Reviews For Cheyenne

I Cannot Imagine anyone Listening to this except to wanting to know what torture feels like. This Girl has a swelled Head and almost no talent getting by on her drop dead gorgeous looks. Yes She is beautiful but its people like Her that keep real talent from being heard. I have noticed that she has faded away after the equally dreadful MTV "Reality" show that I Never Missed sorta like why do we all look at a Bad Car Crash?? To sum this 'artist' up she is a Generic Pop tart who is Beautiful to Look at but in reality You really wish she wouldn't speak. Sorry Cheyenne But the Giggle fest is over and so is Your Awesome Bus Tour to High School cafeterias with Your "Band". Oh what a Joke! I am not laughing...
This podcast blows!
I think its ok i mean shes just another teen singer whos trying to make it big
It's enough that she's making music, but she makes a podcast too?! Geez!
Cheyenne IS another hillary duff, lindsay lohan, and a fergie. SHE CAN NOT SING! Thats in my opinon.
Cheyenne is awesome, she isn't another sleez bag and her so is great too! She's also So pretty !!!!!!! GO CHEYENNE!!!!
I love cheyenne! She is an Extremely pretty role modle. She is a Fantastics role modle for teens!!
Luv her and the music!!


only losers would listen to this


By O(+>
Is there any point to this podcast, other than her telling you about her upcoming tours and singles?
i love cheyenne's podcast. i like how she makes it feel like shes talking to you. plus her show && music rocks !
It's cool that she did a podcast b/c it allows you to get to learn more about her.
I love Cheyenne soo much! She is the best ever! And great to look up to!
I love Cheyenne!! She is such a great role model!! This is something you could definitley listen to!!