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Had lost track of PODRUNNER for a while but just came back and fell in love all over again! The recovery series is off the chain!! Just what I need. Thank you for still consistently pumping out great music! oh and the mile marker announcements are a great encouragement!
Years ago I down loaded these two running musics. There was no any other great mix I liked more than them... then cane day tripper and push comes to shove. I donated and will continue to donate. Thanks a million Steve
Thanks so much for the great app. Just made a donation a podrunner.com.
Could not run without it!
Wow, I didn’t notice that you have returned. I was running faster and longer with your tracks but then you have stopped and I couldn’t find the podcast when I changed my device. I run yesterday with it and I was glad to have you back.👍🏽
The music kinda weak
Fantastic service to the shut in at this time. Plus old episodes (Groundflyer 2018 wow) are still around. Can't get bored here. Thanks Steve.
Why do music thing on podcast kid 🧒🏼
I used this podcast religiously when running on the elliptical for a good 2-3 years. I thought it just disappeared. Every now and then I miss the mixes I used to use back in 2009 . This podcast got me excited to run and I am grateful for that! I’ve just downloaded a few of my favorites so that I can always have them when I need them!
I have been a PODRUNNER fan dine 2009 and I can’t believe how often I turn to PODRUNNER for motivation,. Steve’s mixes having enjoyably gotten me through my daily 5-6 run to my training runs of 20+ miles when I’ve been marathon training. I also love the variety and I have dabbled with his tabatas . I have tried other running/workout mixes but my favorite continues to be PODRUNNER and PODRUNNER intervals.
Just saying to u all this podcast is not only good for Grown ups but for teens like me I’m 13 and this podcast gives me great energy and perseverance for track and swimming for me
This podcast has been my go to since 2011. I have racked up more miles to Steven’s mixes than anything else. My Podrunner shirt is still my favorite to run with. Thanks and keep up the good work!
13+1 is simply awesome. Well worth the wait for the perfect Marathon mix.


Wow this was awesome! I normally listen to running podcasts when I run but when I ran my first half this past week I listened to 13-1 170bpm and I got a 1:48:28 time! Thanks a lot!
Podunner has a fantastic and enormous variety of sounds and speeds, and is so easy to use. Every week someone around me says they need walking or running music, and I enthusiastically recommend Podrunner every time. Hands down. Thank you, Steve Boyett!
Whaaaaa??? I’m confused actually confuzzled
This podcast has been making my workouts more enjoyable and easier over the past ten years. Thank you, Steve.
When I first stumbled upon PodRunner years ago, it was exactly what I was looking for. Since then, I’ve used it to train for half marathons, study for school, and do chores around the house. It’s the perfect background music. Well done, mate. Keep it up!
Love your awesome podcast especially “Oh To Joy” It’s your best yet. Pod runner keeps me going on my runs and my bike rides. Thanks!
Love that each episode offers a different beat or a variety. Definitely increased both my running and walking speeds. Music is great! Thanks for all the work that is put into each episode. Much appreciated.
The perfect pod to break a sweat to. I like that I can just load, listen and go. Keep em coming!
Fantastic of course. With an app that allows fine adjustments in speed the workouts can be adjusted to fit one exactly. The running speed episodes can be slowed down for walking. I really appreciate it.
Running 6 miles, mowing the lawn, or mountain biking single track this gave me the boost I needed.


Hey where did all old mixes go? I've listened to podrunner since 2007, couldn't even find them in the home page
10 years of podcasting is an incredible commitment. Thanks for the content!
This podcast is a life saver. I can run so much better now. Thank you.
Excellent music for training and exercising in general.
This is a great app. It is so motivating. Also, the percussion allows one to enjoy the music and get moving even while vacuuming.
Love for work and training!
Love the tempo based beats...really keeps me motivated through runs.
I don't run and finding music to go with is sometimes hard. Most are too fast, too young for me. Usually I'm grooving to 70's R&R or disco for the beat. Podrunner is a podcast that has various beats and most are about an hour. I'm using the the 126-130 ones and it really helps you get in the zone. He has listed 120 to over 180 BPM's. But what I like is there is no rhythm change unless you chose one that's for intervals. Keeps you going. Highly recommend. It's hard to find walking music and I appreciate he has it covered. I know some have said they want more than the beat but for me the beat is what I was looking for to keep me motivated for the long stretch w/o loosing stride.


Podrunner has been with me many years! I appreciate not having to think about how to pace myself…the music does it for me when I use Podrunner. Thanks for upping my running pace. Podrunner is my favorite running buddy.
Thanks for donating your time and effort Steve. I have enjoyed your music over the past years.
I love it!
I use Podrunner to invigorate me for higher intensity bouts on the hills or on the treadmill. For that purpose, I prefer the following tracks (though I have listened to about 60% of the tracks available). 147 - Beatitude 28 - Energizer Also, I like this track for a slower pace. 31 - Walk that Jazz
I love the variety of music, these mixes are perfect to keep me motivated during my walks. Thanks for doing what you do. It is unique and a great way to support exercisers!
Put on a high bpm podcast for an afternoon run and ended up running a PR without even trying. It’s that good!
I love that these are still being made. I listened to them years ago and so glad they are still around!!
I just found this podcast and Love it! I'm a newbie runner and will take this with me!! Glad your still around!


By skyyGA
If there is a better background music for workout I have not yet found it. DJ Steveboy is a legend in mixing up hypnotic tracks that keep you amped up and moving forward at a fast pace.
I ran my 1st 5k (a mud run) and I was only on my 5th week of the Podrunners intervals. Did I mention I'm 47 years old???? I completed my run in 40 minutes. These podcast are a MUST HAVE for first time runners. After I complete the final 5 weeks I plan to go to the 10K level. I love that I can walk in between the runs and the music is so, so good.

I have been listening to these podrunner podcasts since 2006! They helped me to lose over 200 lbs and keep them off! I am motivated to workout! I use to listen out for the "watch out for the big girl" inserts! There is nothing else like it anywhere. I am very impressed by the continued quality of this podcast! Keep it up!
I'm getting older, Podrunner is getting older and we're both getting better with age. If not for Podunner, I would be a desk chair jockey with huge personal and professional issues. Podrunner gets me moving even when I feel like not moving. Thank you for some of the best music for working out, running, or just trying to move. Love it!
I've been trying to get in shape for a while, especially after having knee surgery last year. This year I've been kicking it into high gear and couldn't have done it without podrunner and podrunner intervals! The music is just what I need for a fast and steady workout, and I can feel my legs (especially my knee!) getting stronger and stronger. Thanks so much for an awesome podcast DJ Steve! :)
Great job on offering such differing BPM's - I run or walk listening to this podcast and it keeps me going!!


I've been listening to podrunner since 2007, I like it as work out music of course, but it's pretty cool to listen to just when I want to chill out or go to sleep or something, keep up the good work Steve!
I've been an avid Podrunner for a few years now. I recently downloaded the Podrunner: Shift app to my iPhone with which I am very pleased. I can now take whatever mix I want and adjust the bpm to the speed I want. Awesome! Thank you D.J. Steve!! Keep the hits coming please!!


Does the guy ever shut up and let the music play….?