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Tom Scharpling, the best one to ever do it, at the height of his powers. Nothing will ever come close to being this great again.
Some things in life are meant to be enjoyed slowly. There’s depth and nuance and deep humor in the subtleties that build over time and reward your long-term commitment. Podcasts are not one of those things - conversations between strangers crammed into 30 or 60 minutes with the same kind of questions covered over and over, without the time or trust to be interesting on an order above anything else in our rushed and hurried lives. The Best Show isn’t a podcast in that sense. It’s a gathering that happens naturally, with the ups and downs of a classic album that deserves a full 3 hours of your attention every week. It exists on a different timeline from the everyday and is a true gem among all the noise of podcasts and radio and AMAs and everything else clamoring for a few seconds of your attention. It deserves your time and rewards your years of listening.
Best Show for Life
Cutting edge comedy, insanity, music, mirth and mayhem. The only podcast you need. Sadly it will end with 2013, but you can still play catch-up by downloading the old episodes.
I love this show.
But not just on Wfmu, on radio stations too. tom calls people its funny
Tom, Jon, Mike, and friends put together the best thing on radio. It's the only thing I every really want to listen to. So thankful for their time and effort. They are the BEST.
The title Say's it all
Best Show for life.
Tom Scharpling has to be the best call-in show host currently on the radio (or in the podcasting world). He has a perfect sense of timing for his format and an amazing ability to talk extemporaneously on the deep cuts of pop culture - and make it hilarious. His calls with Jon Wurster are also my favorite two-person comedy acts.
Tom Scharpling is the Michael Jordan of radio. The best music, the best comedy, the best outside jump shot. Just Download It!
The best show
...or close to it. This is my favorite radio show of all time, and it's a thing that has come to define parts of my character in ways that were unexpected and awesome. And it definitely has made my taste in all things -- music, movies, tv, comedy -- evolve. Highest reccomendation possible!
That it's called that.
The world that has been created here will feel like it's just for you. Often brilliant and always funny, it will become the best part of your week. Listen.
While I enjoy many podcasts and their comedically talented hosts-- Tom Scharpling and this show may be the most meaningful and life-enriching piece of art I've ever consumed. Get deep into the backstories of Wurster's characters and the town of Newbridge. Feel richer for knowing them and be rewarded by the wholly unique thrill of a Wursterism that tickles you just right.
Jason from Huntsville, Alabama explained a theory on his new podcast "Jason Sims puts you in your place" that it takes about 9 hours (or 3 episodes) before you can really get into and understand what this show aims to and then ultimately becomes which is the funniest program (audio or otherwise) that I have had the pleasure to experience. Give it three episodes and you will understand what I mean.
Cryin' shame this is ranked so low on the iTunes chart. This is the best podcast going. Over 500 episodes, 1500 hours of entertainment.
I am obsessed with this show ! What are you waiting for, join this dysfunctional family . i dare you !
I stumbled on the Best Show on WFMU while searching through the comedy podcasts, and now two years into it it's the only one I listen to. Not only is it the best comedy out there, but it is the only show out there with actual heart. I've actually cried during some of these episodes. Do you know how weird of a thing that is for a grown man to do while at work? Trust me, it is weird. But that's what this show does. It is incredibly funny and touching and fresh as well. Each week you get a new episode that is completely different than the last. It just can't be beat. If one listen didn't grab you, than please continue at a later time. It didn't grab me at first, I wasn't ready for it, but now I can't get enough.
Every week, Tom gives away gold for free.
Just wish they could put up the music that's part of the show. Tom is great.
Some will burn. All will pay.
Listen to it and you'll find out. Scharpling is the best radio show host out there. He is so quick with the callers and can make any terrble situation into something funny.
Just delete every other podcast you have, and listen to a good, solid 20 stright hours of TBS. You WILL thank me.
Better than math or science.
A must for any comedy, talk radio, podcast and music fan.
One of the most singularly brilliant works of modern entertainment I've ever encountered. I've been listening to the show regularly for 9 months and I'm still finding new and exciting dimensions of its finely honed comedy. 500 shows? 1500 hours of FREE entertainment? It's all gold through and through. I could write a dissertation about Scharpling's postmodern comedic masterpiece. Perhaps though, it'd be better to just enjoy the show for what it is- The Best!
The comical take on pop culture is amazing.
Simply the best.
...then you met Tom Scharpling, the dollar menu Dickens. He's turned being aggreived into a work of art. Fine art. Also, it's comedic. Comedic fine art. If you enjoy grumpy perspectives delivered in an exasperated manner, coated in hilarity, put this podcast in your basket.
The name doesn't lie. Getting to know Tom and his cast of characters is the most rewarding experience you can have with your radio/podcast machine.
The first time you listen to this show it might seem slow--it takes a good ten minutes just to get into the show proper--but stick with it. Tom Scharpling is brilliant. There are moments that I just completely lose it and crack up, and there are also wonderful, earnest interviews. The Best Show feels like a community that you're a part of by halfway through the first episode you hear. And if you're a conservative child in Canada, please call in! You'll make the show better!
I can't tell you how down I feel when I find out Tom Scharpling takes a week off. He deserves all of them, of course, but The Best Show is such a unique and fantastic weekly program that I can't help but have my whole mood lifted or dropped based on Tom's presence each week. This is the kind of show that will have you kicking yourself for not knowing about it sooner. While it's an indicator of great taste, and almost like being in an exclusive club, ultimately what matters is that this is one of the few podcasts worth your ears each and every week.
It is the Best Show.
To get the most out of this show it's best to listen to it live, since it's really a radio show. Scharpling's show delivers comedy, music, movies, hilarious rants and deep pop culture references. Takes a few shows to get into the recurring callers and jokes so give it more than one shot.
This is one of the finest high school radio shows in all of northern New Jersey. I don't know what kind of voice modulator host uses, but it does the trick.
Tom is where it's at.
I listen to alot of podcasts, alot, and this one is inargubly the best. It needs to be way higher on this comedy list.
But it's acquired taste as in I acquired awesomeness at a young age so I get it bc I have taste
Nobody does it better than Tom Scharpling. This show is a unique blend of spontaneous conversations with callers, comedy sketches with his comrade John Wurster, and puppetry- that's right- puppetry in the theatre of the mind! The new Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy! Tom is a true hero to the hero-less, those of us who aren't Brooklyn hipsters, gadget-laden nerdists, dummy juvenile stoners, nor adherents to frat-boy Acemans, Smodcasters or celebrity-clotted dunderheads. Give the show some time to appreciate the rhythms of the callers- both regulars and newbies, maybe try to listen to the show live Tuesday nights 9-mid on to better appreciate the call-in format. Enjoy the regular call ins of his comedy partner John W. in his various characters from the fictional Best Show NJ town of Newbridge. Speaking of which, enjoy the blend of local northern New Jerseyan flavor with national and international callers and guests. Guests? Yes. He regularly has people on phone or in studio like Jen Kirkman, John Hodgeman, Zach Galifianakis, and Todd Barry from comedy; Tim and Eric, the creators of the Venture Bros., Rob Popper and Peter Serafinowitz creators of UKs "Look Around You" from TV; and comic book writers like Rob Schrab and Matt Fraction; and rock musicians like Ted Leo and Aimee Mann. Tom's show is a great portal into comedial and pop cultural stuff that you might not have heard of...he's got me into Steve Coogan, the Ventue Bros., the bands Big Dipper and Big Star and the impossible: ABBA. and enjoy the puppets Gary the Squirrel and Vance the 3-Eyed Prog-Rock Nerd.
Talks to puppets no one else can see. Even a first year radio personality should know it is not a visual medium. Amateurish, terrible, and relentlessly negative. I undergo chemotherapy & this was all I brought to listen to, on a friend's suggestion. The medication was less nauseating than Tom Scharpling.
1. I listen to every single minute of every single Best Show, and have since around 2004. 2. My time is extremely valuable!
No better show has or will ever exist.
I tried to like this and sat listening for three hours while at work. I don't understand how this can get all these favorable reviews, so I'm going to listen to another one. I heard Tom on Comedy and Everything Else and thought he was really cool and funny. But listening to him do this radio show was truly painful, he just sounds angry, bitter and well, not that funny. But, I'm big into self punishment so I'm going to give it another try.
Thank god for podcasting and streaming, otherwise this little diamond would never reach my ears in texas. I love you Tom!
Funniest podcast on internet this decade