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We need more of these wonderful podcasts. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.
I enjoy your meditations so much. I would love to see more added. ❤️❤️❤️
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and I’ve noticed there aren’t as many new episodes as before. So I wanted to send love and light to Stin Hanson. And to say thank you for what you gave to the world.
Covid, sleep disorders and the deaths of my mom, dad and sister. Her calm voice is the last one I hear at night. Her mellifluous methods ease my soul and focus me. This podcast is my Go To to rest my mind! Thanks stin!
Love these. They are great but I am missing your original longer manifestation podcast. It was amazing!!
It’s really healing and inspiring to hear her soothing voice .I highly recommend her!
Stin’s affirmations and guided meditations help change and improve my mood, my mindset, and my overall mental health. Highly recommend!!
I love her so much and have been listening to the same podcast since I was five. The zzzz podcast brings a great connection to me that I can’t explain. I’m grateful and glad she is still making podcasts
Thank you for this amazing resource, Stin. I listen to “Faster Better Sleep” almost every night. I used to be terrible at getting to sleep and it has helped so much. The other episodes are great too and help with such a huge range of life’s challenges. I recommend this podcast to all of my friends and family. I also love that you don’t have any ads. Other meditation podcasts do and it is jarring and distracting. This podcast is truly a gift! Would you consider marking an episode to help deal with and accept chronic pain? I would find that especially helpful. Thank you again, Stin! You’re amazing and I love the sound of your voice.
Such softly falling advice that makes such a profound impact on day to day situations. Thank you, Stin. I adore listening to your podcast.
Loved it for morning, midday, and nighttime meditation! Please come back! You help me fall asleep every night!
Stin will change your life. Her voice alone is enough to change your thought patterns. Listen to Stin and watch the miracles unfold in your life. Listening to this podcast is the most important thing you could do for your life. I’ve seen miracles happen in my life because of Stin and if you listen to this podcast everyday as I do, I know that miracles will happen for you too.
Really was browsing through anger and thought problems and stubble upon this author 10/10 for me
Incredible meditations that have gotten me through some tough times. Thank you Stin. ❤️❤️❤️
Stin, I would like to let you know that your podcasts have been very helpful and motivating! I listen to your affirmation podcasts nearly everyday. Please continue to do what you do and create more awesome work. You are AMAZING!
Thank you tor bringing back the zzzz episode. If you can bring back the music for a good night sleep too, and any of the episodes on anxiety and worry they are so helpful. Glad to be able to listen to my favorite slew episodes again. Alexa doesn’t compare to Stin! 😂 —-original review——- I have been listening to her podcast for several years now. I listen to it nightly and if I am going through a major life event, I sometimes listen to it for hours at night when I can’t sleep or having anxiety. I don’t know if she realizes how many people she is helping through her guided meditations, she is a blessing to many!
I Love your sleep meditations, as they always send me right off into a nice slumber, though I ( and likely others too) would love some new ones too. How about a few that center on mentally starting from head to toe or visa-versa and suggesting warm massaging the stressed, tight, even cramped muscles being led to become lose, warm, ready to serenader to sleep. Or the same muscles being loosened and refreshed by a soothing warm yellow light? I also enjoy guided meditations that take me on a night time journey. Such as on a passenger train or rocking carriage wher I am nestled under warm blankets, or that I am playing hide and seek and in a snug safe location, being very still and able to drift off to sleep and undiscovered. Sten, you have the most wonderful voice for guiding listeners. We find your warm fluid way of speaking simply draws us to follow and trust you honest, comforting, fluid manner that lends peace, and relief from our busy, tense world. I have listened to your meditations and referred others to them too, for several years now. They are always my reward to end my day and lull me into blissful refreshing sleep. Thank you so much from this otherwise insomniac.
Thank you for bringing back the sleep meditation!!!! 💖😭🙏🏼😭🙏🏼😭🙏🏼💖 Thank you for these absolutely amazing meditations and for doing this work!
The music in Jan 31 episode zzzxx is so loud it makes the podcast inaudible.
Meditations I keep coming back to. They are useful every time. I appreciate the love and care you clearly put in to the topics you choose and scripts you create. Thank you.
So vital and always there for me when I need it
I've been using sleep meditation for years, it was incredible. PLEASE bring it back, I'm crying :.(
Please bring back the sleep meditation!!
I’ve been listening to this particular podcast episode for years. And all of a sudden it has disappeared! Please bring it back!
What happened to the Zzzz sleep meditation?! That was so helpful and relaxing!! Please bring it back ASAP!
My no fail -go to sleep podcast is gone. What happened to Zzzzz?


By Cacao$
Thank you for your calming and positive guided meditations. They enhance my day and help me sleep. Your voice is self-assured and calm. I appreciate you.
Thanks for your helpful and free podcasts. They really make me feel happy, energetic and productive.
This Podcast has been life changing for me. I can now instantly feel calm and intention and be present whenever I hear Stin’s voice. Even when I’m not listening to a podcast I can now bring myself into the present moment and just focus on my breath, which is a miracle amidst the chaos of my two little boys. ❤️ I feel as though I’m a more patient and calm mother than before, as the chaos seems organized and not overwhelming as I can take it on with a new and more peaceful perspective. I love that she covers SO many aspects of life in her episodes from anxiety to better sleep.
I’ve been listening to it at least 200+ night a year for over 10 years and a couple nights ago it disappeared!! It’s been really hard falling asleep! I have to say to myself “begin by finding the most comfortable situation that you can...” Can I get that back please?!?!
I really enjoy listening to your podcast. I listen to them everyday, but lately I haven’t seen the spiritual mediations.
My absolute favorite! Never fails to get me relaxed into a deep sleep. I thought I downloaded it, but can’t find. Please bring it back.
Not enough episodes- get some more! This is an amazing podcast. A great experience for the mind and heart. I love how it is positive and mindful. Thank you for making this podcast and keep doing more! ❤️
Zzzzzz...... put me to sleep so fast!! Please bring it back. Please. I just went to recommend it to someone and it is gone. Best podcast for sleep.
The best for me ever. I have been using it for years, I am in a panic.
It was the only thing that helped me sleep for a decade.
I can’t find the Zzzzz episode anywhere! Please bring it back
Thank you for such a great podcast!
Help I need this back in my life, why is the zzzzz podcast taken down? I didn’t realize that would happen! I need it to sleep!
I also used the ”zzzz” podcast to help me sleep and I’m so sad it’s gone :( Where is all your content?! I’ve been listening to you for years and adore your affirmations. I hope they’re back soon and all is well.
I love this podcast - I’ve been listening for years. There’s one episode in particular that I listen to almost every night, “ZZzzzz” for sleep, but as of 2 days ago, I’m not sure where it went. It’s not available anymore. Stin Hanson did you “clean up” and get rid of some of the older files? It was my favorite, and I used it almost every night to get back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. I love your meditations and have been a fan for many years. But that one’s my favorite. Please bring it back!
A positive pleasant way to end the day
Perfect amount of time, great focus. Thanks so much !
Love these meditations. The best guided meditations I have ever found on iTunes. But for some reason today, when I try to play them iTunes tells me they are unavailable.
I rate this a 5 stars!! I really enjoy listening to this while I meditate. The only thing is that for some odd reason I can’t subscribe to the podcast I’ve tried it over and over again. I thought it might have been my phone but no I’m not sure what to do but anyways I still always come back 😊
It’s like having a best friend at your fingertips. This is such a helpful beautiful podcast and I want people to know about it. It helps you with so many aspects of your life by gently and lovingly guiding your thoughts in a more fruitful direction. I am so grateful for this! I listen to so many podcasts but I always come back to this. Big fan! Try it!
Flying makes me extremely anxious; however, thanks to Stin, and the ‘End a Panic Attack’ meditation I was calmer than I’ve ever been. Keep up the amazing work!
I was in the midst of a panic attack at work. I tried several YouTube videos to help meditate my way through it and had no luck. Found this podcast, pressed play and sat back and sure enough I was able to make it through. Thank you! Keeping this in my back pocket from now on.
I was once a yoga and meditation teacher, but since have completely given up on my practice. I’ve been feeling a lot of shame and guilt lately, and this meditation completely brought me back and made me realize I have the tools within me. Thank You.