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Hi latest to podcast giving error 8104. I can download this podcast without any problem (How To Create Custom Brushes for Photoshop with Adobe Brush CC). But others two giving error (This movie requires QuickTime, which is not supported by this version of iTunes.) I already using latest iTunes on Yosemite.. Please fix this problem. Edit: Thank you its all working now..
Great podcast! These video podcasts has helped me with my design class. Thank you so much…
Love the podcasts, so much info but ya know what ? Sense they're downloaded to my iPhone I can watch them over and over again till I get the gist of it all, or get sick of Mr. White .... That won't happen ever, he F'in Rocks! Now I just wish you guys would come up with an easy way of entering all the metadata at once to all the photos in a gallery or at least share with the rest of us how to manage our files. After fixing and correcting then saving as a new file it's hard to keep track of all of them, so now I have double of everything taking up unwanted space! Now I just hope that made a ounce of sense!
Love me some Terry White!
Thanks for helping me with Adobe Bridge.
On the latest Podcast... did Greg Rewis seriously refer to Flash video as the "plays anywhere format"?? I think Adobe could do with less evangelism, and more of a reality check on where and how their file formats are used. Granted that instance was showing a fallback format for Explorer, but I have a nagging feeling that Adobe, including their "evangelists", aren't really acknowledging that Flash is beginning to fall out of favor for open web standards. Which is something I think they should be more open about.
Thanks Terry!!
Simple to follow and covers the key items I need to know about Adobe tools.
A google search on Lightroom and iPhoto integration brought me to Terry's podcast. I watched his very easy to follow podcast and I'm up and running, integrating Lightroom and iPhoto! So good, I have subscribed!
Thank You Terry White. Viewing these numerous podcasts has saved me much time. When "how to" books end, these podcasts bring a safety net of perspective for those who are not wholly familiar with the full chronologies of complex workflows. Terry and the fellow instructors demonstrate how to maximize the full potential of the Adobe Creative Suites in real life scenarios. Especially the segments on batching in Bridge and renaming batched files has allowed me to perform days of work into only a few short hours. Kudos. The integration between the programs also benefits anyone needing to perform detailed jobs within the limitless capabilities of the suite. I owe my enhanced progress to these podcasts and MacGroup-Detroit which Terry so generously spearheads. The information in this series will turn your design challenges into victories.
I have Adobe CS3 and only touched the surface of its tremendous functionality. Terry White brings all the CS3 components together in a simple, easy to learn podcast. I've downloaded on three podcasts and I can not tell you how much I've learned compared to reading the "how to" books. It's easier to learn and navigate through CS3 when you actually see him go through the motions. I'm a dedicated subscriber to his podcasts.
Very well thought out podcasts from which I learn a lot every time. Great variety of topics covered as well .... Highly recommended !
This is one of the most useful Podcast for a Creative Suite user, especially newbies... But it does the trick well for more experienced users as well. A Must Get Podcast
Fantastic video podcast. Terry White is a genius when it comes to Adobe products. He gets to the point quickly and he explains everything he talks about instead of just telling you what to do. Highly recommend for any level of CS user. Thanks so much Terry for a great podcast!
I cant stand scott kelly- thats why i do not subscribe to his podcast- its garbage in my opinion. but I do love this podcast guys! its great! (please keep scott to his own podcast that infomercial for his stupid book almost drove me away for good.!). Cheers!
This is some really good stuff. I wish there was more DreamWeaver /Flash content. Also it would be good to have the product name prefixed to the episodes so that one could sort.
I am picking up skills and using my CS3 software to a greater extent with these great, practical, well-presented mini-tutorials highlighting Adobe's products. Extremely useful. One of my core podcasts.
I'm not kidding! More from Devin!!!! There are so many podcasts in this series and it looks as though he is only hosting one. I learned so much and it was just the right amount of information. Thank you!
The narrator of the podcast has the most annoying voice I have ever heard in my entire life. No joke. He annunciates almost every word, as if talking to a baby, and his rhythm is very sporadic and will get on your nerves. I would look for tutorials elsewhere if I were you.
Missing your podcast quality. Wish you are back soon. Mike should do his own show. This should only be Terry White as you are the one who is quick to the point and no crappy jokes.
This podcast is wonderful, I place ads for a magazine and find this a great way to find quick tips or remind me how to do certain things. A great reference and even lots of new stuff to learn too! Terry White makes it easy to understand and has some great topics to learn from. Highly recommended to subscribe to as a great reference!
As a graphic artist learning some of the newer programs in Creative Suite, this podcast is more helpful than I can say. Thank you for doing this and keep it up!
Terry White makes learning the Creative Suite extremely enjoyable and he is incredibly knowledgeable on all the apps. I highly recommend his podcast to anyone who is serious about learning the Adobe products!
I love Terry White's straight-to-the-point tips. Each podcast is quick and easily understood.
i just bought an iPod and i have been scanning the podcast. i'm in the graphic arts field and found this podcast outstanding. so many tricks i didn't know. terry is a great teacher! very detailed and step by step instructions. what an awesome FREE tool for designers out there! keep them coming terry...
Cheers to Terry White for producing a great podcast for CS pros. Lots of great tips and clear demos without any unecessary fluff. Not too long, not too short. Well done.
Terry White is Keepin It Real...
He keeps it simples, finds interesting topics and lays it all out, in a comprehensive way. I love that he even keeps in the happy accidents and missteps. I've even gotten into the habit of watching the episodes I think I won't have any need for. Thanks Terry!
Terry is the Creative Suite's Guru of Gurus. Each podcast teaches me a small, important and vital part of the Creative Suite. Where does the man find these gems? Actually, I do not care where he nurtures them as I am ecstatic that he has chosen to impart a small nugget that makes my time listening and watching so very special. I would not dare take credit for his work, although I am certain there are others who do. I used to think that he should use a video camera. Not any more. He forces you to listen and watch the video without being distracted by that million dollar smile that we see when he speaks at other Adobe seminars. I eagerly await for each one and play these for clients on my video iPod. I then show them how to subscribe themselves. Then, they are fans, too. Terry will create a legion of Creative Suite Users through these podcasts. Thanks, Terry
This Video Podcast does a great job on teaching you new tips for the Adobe Creative Suite 2 but sometimes you cannot see what he is doing because he keeps the view on the same part of the screen so sometimes some drop down window will be off the viewing area on the ipod screen.
Terry White is not only a master with Adobe CS, he is a terrific teacher. I learn something new every time I watch him demo one of the apps. He has a knack for finding the most usable shortcuts and time saving techniques. Better yet, he can explain things in a way that is easy to understand and remember. If you use any part of the Adobe Creative Suite, you can’t go wrong with subscribing to this vidcast. Your own private tutor. What could be better.