Life on the Rock

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why ewtnn, by it's own admission/ministry: use the media means to proclaim the Gospel, only posts one of these at a time is a mystery beyond comprehension. When you can't watch, it is great to listen while on the road. Pray for us, Mother A! Help us, B16!
Love everything about the Podcast. The only thing I would like to see is an archive section and maybe a video version...otherwise I love it all.
A show that covers the real issues of faith and morality for everyone, particularly youth.
This is a podcast directed specifically for Catholic youth, dealing with issues facing teens today. Its not boring at all though, with interesting authors and celebrities as guests. Any young Catholic that is at all serious about their faith will thoroughly enjoy this podcast.
This is a great show. I normally watch it online (we don't have EWTN on TV here) but when I can't (which seems to be a lot recently) I can always listen whenever I do have time. You'll love the topics and the host, Fr. Francis Mary. Anyone will enjoy it, but it is focussed towards younger (high school, college, young adults) crowd.