Rolling Revival

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Rolling revival the name says it all they are doing what should of been done for the sport a long time ago I love rolling and i love this podcast it's the sickest!
The podcasts are awesome. I like the variety of them. Sometimes we see an edit. Sometimes we get to check out a skate store. Keep bringing back rolling, yall are doing awesome!
this is a sick nasty podcast!! yo
This is so sick us rollerbladers need more respect


Revival is doing amazing things for rollerblading. keep up the good work!
Its about time rollerbladers got their dues.Withawesome podcast like this the rollig revolution with begin!


yo these vidcasts are sick but why do they start with 12 wheres 1-11
this podcast keeps you updated the the events, news, comps, and just about everything else in rollerblading. If you roll, subscribe and learn as they interview company owners, video makers, skaters, etc. Word
This is an excellent podcast for anyone who rollerblades. Even if you have already heard most the news, its still fun to listen to weather you are driving or walking to class. They have been very consistant with the podcasts and its free so why not. Good job to everyone at RR and I hope it stays up forever.
I just want you guys to know that what your doing is completely awsome. The podcast rules and it's an awsome way to spread this great sport we know as Aggressive Rollerblading. This podcast gives me so much hope that one day our our blading seedling will one day grow to a giant oak of inline madness.
The One and Only Rollerblading podcast out there, and luckily for us, it's a very very good one :)
Great podcast. Tim and the rest of the crew do an outstanding job keeping the rolling community in the know with the latest news from our industry. Keep up all the good work!!! ONE LOVE, peace...
it is good to hear and seeing every thing about skating. they do all the hard work of find all the news from all over the world. i would like to hear more interviews with the pro's and more videos edits. over all they have a really good podcast.
This is brazil, i love you guys to death i'll keep supporting you all for as long as I can. Lets continue to make rollerblading history
BEST podcast EVER! Watch the "Super Awesome!" edit!
This is a good info podcast for us skaters. It has become very hard to find out whats new and hot in this sport. Plus its great to see their vidcasts. Kick A** podcast.


now i can have all of these little skate edits on my i pod. get more and keeep it up


You know, I was looking at the podcasts in the sports section and I see skateboarding, golf, football, skateboarding, skateboarding...Then I see "Rolling Revival"...I thought YES!...This is great for all the Bladers that want the latest news in rollerblading...Keep up the good work guys...
not only is this GREAT for the rolling industry, its also hosted by two cool and down to earth people who dont try to be stand up comedians like many other podcasts! You guys are awesome!
as I listen to this most amazing podcast, I have such pride to be a rollerblader and I want to thank tim and adrian for getting this off the ground and I offer my complete support...
Thanx! this is awsom fun to listen to and love learning more bout ' the industry! arg got my i pod stolen so i cant take you with me, great job though! =)
Hey what you guys are doing is just what the rolling industry needs right now, with the lack of respect us rollerbladers are getting at the moment. Only if there were more people like you guys who keep pushing even though it is hard at times. All I can say is just keep up the good work and it could save our scene.
Tim and Adrian bring you the latest news and happenings in the rollerblading industry. This is no flimsy little podcast, Tim and Adrian pull out all of the stops, with guest appearances from all the top industry heads dropping the knowledge right up front. This podcast is just what rollerblading needs, and Tim and Adrian are the best to do so. Excellent podcast, these guys don't beat around the bush, they get straight to what you want to hear about rollerblading.
This is some good stuff. You guys are doing a great job... How about some video? It would be nice to see some clips from comps and things like that...
This is what we need. The industry needs a voice. Rolling doesn't seem to have much supporters sometimes, but things like this keep us witht he hope that rolling will keep progressing. =D