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By ngavi
I started and finished all 8 episodes in under 3 days!! Chilling and extremely intriguing!
The best podcast I have listened to. The episodes were well thought out and well organized. The perfect flow with perfect voices. I hope people will come forward with more Information on this crime.
This is a great podcast. Well written, produced and music really sets the tone. Thanks for doing such a great job and I can’t wait until the next story.
I have binged listen to this podcast and cannot stop so I think I’ll listen again. I really enjoy the music and it has been so professionally matched with the feel of what is going on in the episode. I’m looking forward to the book. Thanks
I am from near where this happened, but, sadly, it was never discussed in my area as I was growing up. I heard about this podcast, and binged it. Twice now, actually. I was shocked to find that it was produced locally. The editing, content, knowledge, and quality are top notch. Trust me, I’ve heard very good and very bad podcasts. This is very good.


By Mernd
This is a great podcast! The production is top notch, the storytelling is great, even the music is good! I had never heard of this story, but I love true crime. So glad I took a listen. Well done!
This pod cast was nothing short of fantastic. I graduated from WVU in 2016 and still live in the area... so this is close to home to me. I find it so interesting that my whole time at WVU this was never brought up by anyone. I think this does a great job of honoring Mared and Karen’s lives and I’m so glad this is here to be their voice.
As a podcast guru,as well as creator, myself, I am THRILLED to see other WV based podcasts being successful! I was instantly drawn in and I highly recommend this to anyone!
One of the best true crime podcasts I’ve heard thus far. Well researched and engaging. I hope this podcast continues.
As a Catholic the idea that the church would call someone to ask if their loved one was catholic because they want to Saint the deceased is very naive. No pursuing the claim other than to say that in Roman Catholicism the protocol is to make anyone who appears corrupt as a saint as though it is as simple and easy as a one stop shop. The church has a lengthy process and this man would have had to have had his life examined in depth with a panel both for and against his sainthood. He would have to have miracles (three in total) attributed to his intercession and each of these would be throughly looked into. It just isn’t that easy and to glibly report that the church would have declared him a saint if he had been catholic is irresponsible reporting.
A dark tale of local (Morgantown) history. An obvious (now) miscarriage of justice. Well put together and superb presentation.
I’ve enjoyed this podcast so much. The hosts put forth a well-researched case and cut out a lot of the ridiculous chit chat that other podcasts have used to fill time and stretch episodes. Thanks for a great listening experience!
The best narrative long form investigative podcast available right now. Beautifully produced. Simply Perfection. Kendall deserves a Peabody... Please listen. Don’t let this story Disappear...
Can’t stop listening! Awesome story telling
Overall an excellent podcast. I’m a lifelong West Virginian and a true crime junkie. Great narrative structure and production value. I liked the touch of adding music from artists in the Morgantown area, but I found myself having to turn the volume down every time a song snippet was played then cranking it back up to hear the narration.
Interesting story. Narrator is excellent, well researched. Awesome music. Check it out!
If you are a true crime fan do yourself a favor and listen to this pod! Very professionally produced, engaging host, interesting story... plus some FANTASTIC indie music!! A+++++
Overall a GREAT podcast - but at the end, you introduce a show, a new show, and you FAIL to tell us what it is? Literally threw the entire thing in the wastebasket. How can you give us a 3 min preview of a new show and not tell us what the name of it is!
I am so thankful that I stumbled across this podcast!! It was so well done and so interesting!! I can’t wait to binge more by this group!!
I was a freshman at another college in the area at the time the girls went missing. I never heard anymore about the case. Fascinating all the twists and turns that happened. The way Governor Arch Moore was involved doesn’t surprise me at all!!😡 Great job to all involved telling this story!
I binged listened to this in two days. Very well done. Bravo to the producers!
Very good storytelling. On par with Up and Vanished or Serial
This is a really well done podcast or “passion project,” as they call it. Did not know much about this case & think the team did a great job- particularly towards the end of the season- at flushing out new information & summing up their theories on leads. I also really do like their choice of local musicians... but dang they sure love their theme song. There are lengthy stretches of nothing but music that feel inefficient & frustrating to sit thru.
I live in Morgantown, where the story takes place, so I was particularly interested in this podcast. But any fan of true crime podcasts will find this an enjoyable addition.
Entertaining hosts. Great music. Well-researched.
Such an interesting case and very well researched! Thank you for putting the time into this and doing it right!
The musical score of this podcast really advances the story. Oh! To be in Morgantown on a Friday night!


Well researched. Awesome story. Glad I found it after most episodes were launched so i could binge.
This is a great true crime podcast. The material is researched and sourced, the narration is professional, it uses local music. I have really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the final episode.
Very captivating. Especially interesting having lived my entire life in the pittsburgh area and visiting Morgantown on many occasions. Good stuff
Kudos for finding a very obscure crime (like not even a Wikipedia entry obscure) and truly bringing it to life in every sense of the word. This is the sort of thing that inspires people to become journalists. Really great stuff.
Great information, well told and very fascinating. Great job!
Very well produced and compelling! The only things I didn’t like are the breaks of music that last too long and really aren’t needed and Sarah. She’s just super annoying.
I’m thinking there are many of us seeking stories that not only are fascinating, but the podcast presents research and researchers in their own voices on the subject. This podcast does that, keeping the storytelling vibe, and carries the listener through the ups and downs of the stories. I was so glad to find this.
Good research on a fascinating case.
Interesting story with multiple twists...episode 7 is an excellent listen. Highly recommended
As a native West Virginian and current Morgantown resident, this podcast hits close to home. It is brilliantly made and I look forward to each episode. Keep up the great work! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Well written, well produced and well told story with exceptional music and understanding of the regional nature of the story.


By Maddywv
Can’t wait for the two new episodes
Perfectly produced and great interviews and pacing. The reenactments get a little odd at times, otherwise an excellent podcast
This podcast was so well done. I was IMMEDIATELY roped in- binged so hard. It’s very clear there was a lot of time and research devoted into telling this story.
I very much enjoyed this podcast. Give it a listen.
This is a very engageing and effective true crime podcast. The production is slick and thoughtful. It feels both familiar and original at the same time. And the music is strange and atmospheric and the perfect choice for this story. I'm super impressed.
Well done Podcast,I love the rabbit holes and different directions that this case(albeit horrible) treads.The whole case is Creepy with all the questions that we are left with....Sound Quality and the narrative interplay is great,music is fantastic as well.Being a superstitious Hillbilly myself,this is right up my side of the Hill.Thanks!