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Listening to UYD is to feel connected with a greater good. Some how hosts Jonathan and Seth find ways to permeate the zeitgeist by staying just outside it. If you hear it once, you’ll listen again, and soon become a fan of something so simple as wearing your seatbelt.
The funniest podcast ever! I look forward every week to hanging out with the boys and talking about the crazy things going on in this country.
Episode 682 around 47 minutes in, while talking about the problem of human defecation in San Francisco the host Seth advocates solving the problem by breaking into rich people’s houses and punching them and taking their money. This is beneath the standards of civility that should be expected from iTunes. Also it is a foolish idea, because if you attack rich people like that they would leave the city and it would be an entire city of poor people. Something tells me that would not help solve the problem being discussed.
beauty boys, the both of them
Seth and Jonathan are the best. Some inside jokes might be lost on new listeners, but stick with it because it’s hilarious and unique and wonderful. Long live UYD 🙌🏽🇺🇸
Solid 24k gold. In podcast form.
Where to even begin?! these guys are the best. Its the easiest thing to have playing. You can go far back and the shows are still relevent and funny. I listened to them on a cross country road trip in the spring and never got bored with it. thanks guys!
Delightfully quirky
You guys are awesome! So funny. First podcast I got into years back... finally writing a review. Seatbelts
Still with the squelchiest of whomps. Dig it!
One of the originals. Bad as hell.
12 years in and these guys are still killing the game. Funnier than ever.
While Jonathan is amiable enough, the show's weak spot is Seth. From his wildly misguided rants to his ignorant comments on soccer to his inability to do grade school math, I find him to be absolutely insufferable.
Funny podcast, really enjoy it.
Not JUST two nice white guys talking for an hour. They do their best, and that’s really what you’re looking for in entertainment. Check them out or forever regret it.
This American, American cannot get enough of the world through your eyes. Keep it up.
For real now! Thanks for 653.
Hilarious! 😆🎙😃
If I had but one podcast forever, it would be UYD!
Absolutely hilarious. Jonathan and Seth are master comedians. I look forward to new episodes every week. Can't wait to see them live! Seatbelts
Great, honest, humor and musings on our great nation. 10/10. Be sure and see them live when they come to your city, they do not disappoint.
Jonathan and Seth are genuinely awesome dudes who run an insightful, heartfelt, real show that makes me laugh embarrassingly hard in public. In the sea of events in the world, most news shows talk about the biggest waves, but UYD reports on the undercurrents. I can't wait for the next episode.


i just peed my pants. of the hook funny!!!!!
Is good
Hands down, my favorite podcast. Jonathan and Seth aren’t afraid to show their flaws and the have an ability to look at difficult questions with humor. It feels like I’m hanging out with my buds when I pop on an episode. Always looking forward to the next one.
Love me some Uhh Yeah Dude! This duo makes simple headlines a full on comedy assault! Their own personal stories on top of all of it and you have one of the best podcasts running today. UYD4LYFE


Pure and simple, the best podcast ever made.


This is the best podcast that exists
Jonathan and Seth have become some of my favorite people to hang out with while I'm bored working, cleaning, or trying to do yoga but having a hard time balancing because I'm actually just laughing. Love these homies so much. UYD4LIFE
Hands down the podcast I get excited to see new episodes of in my queue. Seth and Johnathan are great to listen to and consistently funny. Listening to this show is like sitting in a room with friends and riffing on the world - current events, pop culture and come deeper subjects.
I live in Indiana and travel to see these guys record live shows. They're seriously the best! Do yourself a favor and listen... then tell a friend!
No ads No guests No problem Seth and Johnathan know that podcasting isn’t a sport, it’s a way of life. No hobby. It’s a way of looking at that mic and saying, “hey bud, let’s party”! 10/5 STARS
Will change the way you look at life
Listen to one episode and shrug your shoulders, listen to a second episode and chuckle a bit, listen to a third episode and be hooked for life.
This is a good podcast. listen to it. or don't. Whatever. But really, you should try it.
Uhh Yeah Dude saved my life.
Honestly, I love these guys. I was turned on to the podcast by a friend around episode 400, and I’ve been listening since. They are wildly entertaining, and have incredible chemistry with each other on the show. I honestly can’t recommend this podcast enough. They are absolutely hysterically relatable and realists in the world where every day is another surrealistic experience. I love looking forward to their show each week, they just are beautifully down to earth and have some sort of way with everything that just makes you feel like everything is going to be alright. Keep up the good work guys, the content is always wonderful, and I’m bummed I missed you in Phoenix!
The two have such incredible chemistry. I've been listening for 9 years and it's never ever boring to hear them talking.
My favorite podcast by my favorite guys. I'm pretty sure we are best friends, they just don't know it.
Episode 287 was the first episode I listened to. Been moving backward and forward in time enjoying them all. This is one of the few podcasts where originality, wit, and weirdness are combined with consistent laugh-out-loud humor. Really enjoy the into / outro music as well as Seth's video clips on the monster web.
Love this podcast, it’s definitely my favorite one I have ever found out there. I’ve told countless people about Uhh Yeah Dude. Show has been going on for like 11 years now and over 600 episodes....that’s got to tell you how quality it is! Seatbelts!
Such a gem among podcast, listen long enough and you feel part of the conversation. Two hilarious guys just talking and commenting on this wild world we live in. Love it and worth becoming a patron via Patreon.
Hands down the best show visual or verbal!
A podcast that perfected the form before anyone else knew it existed. God bless the finest American Americans.
These two friends talking about random things going on in America will soon be your favorite podcast. I can't help but laugh out loud at their hilarious conversations. With 600+ episodes there's so much content to enjoy!
Amazing, show stopping, totally original, different every time, never been done before, etc.
Building things up, not tearing them down.
Just your boys. Spitting truth.