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By jjavis
Greetings from California! This has almost been my therapy and edification of my soul I love Christ so much please keep doing this cause they have great pastors ! May the lord be a wall of fire to them and protect them. Sometimes the volume seems a little lower than usual but it’s okay! Other than that no complains!
MY HEART BROKE when all the old sermons were removed! :((((((
Thank you Wane Jacobsen for your podcast I listen every time you make a new one. My name is Michael Reynolds and I live in Elk Grove CA near Sacramento. I have been listening on iTunes for over a year and what you discuss helps me grow in Jesus. Your ministry is unique along with your perspective. I have listened to radio preachers most of my life but your podcast stand out as very different in a non institutional way. I am looking forward to your coming book on church structure. Thank you for the podcast.
I have been looking for a church where I can be challenged to expand my boundaries of faith, reliance, and dependence on God through the Word of God and through worship. I have attended Bridgeway for several Sundays and each time I have left the services with a renewed purpose and desire to grow in my relationship with God. These podcasts serves as a reminder of what God through Pastor Lance has spoken to me and reminds me to "get in gear" and unleash my faith in Him who loves me the most - Daddy God. VictoriaJ
My hubby and I have been attending Bridgeway since 2008. As newlyweds we wanted a place that we could be for a long time, grow spiritually, and have amazing fellowship. We started attending a bi-weekly young marrieds small group right away. That has been our life line! We didn't realize how blessed we were with Bridgeway (& that we took advantage) until I took a position at another church for 1 1/2 years. Never stopped going to our small group. We have been back for about 6 months now. Lance is so clearly engaged with the Spirit! If you LISTEN to the messages that are SO inspired by God YOU WILL BE STIRRED AND GROW!!! Be diligent about praying for him ESPECIALLY if you've been blessed by his gift!
What a bless'n
Thank You God!!! You are my rock!!!
I have been going to Bridgeway for a few years now and Pastor Lance is amazing. The podcasts satisfy my thirst for the word when I am not able to attend. My only critique is I wish the podcasts were posted sooner. But patience has never been one of my spiritual gifts :)
Truly I can tell you that Bridgeway is a wonderful church and Pastor Lance has a gift from God in teaching the word. We live part time in Colorado and love being able to keep up on line and not miss a single service. Thank you Bridgeway Christian and Pastor Lance for all you do to bring Gods word far and wide! The Isle's.
Gid bless you and the message you allow god to deliver through you, you have helped me through a lot! Dot stop podcasting!
Best way to start your day :-)
I've seen many churches full of fake people, holier than thou people, and people who are in service for the sake of telling other people they serve. This church is not like that. It's not a touchy feely message with too many fill in the blanks that are all "Jesus" or "God's love." This place teaches scripture: what it meant then and how it pertains to now. And it does it in a depth that I've never experienced... Background cultural information, literal translations of words from ancient Hebrew and Greek, humor, and tie-ins to other scripture. I'm active in a youth group at the Gathering Place and love my home church but this podcast has united my family into being able to learn something together. It's hard to get to Rocklin from El Dorado Hills but the one time my family went, it was amazing. The worship felt genuine, the team had their eyes closed not staring or pointing at the audience. People were friendly and welcoming, the church seemed united. And though I've been a Christian my whole life, outside camp I've never felt myself so surrounded by God's presence as in that church. I came out revitalized. That's what I think a church should do. And I'm proud to say this place does.
Just learned how to pod cast and what a blessing these messages are! Thanks for spreading the Word and making it accessible to ALL, near and FAR away!
A friend invited me to Bridgeway one day to see what it was like there. I loved it and kept going until work transferred me to slc,ut. I was crushed to leave Bridgeway and all the people who serve and praise god there. The pod cast sure does keep me close to them. Pastor lance is one if the many people who make Bridgeway special. God loves all of us, Dave C
Praise and glory to the Lord our God. I'm from Birmingham, AL and found Bridgeway's podcast and am very thankful. I enjoy the fact that I can get a good message right here on my phone anytime. My job requires me to travel much of the week and these podcast allow me to renew my mind on a regular basis. Thank you Bridgeway!
God has blessed me with the dynamic teachings from Pastor Lance Haughn. My home church is The Father's House in Vacaville, another wonderful church in God's family, and first began listening to Pastor Lance on the radio. I recently downloaded all of the study on the Book of Revelation and listened to it over the past week. Outstanding!!! Thank you for broadcasting your teachings and making them available on podcast.
What can I say I have never been to this church but u hears pastor Hahn on the radio and I was hooked. This has brought many people back to a strong relationship with messiah. I could go on forever. But Hahn is blessed. I have been on an encredible journey and Hahn knows truth when he sees it. Many blessings to bridgeway and I have been trying to make it out to their service for months now but things happen and for a reason. This is too long. Peace and love to all my brothers and sisters in messiah yahshua hamashiach. Halleluyah!!!
The fast growth of this churh is a miracle
Thank you Bridgeway for the podcast option! We live in the Grass Valley area, and cannot always make it, so this is a great way for us to stay current with the Revelation series. We want to thank you for the Revalation series, it could not come at a better time for our family-Lance makes the message so clear and concise that our 10 year old even takes it all in. We thoroughly enjoy your Saturday evening service-if only you were closer!
The Pod casts are amazing. I love being able to go back and listen to Lance speak again and learn things that I missed the first time. Lance is an amazing speaker. He has the ability to speak directly to you and make you feel as if your the only one in the sanctuary. I feel very blessed to have found Bridgerway. I feel its a sea of calm in a world of termoil.
LOVE the podcasts!! Lance is an amazing pastor and I love to go back and listen to the past sermons!! I give it 5 more stars!! ***** :) Bridgeway is an amazing church - I can't imagine not going there. Keep them coming!! Thank you Lance!!
I say "clear" because that's how the messages always are: Clear to your head and straight to your heart. Also "Clear" was today's message from the book of Revelation. Pastor Lance is truly amazing! God knew exactly what he was doing when he put him on this earth. My mom, son and I are proud to be regular attendees at the church and when we have to miss a weekend for whatever reason, I'm always thankful the podcasts are here for me to get caught up on the weeks lessons. Bridgeway has been a true inspiration for me in my life's journey the last 2 years. It's hard for me to imagine my life without God and my Bridgeway family.
I know you guys are in California and I've been trying to imagine what kind of church you might have (size, dimensions, people etc.) What the service might be like...I guess that fits in the "etc." category right? Anyways, I work in Cleveland, OH and being that I'm on the computer, it's been refreshing listening to the quality stuff you guys put out. I'm glad you decided to podcast the sermons so an average Joe, literally across the country can listen and grow with some real, deep and substantial "stuff". So thank you, I greatly appreciate the effort taken to teach the word as well as broadcast (podcast) so others such as myself can enjoy it. Thanks again. You guys rock...and I don't even know you. :) Take care! P.S. In case you're wondering...Yes I'm proud to be from Cleveland. :)
Bridgeway is a blessing. It is incredible that I can access podcasts for both the sermons that I miss and the ones I need to hear more of. Pastor Lance is a dynamic, captivating speaker. The sermons stay with me all week and the Lord continues to bless me through them.
With having to work while church is going on, it is so nice to have the sermon podcasted so that I can listen to it in my car during the week...I love it!