Tannis Island

Reviews For Tannis Island

I really liked the story and how the narrator spoke. Would like to have known more at the end. Finished with too many questions.
It starts off a little slow, and the narration is mediocre, but the story is so good that once you're hooked you won't want to stop listening until the end.
I've heard many podiobooks and this has been one of the best and most enjoyable so far. The author/reader had a very soothing voice which made the story much easier to enjoy. That is not to take away from the content of course as I thought the story itself was fun and unique. This was a really well written book so don't miss out.
This is one of the best stories that I've gotten from Podiobooks. Just when you think you know what is going on, the story goes in a completely different direction. I listened to this at work and listened to it through breaks and lunch..just couldn't put it down. A definate pleaser.
Overall, I really liked the plot of this book. It was a great story and definitely interesting, but the narration was fairly annoying, with little difference in the voices of the characters and very long pauses all over the place that do not mesh with a short attention span. Listening to it all at one time made the fact that all the important revelations being repeated almost word for word two or three times really annoying. It was worth it in the end for the overall story, but beware that you'll probably find it annoying at some points. It does get past them eventually! Thank you so much to the author for putting it up here!
I listened to this over one weekend. The pace was great and the plot was very interesting. I'd highly reccommend it.
I really feel this is a very well written story, but I just couldn't get past the narration. The reader just did not convey any emotion with an almost condescending tone. If the narrator had been "into it" a little more I know I would have definitely enjoyed the story much more. I gave it as much of a chance as I could and really wanted to enjoy,... oh well,...
What a great story! you wont be disappointed
I listened to this book on a drive to California (total of 8 hours) and was actually sorry when I arrived at my destination and still hadn't finished it. Very captivating, the reader has a great voice and inflections. In general, a worthwhile read/listen.
Great podcast! I wasn't so sure from the description but once I started listening I was hooked. The narration is great and each episode isn't cluttered up with all the recaps, full songs, etc that can clutter these pod books up. Storyline evolves very interesting. Styles from Indiana Jones, to sci-fi, to Tom Clancy make this a great storyline. Highly recommend it.