The sound is horrible, and it is basically just an ad for the website. There is some hope for the subject, but a podcast would just be giving away what they get paid to teach.
I'm a long way from home and I missed my husband . In searching for a tantric rhythm to relax by , I came across this podcast and found it to be relaxing and quite helpful to mentally make love to my lover ...27 minutes later my lover txt me to say he can't get me out of his mind . .. I also learned a New word . I congratulate you on that . Kama- ?? AMA. I'll soon find out . Thanks I will subscribe .
This podcast is useful only for people wanting to get a overview, it does not include any actual practice but just publicity for their paid website.
Do you not listen to these before you post them?!?!? This is the most annoying, baddly produced podcast I've heard. Every episode has this weird popping noise that's really distracting.
This is the lamest excuse for a podcast I've listened to! I was hoping for some Kuma Sutra type of instruction and instead got a repetitious, generalized, blaugh presentation of nothing. Save your time. I would have given it less than 1 star, but that's the lowest I could go.