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Two people who have a real and honest passion for the movies, TV and books they talk about. long time listeners get some extra laughs thanks to learning the personalities and idiosyncrasies of the hosts over the years, but everyone gets great discussion and thoughtful breakdowns that come from a real love and respect for the content. A great listen. Hopefully it continues.
The idea is great, and it would be incredible content if more than 50% of the show were those two laughing and cackling at each other. I listened for Game of Thrones first and the initial 7 seasons were good enough content to fight through the above, but the 8th season is incredibly terrible and I can’t even get through it. Aside from the constant laughing at each other’s jokes taking you out of the conversation, every single episode is just them reading a pre-written, self-important monologue about whatever. It’s truly awful.
If you’re not a fan of Adderall, you’ll probably not connect with this. There’s great depth of knowledge here, but the hosts are actively working to be awful. Too bad.
The woman is so entertaining just her voice makes me laugh. Don’t really care about the Marvel movies that much but it’s still fun to listen to.


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Love this podcast. Be prepared to need out with Mallory and Jason as they dive “DEEP” into Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, GOT, etc. Their on-air chemistry is so fun to listen to. Cheers, thanks Ringer!
The Harry Potter episodes are amazing. Huge Harry Potter fan, but they also explain a lot if you're not (spoilers with fair warning each episode). Such good content and intriguing discussions of all 7 books and 8 films and the wider Potter universe!!! As they say!
This podcast is great! I heard about this from How did this get made another favorite of mine, no regrets from listening. They really study and enjoy the topics they choose. You can tell by the detail and care that goes into every episode. It’s not for young listeners, but it’s good for long days at work and drives. Next binge mode idea avatar the last Airbender! Great story line with theFranchise growing bigger especially with the announcement of avatar studios. You’ll have a lot with the first three seasons of the original, four seasons of Korra, the comics, and the two Kiyoshi novels. You can also try to live action movie but there’s no movie in Ba sing sae.
Are you actually trying to leave binge mode on the title without Jason in the pod? Disgraceful
Such thorough, thoughtful, and entertaining deep dives into the stories we love. I love the analysis and the love for the material. And they are fun and hilarious, with great podcast chemistry. Get into it!
I love listening to Jason and Mal. They have a wonderful way of presenting insights about my favorite media, and I always turn to them first to quench my podcasting thirst. I am not embarrassed to say these two have made me quite sentimental about story and its importance - and I’ve even cried in a good way on more than one occasion. Thanks for all you do!
Dang, for all the love and care that is clearly put into this podcast some people need to chill in the comments. So the hosts like to make silly jokes and do some dumb voices... who cares? I do the exact same thing with my friends but I just don’t have a podcast. Jason and Mallllll clearly love the MCU and their passion for the subject really comes across. Honestly, 5 stars for the constant callbacks to Obidiah “TeChNoLoGy” Stane.
You guys are awesome!! Keep it up. Mallory your insight and perspective is second to none, please keep giving us more of that:)
I wanted to like this podcast because of their content, but I couldn’t handle the incessant laughing. In the season ender I was ready to stop listening within 10 minutes. I couldn’t even catch what the guy said sometimes because Mallory laughed over him.
I love this pod. Such an amazing deep dive of all your faves (I mean ALL of them) in an organized, exciting way. Not to mention fun hosts and fun bits! As a closing note I’d like to make it known that I would kill for an Avatar: the last Airbender Binge Mode. That’s all!! Listen to this podcast!
The effort to take on something as mammoth as the MCU is notable. JC and MR do a good job. But I can only give this two stars because of a few things - 1. The voices are not good. Just annoying. MR’s laughter is so obviously forced, there’s no reason to egg JC on. But we get the exact same jokes every single episode regardless. 2. More of a pet peeve, but for a podcast that constantly talks about “Marvel’s villain problem,” you would think they would actually explain what the problem is. I understand that it boils down to comics-notable villains that are reduced down to be one-offs in the MCU with basically no sticking power, but MR and JC never say this once. If I hadn’t read any source material, I would probably be confused. 3. The whole “Nat and Clint’s relationship is sketchy” bit. Is it meant to uncover a plot issue? There is none. Is it meant to be funny? It isn’t. Is it meant to stigmatize non-sexual male/female friendships? That seems like the most likely goal for how unapologetically both of them attack this theory with no apparent concept of any male-female dynamic that isn’t overtly sexual. Which leads me to 4. The middle school-level obsession of who’s hooking up with who. MR and JC are completely incapable of watching a scene where a man and woman are alone together and not immediately making it sexual. Cap and Nat on the run in Winter Soldier? Obviously hooking up according to our genius hosts. Wanda and Vision together in IW? Marvel wasn’t overt enough, so we’re going to dedicate time to explore exactly how them two can be intimate. Steve and Peggy dancing at the end? Not believable unless we imagine them going to town on each other immediately after. And finally, 5. MR’s approach to attractive male characters is downright creepy. When describing the beginning of IW with Tom Hiddleston on his knees in front of Thanos, MR so cleverly retorts, “just where I like him.” Cue raucous laughter from both hosts, more jokes about MR marrying Hiddleston, etc etc. Just imagine if, at the end of the movie, they describe Wanda on her knees and JC says “just where I like her.” It wouldn’t even make the cut, but if it did, he would get fired once everyone heard it, no question.
Was excited and then, after 3 minutes of cackles and screams, was excites no more.
Mallory and Jason - you guys could chatting. Simply my favorite thing! Came for the GOT back in the day... stayed for EVERYTHING! My favorite Nerd friends. 🤪.
Mal and Jason are my two favorite podcasters to listen to. They really know how to tap into the nostalgia of my experiences with these titles. I laugh, cry, and scream about characters like Umbridge and Stanis. Every episode is like sitting down with my two best friends.
Truly love this podcast! I ended up here eventually from being a big and long time fan of Bill Simmons podcast, then eventually found out about the rewatchables and then eventually this one... great stuff. Started listening in 2020 and im very pleased with how they consistently bring dope content in a very hilarious way, especially the star wars and MCU content! This duo should continue to do sci-fi genre shows and movie series because y’all are very gifted at pointing out all the details that make these movies and shows so wonderful! Im hoping you guys can do a stranger things series at some point because for one that show is the bomb, and two, we only get one more season of it so now would be a good time to prepare pods for that.
Mallory and Jason bring an abundance of humanity, laughs, and extremely thorough insights into every episode. They’re like those friends with your best interest that know how to have fun but also keep you accountable. Has never failed to bring joy to my day. Thank you guys!!
I love Mal and Jason. Their deep dives into various IPs has provided me so much entertainment since Game of Thrones. I know some reviews criticise their jokes and screams but the familiarity of their opening is fun IMO. Jason’s Sanctum comic dives have helped me rekindle my interest in comics from my childhood and Mals overtly sexual obsession with Cap makes me laugh every time. Keep up the content. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for Season 8
The voices are terrible and sound nothing like the characters he’s trying to sound like. And the constant laughing at the same stupid jokes over and over again ruin it. Once they actually talk content of the movies and comics, it’s actually a really good podcast. Only listened to Marvel, don’t think I could sit through the others if they’re anything like this
Mallory and Jason are the gifts that keeps on giving. Looking forward to what they will binge next♥️
Skip it and listen to something else.
Love y’all. Gonna miss y’all.
Favorite pod. Hate the Ringer let Jason get away!
Binge Mode makes me feel like I don’t appreciate the stories I love enough. Listing to Mallory and Jason talk about these worlds and hear the joy in their voice is like visiting these stories for the first time again.
I’m giving this 3 stars because of the sheer effort put into a lot of this. These two have truly put in some work here and it’s worth noting. However, and I’ll keep it short, most of these podcasts are extremely difficult to hear. The voice impersonations get annoying very quickly and you get the feeling that JC wants badly to be an actor and bc he had this woman laughing at everything he says, feels emboldened to go on and on with his unfunny comedic routines. MR making constant sexual references like an 8th grade pastor’s daughter is very odd. This isn’t a prude thing, it’s just weird bad it doesn’t fit almost ever. There’s a lot to like with the comic book connections and such, but you will have to endure 45 minutes of annoying for every 15 minutes of interesting. I’m going to guess that it will do well, because there aren’t many others doing this, but it can be done MUCH better. I don’t know why JC is no longer with The Ringer, but I must say job well done. This guy is essentially going through a failed audition in every episode. If it weren’t for his comic book knowledge, I wouldn’t have listened past the first episode. Rarely do I ever make it through a full episode either, as is. TLDR: kudos for the work, but mostly it didn’t work.
Found these guys duing their GoT podcasts and have loved them ever since. The HP, Star Wars and Marvel series are must listens
I want to hear all of the insight and minutiae that goes along with my favorite film saga. But Mallory’s constant laughter about things that do not connote laughter makes me hate this podcast. We get it that it’s an r rated podcast but her constant sexual references and laughter about scenes that don’t happen ruin this experience for me.

Jason and Mel are the best. Would listen on Spotify though. Have experienced weird glitches and audio issue on apple, but Spotify is all good.
Is actually good, tho.
I love these guys. Their observations read like modern poetry to me. Got hooked on them a year or two ago with the Game of Thrones podcast and my husband and I binged it all on a road trip till we were on the current season. Our 2500 mile trip flew by and we laughed the hardest we’ve ever laughed at a podcast. I waited every week for the next episode to drop and listened to it on the train, in the car, while I cleaned - pretty much everywhere. This might be the pandemic talking but listening to them just makes me nostalgic for a normal time and brings me the comfort of a good friend. If I forgot to mention it, I love these guys so much.
Given its coverage of three of the best pieces of IP out there, I REALLY want to love this podcast. Alas, Mallory Rubin might just be the most annoying podcast host I’ve ever heard. I wish there were a skip button for her unnecessarily prolonged laughing fits, her gasping inhalation when she finishes some explanation or aforementioned laughter, or her obsession with the sexual exploits of all the characters.
Jason and Mal are doing such an incredible service with this pod. It’s so incredibly thoughtful, well-researched and funny. Jason and Mal have *perfect* chemistry. Thank you for being such psychotic nerds.
Mal and Jason do it again. I love the MCU and the comics that are behind it. Mal and Jason have the perfect blend of knowledge and humor. I learn a lot about characters and storylines by Jason’s incredible knowledge of the comic lore, and I’m always laughing because of mal! Wish I could give it more stars!
I’m so impressed with this show, the hosts and their producers. I’ve been obsessed with the MCU and the comicbooks that inspire it, and listening to this show has brought the obsession to an almost unhealthy level, but I’m ok with that. Thank you.
Funny, lighthearted, and full of nerdy bits of information
Would rate more stars if i could! I am obsessed with these stories (GoT, Harry Potter, Marvel) and appreciate the level of in-depth breakdown and humor this pair gives us so often. Love this podcast and all the series and i can’t wait to absorb the future content!
Love the idea of this podcast. Marvel movies are a personal favorite. These two cracking jokes and giggling throughout make it unbearable to listen to though. Stinks cause I’d love to hear Infinity War and End Game broken down.
Mal is always great but this series is Jason’s time to truly shine. His depth of knowledge and opinions is amazing. I really hope they also do the tv series in depth, the Disney Plus stuff like Loki and Wanda. I just love this so much.
Mal & Jason are the best podcast duo ever. And I listen to a lot of podcasts. I love ‘em
The latest “Ask The Underscore” is one of my favorite episodes in a long time.
This podcast is amazing. I love the Harry Potter series! Was great to read along as I listened
I enjoy the quality of conversation and engaging debate between Mallory and Jason. I listen to this pod religiously and have been since GOT pods. Underrated voice tones make it easy to listen to and the laughs are genuine. Great job to all involved!
Love this podcast! Fun & informative. The hosts are hilarious & work well together. Thank you!