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I never want to hear Ralph Nader’s or Jill Stein’s again
I love this podcast. This is not simply a recap of Trump blunders, but rather a deep dive on the big ideas of our time - socialism, Article 5, Dark Money in Politcs, inequality, etc.
This aggregate of several progressive podcasts/broadcasts is a great way to stay informed on new ideas, policy positions and current politics concerning issues important to progressives and liberals. I also enjoy the question/answer segment at the end of the podcast. Thank you!
Jay does all the work for us! Then all we have to do is listen and do what's right.
Good content with lots of commentators on a single topic. Unfortunately, many guests are all gloom and doom. I wish they would introduce guests and have longer interviews. Also, podcast has occasional weird musical interludes for no reason.
Keep up the good work, J ! This podcast is a very well selected set of chunks of radio programs that I love listening when I get time to do so. Awesome collection ! It is the Voice of the Silenced Majority.
Terrifically useful compendiums of Left throught. My only quibble is that the speakers are not identified until the end of the episode. Would be so helpful if the description had a list.
Try some. Download. Making you think better! ✌️
The work that goes into curating this podcast, culling the best discussions on a theme from multiple sources, is huge. And they make it seamless. I am a political junkie and this is in my top 5 I listen to weekly. I learn a lot - everytime. Thank you for your excellent work.
I can learn so much in just this podcast. I listen to many but if I’m time limited this one is the best!!! I one fun hour
Real news from a progressive view point 📰 💯 😌


I have been listening to Jays podcast for years and appreciate all the hard work he puts into making a brief coverage of current topics. If you want to get right to the meat and potatoes of the left and center leaning media, listen to Best of the Left podcast and stay up to date on topics of interest.
I love listening to BOTL podcast. It’s a great compilation of various progressive voices relating to the current issues of the week. The best part is how organized the show notes are. Descriptions and links to the original content are easy to access. I am easily able to share them on my social media accounts.
This is one of the 3 or 4 podcasts that I really look forward to. I have never been disappointed. Even the older episodes are good and frequently still pertinent. My only complaint is about one of the commercials. There is one for Amazon that is introduced by a lecture on consumerism. I wasn’t that offended the first time I heard it although I thought it was patronizing - now when I hear it I feel like deleting the whole podcast, except I’m the one who would be punished because I like the dang show’s content so much. My appeal is “lose the script for that Amazon ad and write a new one, please”. Aside from that trivial and petty complaint, I recommend this podcast 100%. It does not lecture or nag, it informs. The presentation is engaging and riveting and, at times, enraging. Jay (the host? - not sure if that is the correct word) finds these fascinating people and provides access to their thoughts/ideas/facts on many different topics so that the listeners don’t have to dig around on the internet looking for it. Towards the end of the show, Jay offers many concrete ways that listeners can take action and actually DO something to advance those concerns most important to them. In short, download this and listen to it. You will not regret it :)
I love this show
Jay brings together lots of great clips across from mainstream and progressive outlets that give a representative picture of what most reasonable, well-informed, open-minded people should know, think about and ACT on. plus he gives a well-reasoned response to many counter arguments that come in over the transom.
Honestly, if this is the best of the left, the left is going to die very soon. Some of these guys are actually really logical and make sense. Others are just throwing insults left and right and claiming to be smart. It is an awful Collection.
This podcast is so well produced. As a progressive guy, I appreciate an informative podcast with great ideas and not just party pooping.
Constant whining about what isn't "FAIR." Hey you entitelist idiots, life isn't fair. The Declariation of Independance guarantees Life, Liberty and the PERSUIT of happiness. It does not garantee happiness. Socialist/communists think happiness is a right, IT IS NOT A RIGHT.
Very intellectual and articulate liberal discussions on a wide variety of topics.
This show has been with me on many lovely car trips, slow days at work, and any given lazy day. Sometimes it's hard to listen to, sometimes it's immeasurably empowering, but it's always perfectly formatted!
This podcast is thorough and informative. It's philosophical and also loaded with ideas to take action.
Socialists and leftists have started so many genocides that it is reasonable for one to preemptively shoot them before they have the political opportunity to once again kill millions of people like in Russia, Ukraine, China, NK, Burma, Somalia, Germany, Or now in Venezuela, where soldiers regularly shoot alleged criminals on site.
Couldn't ask for a better summary of major/important/timely issues on the Left. Great job, keep up the good work. EDIT: This is right now the only podcast that I pay a monthly donation/subscription fee for, and I feel good about that. I get so much out of it, I want to support Jay for his hard work in whatever small way I can.
Relevant and covers a broad swath of opinion. I'll be listening to every episode.
This show is completely non-fact based. It simply talks about a world that it wishes existed and not to the reality that we live in. It plays to people's emotions while completely ignoring certain truths about world history and human nature. It slams America as a great evil while lifting up the "rest of the world". I would give this podcast zero stars if I could.
The "Best of the Left" Team consistently produces the most relevant news/information source for 'news and politics' podcast listeners! My oldest son turned me on to the podcast about three years ago and I'm very, very grateful. This podcast provides me a much appreciated alternative political point-of-view and safe space. Please know that BOTL has a loyal following and continue to offer this "talk" through this ITunes' subscription tab. Again, thank you!
This is the best podcast currently being made. Thank you
All the Info on all the issues. The news you missed, the subjects you care about, from voices in the know. Its all put together, packaged in tasty digestible portions. Jay dives deep, bringing us each issue from every angle. Every episode packs a punch. Love it.
This podcast is pretty great. The range of leftist/liberal values and topics discussed are intellectual and most of the time far and away from mainstream democrat propaganda. Listen for yourself, you'll definitely take great insight away. Thank you guys!
Highly recommended podcast!
If you are a progressive this is your new favorite podcast! I appreciate all the different views and sources, keep up the great work! -Democrat in Missouri
In an era of misinformation and fake news, The Best of the Left delivers fresh insights and fact-based analysis of the news that matters to you. Subscribe immediately if you have an appetite for the truth.
This podcast is so well thought out, so much work goes into each episode. It's like Rachel Maddox for the left. Thanks for making my drive home more intelligent and interesting.
Best of the left offers excellent well curated content. Shows always examine complex topics and each episode always has a nice flow. I especially love that Jay always has a activism portion of each show that directly relates to subject of the episode. To me this makes this podcast unique and well worth a listen.
Ok ,couldn't resist the "joke". This is one of my favorite podcasts and on my must listen list. Not only does the podcast aggregate clips on a particular subject from other sources, it offers an item for listener action based on the topic/content. The website is not particularly rich in content, but it has a tab that allows you to view action items (with information) at any time. Kudos!
If you're a cry baby or enjoy listening to cry babies then this is the podcast for you.
This show always gets my gray matter stirring. Love having my opinions challenged and the host's commentary. Thank you!


Very informative podcast on relevant social issues. Keep up the great work!
This program is a good guide to the intolerance that is pervalent among leftists.
So much interesting information in one podcast!! Great job informing the masses, keep it up.
as an aging progressive the manner in which this podcast distills all of the best left of center media is indispensable and has turned me on to a multitude of great shows which I now subscribe to. The tone is thoughtful and enlightened and curates from a wide variety of different kinds of shows - has greatly added to my media diet and the host tackles subjects in a comprehensive manner that really helps you get a thorough perspective on a given topic
I used to be an avid listener. Only turn offs were ad hominem attacks (like making fun of the subject's name) and repetition in some programs (each segment basically quoting the same news source about a current event). Not sure why but the podcast has gotten very repetitive and sometimes boring. Would have given it four stars if not for the fact that he/they removed the chapter markers so I can no longer easily skip the music and redundant passages. Without chapter markers each episode is way too long! On the plus side, I know subscribe directly to some of the original podcasts that are reworked into BotL.
It's rare for anything good or bad to last to its 1000th ___. But the Best of the Left has and with good reason. Succinctly telling or retelling of liberal and left fundamental issues on a global scale is monumental in its entirety. But to do so effectively and memorably is even harder. But they do it and do it and do it. I listen intentionally. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.


Excellent show. I started listening last year and it's quickly became my favorite podcast.
Amazingly different and critical from what you get from other outlets. Absolutely recommended!
I truly love the show. Intellectual, thought provoking, funny, keeps you wanting more. I've found myself through this podcast.
Well curated organized topics. Great listening for all ideologies