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Hands down the podcast I get excited to see new episodes of in my queue. Seth and Johnathan are great to listen to and consistently funny. Listening to this show is like sitting in a room with friends and riffing on the world - current events, pop culture and come deeper subjects.
My friend showed me this podcast 2 years ago and I’ve listened to every episode since. Such great personalities and the two of them together just enhances everything for everyone
There's never been a better podcast made by better people.
Bucket full of laughter
Knocked it out of the park. Choppin it up, together again for the first time.
I Came to this late. One of the best podcasts of ANY kind on iTunes. More honesty & compassion & laughter you won't find in cyberspace; beneath the satire and the biting wit, is a vulnerability & a courageous integrity. Seth & jonathan are THE BEST. Even better as they approach their THOUSANDTH EPISODE.
These guys, they hit it out of the park. They done done it !
They done did it again! Much love!
It’s like a verbal ballet of laughs. So delicate. So beautiful.
Long time listener/lover of y’all’s show, but what’s the deal with the insane delay lately? Miss your bi-weekly duel action that would come out the day after y’all recorded. Anyhow, nothing but love. Stay safe n’ sane ❤️
on my nose
I have listened to a lot of different kinds of podcasts. I thought listening to podcasts hosted by smart people would help me understand the world better. Instead it made me realize that most smart people don’t think very hard, or if they do, it’s not while they’re podcasting. Now I listed to Uhh Yeah Dude and not only do they make me laugh, Seth and Jonathan have a better grasp on what’s going on in the world than any other podcasters I’ve encountered. The Mabelline Light of Podcasts.
Highest percentage of laughs out loud of any podcast I listen to. At first you might ask yourself “why does this guy Seth yell so much, is he OK?” But eventually you’ll be saying “I wish that guy Seth yell more. It’s funny.”
These guys have been my friends when I needed them sing 2008. It’s great to get a chance to check in with them every once in a while.
On the surface, Uhh Yeah Dude is a current events show focused on discussing the ludicrousness found in various topics both esoteric and mundane. But, the careful listener is rewarded with a much deeper world of personal reflection, intellectual honesty, and dynamic moral conversation. In a world where content is king, nothing else quite like UYD exists anywhere. This is true, in part, because the show itself practically predates the genre of podcasting. The collection of this media is truly special not just because of its excellent content, but its sheer scope. If you find yourself becoming a fan, there are nearly 1,000 episodes of incredibly consistent podcasts awaiting your discovery. Many fans describe the UYD experience as feeling like “hanging out with close friends.” Your hosts Seth and Jonathon, whose chemistry is undeniable, freely offer their companionship to the listener. You will be granted access to their decades old friendship with a smile and an empty seat on the couch. They are not the perfect movie star or influencer type that has ransacked the podcast medium, far from it. Their experience of the human condition is as rich as it is relatable, and their strict ethics of honesty and disclosure allow, over hundreds of episodes, for a fully developed picture of American life. In conclusion, I highly recommend this podcast in which two American men seek to understand the nature of our lives, grapple with the impossibility of our cultural landscape, and ask the fundamental question “is everything okay?”


Obviously it’s very good
Don’t know what I’d do without these guys. This is hands-down my favorite podcast. I don’t even rate stuff but here I am. UYD4L
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The best podcast in the world. Seatbelts.
Over two years I have listened through all the episodes 3 times. Best duo out there. Check ep 66 and 149 for new comers Update: still top of my pod list in 2020. I know these dudes better than most people in my life at this point.
Uhh Yeah Dude is the number one, all time best podcast in the history of podcasting.
I love this podcast so much, it brings me so much joy.
I honestly don't know what to say about this podcast. Every single episode has made me laugh out loud at least once and at its best I find myself in actual pain in the face of Jonathan and Seth's interplay. The way they effectively dismantle what is ridiculous, sad, and clinically insane about America is astounding. Subscribe and never look back.
Consistently entertaining!
Listened from the beginning. If you don’t get it, that’s kind of on you. Must listen if you have taste. This is a harsh review but I feel it deeply. My gentlemen dazzle me always.
Just order my life size cardboard romatelli cut out. Here will eat dinner with me every night, and then watch over me as I sleep.
Basically feel like they’re a part of my family. So good for so many years. My favorite of all the many pods I subscribe to.
These guys were my friends when no one else was.
After all this time they are still, in fact, America’s podcast for Americans who want to see America thru the eyes of two Americans. May they never stop.
Three all American beauty boys in my ear holes yes please


Like hanging out with your best buddies. Seatbelts.
UYD4LYF - congrats on 801 eps - now come the salad days
Love the duo’s dynamic. Started listening in 2007 and haven’t stopped. Funny dudes.
This show is great and perfectly mocks how insane we all are - nobody is safe in this absurd world. I’m SO THANKFUL for this show. They stay away from politics (as much as possible) and focus on laughs.
If I knew these guys in real life, they’d be my best friends....seatbelts.
Not tear things down. Laughs in every episode. Excellent music. SEATBELTS
Thank you. Favorite podcast
Seth and Jonathan are perhaps two of the funniest and most entertaining podcasters. I have been listening for 13 years and have listened to almost every episode four times. The absolute best of all time.
No joke i have been here since 2006 with you both Thanks i love this i love yall
Simply the best
Seth: vegan who doesn’t own a cell phone Jonathan: easy-going yet wise musician These guys are hilarious.
and the only white men i trust
Recommended American podcast for Americans from America.
Uyd is the best podcast of all time. Building things up, not tearing them down since 2006. Americas longest running comedy podcast.
I’ve listened for over 7 years, but I’ve reached my breaking point with the long winded rants of the entitled JPL . It’s been nice.
...and sometimes jewelry. UYD4L.
13 years ago this podcast changed my life forever. It’s a part of me. These guys are like my best friends. It has gotten me through a lot of rough times. 20164L SEATBELTS
Title says it all.