Reviews For Anime Podcast ASO Radio

The host of the show, Nz17 sounds like he is experienced at what he is doing and sounds sure of himself. He can give a review of an anime show or something else (since he sounds like quite the gamer) quickly but still give a good impression of the material covered. This sounds like a person that has the wit and delivery to be on radio.
I like this podcast 'cause the guys on it have been watching anime for a really long time. So some of their jokes are better for older fans, like guys who are older than fifteen, but they have really funny stuff that's good too if you are younger than that. They review a lot of the new stuff like Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach, and they have reviewed hundreds of other shows too so they seem like they have a lot of things they are interested in. But see, what makes this good is they know what they are talking about. Like, they might review some magical girl show, but even though that seems silly they know what makes a GOOD magic girl show. I like it best when they review something that's really bad though. This is 'cause they really rip it apart and say funny, funny things when they do. Like how something is so bad they could have used their time smashing glass on their heads and punching their eyeballs instead. LOL So yeah, it's a good show, and I like their mascot girl too. She's hot. But that's not my point. You should listen to this podcast 'cause it is a lot better than a lot of the other anime radio shows on here, and they try not to use naughty words very much.