over the years. How do you promote an ad about getting fat sucked out to a female based audience when your own fiancé has been personally affected by body image issues. That sends such a crap message. So out of touch. Sad what people do just to make a buck .. and now a book?!?!


By NMG34
Giving Ben and Ashley some love. I think they work well together. I appreciate the podcast


Ben ran as a Republican , that is all you need to know..... so gross
learn how to interview your guests. Let them speak instead of interrupting. Your voice has also become super irritating. Also why are you promoting Sono bello. You guys primarily speak to young women. Why not promote self love instead of telling women to be ashamed of their bodies if they have fat on it. Girl if you have issues with your arms and legs fine but not everyone is ashamed of their bodies and also think of women with eating disorders. Its all about money with you two. As for Ben just see him in a different light! Time to unsubscribe.
So many ads! Good podcast a lot the time but please play all the ads at the beginning or end?
I typically love to listen to this podcast, but listening to the ad about “getting rid of problem fat areas” was super triggering for someone who struggles with an eating disorder. I know it’s just an ad, but maybe discern a bit more about what you advertise, it can be harmful.
Great podcast overall, I really enjoy it. But can’t you promote some self love? Ads for body fat removal?! Come on! You can make your money other ways. We should embrace what our ancestors gave us, not wish it away or pay to have it removed. If you can’t be happy with your body how it is, newsflash, you’ll never be happy. Having your fat removed will just lead to the next obsession. Ok rant over.