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This is a great true crime podcast. The material is researched and sourced, the narration is professional, it uses local music. I have really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the final episode.
Very captivating. Especially interesting having lived my entire life in the pittsburgh area and visiting Morgantown on many occasions. Good stuff
Kudos for finding a very obscure crime (like not even a Wikipedia entry obscure) and truly bringing it to life in every sense of the word. This is the sort of thing that inspires people to become journalists. Really great stuff.
Great information, well told and very fascinating. Great job!
Very well produced and compelling! The only things I didn’t like are the breaks of music that last too long and really aren’t needed and Sarah. She’s just super annoying.
I’m thinking there are many of us seeking stories that not only are fascinating, but the podcast presents research and researchers in their own voices on the subject. This podcast does that, keeping the storytelling vibe, and carries the listener through the ups and downs of the stories. I was so glad to find this.
Good research on a fascinating case.
Interesting story with multiple twists...episode 7 is an excellent listen. Highly recommended
As a native West Virginian and current Morgantown resident, this podcast hits close to home. It is brilliantly made and I look forward to each episode. Keep up the great work! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Well written, well produced and well told story with exceptional music and understanding of the regional nature of the story.


By Maddywv
Can’t wait for the two new episodes
Perfectly produced and great interviews and pacing. The reenactments get a little odd at times, otherwise an excellent podcast
This podcast was so well done. I was IMMEDIATELY roped in- binged so hard. It’s very clear there was a lot of time and research devoted into telling this story.
I very much enjoyed this podcast. Give it a listen.
This is a very engageing and effective true crime podcast. The production is slick and thoughtful. It feels both familiar and original at the same time. And the music is strange and atmospheric and the perfect choice for this story. I'm super impressed.
Well done Podcast,I love the rabbit holes and different directions that this case(albeit horrible) treads.The whole case is Creepy with all the questions that we are left with....Sound Quality and the narrative interplay is great,music is fantastic as well.Being a superstitious Hillbilly myself,this is right up my side of the Hill.Thanks!
Love this podcast. True crime at its best.
I’m surprised more people don’t know about this gem. Extremely underrated!
Loved this. Interesting true crime story well told. Bonus was the local musicians.
No advertisements, great hosts, well-produced, with exceptional local music. If you have any interest in past cases like this, you'll like this one.
Great pid cast and great story telling. Superbly produced! I always heard about this story but never knew the details. Can’t say enough good about this pod cast.
I live in the Mon county area and had no idea about this case. It's so interesting, when I mentioned it to my grandparents they recounted their memories of this case and the ones talked about early in episode 1. It's so wired and interested to learn about this areas strange past. Highly recommend.
I am so happy to have found this. After faking in love with how intrigued and haunted I felt from listening to “In the Dark” a couple months ago, I couldn’t be more excited to have found this. The historical info about my own town, the amazing soundtrack, and the passion demonstrated by Sarah and crew (which I only mention her by name cause I know her—OMG Sarah you rock!— it’s all the perfect mix and just perfectly represents the kind of eclectic intellect that flows from #MorgantownWV. I’m only on episode #4, but I’m now obsessed! Thanks for the fantastic effort and best of luck with anything Kromatic does.
I didn’t have high expectations when I first started listening to this podcast and was pleasantly surprised! It’s a fascinating story and the podcast is really well done. I also love that they incorporate music from local artists.


By Edwvu76
Great story and podcast!
So glad I came upon this podcast! If you are into true crime, you won't be disappointed.
It was very interesting hearing more about a local legend that has become part of local lore.
My mother-in-law first told me this story--the bodies were found near her childhood home on Owl Creek Rd. Great to hear a locally-produced podcast that tells the whole story!
I'm a regular true crime listener and reader. This podcast is a great listen. It is well produced, the story is pieced together and told well, and the use of local music is terrific. Well done!


By BEM47
This podcast is very well done. I had never heard of this story before & now that I've finished the podcast I can't stop thinking about it. The story is truly haunting & they do a great job of telling it. Would definitely recommend.
Well done podcast. True crime research at its best.
This is a great true crime story. The hosts attention to and explanation of historical context makes the story even more enthralling.
I was very hesitant to listen to this as I had a daughter going to WVU but I'm glad that I did it was very enlightening to know all of this history is very well told. Hopefully one day they'll find out exactly who did it.
This is a great podcast for those who enjoy the long-story approach. The sound quality is high and the different voices keeps the listener engaged. Well done & I hope that more listeners will be able to find this excellent podcast and learn about these two young college women who's lives were cut short.


Great insight into this tragedy. Born and raised in WV, and attended WVU. I hadn't heard of this tragedy. I'm hooked. Great job.
This strikes a chord since I call Morgantown home but this is very well done and a story that is hard to imagine outside of Hollywood
Great show. Wonderful production and presentation. The effort of the collaborators of the podcast is showcased in a wildly entertaining and interesting tale of a two unexpected college women in a small university town with metropolitan madness hidden beneath the Appalachian canopy. Gruesome, chilling, always engaging. Each episode digs deeper into the mountain, layer by layer.
Very well-produced and a gripping story. Can't believe I'd never heard of this case.
We'll done podcast about A crime in Morgantown that blends facts and residents testimony about what they remembered. Nice blend Of editing and narration. If you like true detective or crime stories highly recommend.
This is a really, really well-done podcast. It reminds me of 'Someone Knows Something' by the CBC. I'm not familiar with Kromcast, but I'll definitely be checking it out now. The content is also just as high-quality. Well-researched, thought-out, gives you a real feel for the time in which Mared and Karen lived and died. I've been very interested in this crime since I heard about it - there had been so little information gathered in one place that it was frustrating for someone who wanted to know more. This podcast gives you all that. One more thing: the extras on the website are great and really add to the story.
It is a great telling of horrendous crime that took place in the hills of West Virginia. I had to binge listen to the first four episodes in one day I was hooked
True Crime. West Virginia. Great local music. Amazing story telling. All put together in a beautiful bow. Great job.


Such a great podcast!