Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

Reviews For Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

Love this podcast it’s great I’m hooked I love the way Andrew reads his voice has a creepy/soothing tone. I listen at work throughout the day and have to restrain myself from listening when I’m at home. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’ve listened to them all. Keep pumping out more episodes! Just don’t have Jennifer Cormier (2, x 18) read anymore stories i don’t know what it is but I just was not interested in listening to her stories she sort of has a kiddy creepy voice that could be good to voice over a couple small pieces of an episode maybe but not full stories. Thank you and keep em’ comin!
The narrator sounds like he’s in a sleeping household, most of the stories are way too far fetched and ridiculously long to believe, and political beliefs in the middle of these stories. I’m listening to the podcast for a reason. To shy away from all this political outrage happening in the world. But I guess the narrator built up the courage to give his unneeded political beliefs. Not coming back.
One of my favorite quarantine things is listening to this under the covers in the middle of the night... like being at camp!
Thank you for this amazing podcast and for your solidarity!
Gets tainted by ignorance and virtue signaling. Sad.
i really enjoy this podcast and it definitely gives me the horror fix i need!
Pros: every single episode is good, host has great narration skills, occasional guest narrators are good, too. Cons: none really!
Andrew, thank you for this amazing podcast. I started listening at the beginning of 2020 Ive since got my sisters and mom hooked. Keep up the good work and stay well!
This is probably the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I listen to it on road trips, at school, on the beach, etc. As a true crime and horror lover, this podcast is perfect for me. Not to mention that I love Andrew’s voice! I recommend it to anybody who loves true stories and spooky tales :))
Andrew does a great job of telling people’s stories and he’s not afraid to use his platform to stand up for the rights of others. This podcast is in my Top 5 and will definitely stay there!
The stories are creepy as hell and the host is awesome!
I look forward to my Monday mornings because I get to listen to Andrew Tate tell me some creepy stories. I really like all the guests he has on as well to help tell the stories. Great job!
I absolutely love this podcast. Andrew has such an amazing way of narrating the stories and keeping you interested. I listened to all seasons in less than a week and am constantly listening to new episodes as they come out. Best podcasts ever! Will never let this podcast go.
I've been a listener since the very early days of LNM, and have seen all the ups and downs and changes of this podcast. Andy is a great narrator, and definitely enjoys what he's doing. There are a few hiccups occasionally, but this is a non-professional audio medium, so it's completely expected and tolerated. I appreciate the stories that he picks out, and the fact that he does give warnings for certain stories, before beginning (which is helpful in regards to stories tinged with sexual violence, assault, manipulation, etc. that may be triggering to people that have experienced those things. Overall, it fits my spook-craving self once a week, and my partner loves it and looks forward to it as well. Keep up the good work! Black Lives Matter
I absolutley love this show! Stories are terrifying and narration is fantastic
You lost me as a subscriber because you got political about how you support BLM. Just shut your pie hole and keep your opinions to yourself. Ido not support BLM befits a LIE and we NEED the police. Do your research and get your facts straight before you express your opinions that have absolutely nothing to do with your podcast. I want to hear your stories, not your political beliefs.
I like the narrator’s voice but get frustrated because he often mispronounces words and inexplicably speeds up his narration. Some of the stories are entertaining and others are not as compelling.
Great unique stories! Great story telling voice! Looking forward to submitting a story soon!
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard this month. I love how creepy it is, and how it gives you the spooks. I’m an 11 year old girl, and I honestly am not into horror that much. But these stories are so, I don’t even know how to explain it. This podcast is just great.
I’ve been listening for over a year. The stories aren’t always what I consider “scary”, 98% have a good creep factor. I overall enjoy Andrew’s voice. It’s soothing and nice to relax to before bed.
A new favorite, and if you like storytelling podcasts with elements of true crime and creepy encounters you should check this one out!
been a huge LMN fan since the sub was created in like, 2012? however, the content on reddit has been getting less and less creepy as the years have passed. what i love about this podcast is that it curated by a human! he goes through the sub and gets all the good stories, so i don’t have to waste my time downvoting “this guy like looked at me weird this one time” 🙄 thank you for making this podcast so great and choosing excellent stories to showcase!! i love this podcast and i listen every chance i get, especially when i settle down to crochet.
I love, love, love this pod. Absolutely creepy, spine tingling, different stories. I even subscribe to the Pateron with is plentiful and worth the support. If you are looking for binge worthy material subscribe to this pod. You won't be disappointed.
My all time favorite podcast! I wait for it to come out each week and always listen immediately. Extremely well produced and very spooky! A great escape during this time!
Fun podcast, most stories are interesting . The hosts voice is soothing.
This is the only podcast I make a point to listen to weekly. Every week brings something different, and I’m always left double-checking my locks. Always look forward to new episodes!
Ever since April/May he has been repeating the same stories he told either last week or last month. I used to love this podcast but I’m sick and tired of hearing these repeated stories.
they repeat a lot. You’ll often hear the same story you heard the week before
This podcast tells you the stories of real encounters others have written about. The stories relate to everyone’s real life experiences. I need the podcast person to upload new episodes before 9 pm he is too inconsistent.
I love the story formats. Becoming one of my go to podcasts. It will for you he will reel you in.
Entertaining show, but perhaps don’t read stories verbatim — too much detail that doesn’t matter. I get that these a fan submitted, but most of the writing is at best high school level creative writing. Specifics about the write, etc. are not relevant to plot.
This is my favorite podcast and I have yet to find another podcast in this genre that measures up. I love this podcast!
I love this podcast! The stories are great, the music is great... I never miss an episode! ❤️
This podcast is the only one I listen to religiously every week! I love all of the stories and the way Andrew narrates them. Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do!
I love this podcast! Andrew Tate has a nice, calm narrating voice. Production is great, the stories are creepy, and listeners can send in their own stories. I look forward to Sundays when new episodes go up. Tate is responsive on his Facebook page and that interaction with his listeners is very cool.
the best scary stories!
I love the Let’s Not Meet forum on Reddit so when I found this podcast I was super excited. I’ve been a listener forever. I usually listen while I’m cooking or doing tedious chores, but this podcast has gotten me through road trips and plane rides. I love Andrew Tate’s voice and the way he reads. It’s very calming despite the subject matter. I even subscribe to his Patreon for bonus episodes. I highly recommend this podcast. And for the idiots saying it’s not scary, it’s not supposed to be! As a woman who loves true crime, I definitely think it can be creepy.
This podcast sheds a light on the everyday darkness each one of us may encounter unknowingly. Somehow this brings to light the reality of society; we are surrounded by monsters. Andrew does a fantastic part narrating this incredible podcast and I know that these creepy real-life accounts will keep coming in given the nature of the beasts that lurk on the streets.
I only listened to one episode, but found the stories to mind-numbingly boring. Also, because all of the stories are narrated by the same person it feels like a bunch of diary entries from one person who is easily scared by ordinary events rather than stories from different people and perspectives. Don’t waste your time. I would give this zero stars if I could.
These stories a have no detail they are short. The narrator is monotone and his voice doesn’t match the creepy vibe. Example of story. I grew up in a town and went to school with a weird kid he did a weird thing then we grew up and he was still weird and ran over people. That story was the headline and that’s all you get from it? Take notes from Radio Rental. Your fans are easily amused.
The stories used to be sooooo good but as of recently they’re all just so weak it’s not even worth listening. The stories used to actually creep me out and be really eerie now they’re just “a man stared at me for a while, let’s not meet.” It’s just ridiculous now. Really disappointing. Please get more selective with the stories you pick because I loveeeeeee your voice and the way you deliver. Just really super bummed lately.
Great podcast! Just wish the episodes were longer :/
Really interesting podcast. Love the way he narrates the stories, it makes them even more interesting. I also feel like he appreciates his listeners. There's very little advertising and the ones he does, he stands by. Overall really cool podcast. I really appreciate the work.


Constantly recommending this podcast to people. Def my favorite one I listen to!
All the best stories! A little bit of everything creepy on here. I love to listen at night and while running. Keep up the good work!
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ*:・゚☆ ✧ *:・゚✧☆ ∩(︶▽︶)∩ ☆ Prue fun & gooey goodness ☆
All the stories are interesting and Andrew always does a great job at narrating. <3 I look forward to this podcast every week, and sometimes listen to it before bed. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts!