Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

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i’ve been listening to this podcast for about 2 months and never get tired of it!! if you’re looking for something scary to listen to i 100% recommend this one!!
I’ve been binge listening to this podcast and it never lets down. Thanks for such an amazing podcast, Andrew!
I’m hanging on every week to hear this podcast. It’s so addicting. I love it!
Let’s just say I only listened to ONE podcast for the past 3 years and you’ve made me completely forget about them! You’re doing an amazing job and all this complaining from everyone receiving content FOR FREE is, well kind of expected because people assume they’re to be pleased at all cost but highly CHILDISH! I’m thankful for the speech errors since you are in fact, HUMAN. #FavoritePodcastEverrrr 🎈
I love this podcast, but I can only find 2019! How can I access the other episodes????
It’s every nice how you talk it so calming and every nerve racking to hear about the true story’s on this podcast.your very great at this keep doing it!
Content is entertaining and good to fall asleep to (in a macabre sort of way), but Andrew, please tone down the theatrics of your storytelling voice. The fact that you use your own creative license to inject these emphatic stutters and stumbles and other candid speaking mannerisms onto someone else’s narrative is irritating to the point where I can’t listen anymore. Those are the mannerisms of someone recounting a person experience, not reading someone else’s. When it comes secondhand, it just doesn’t make sense. Also, as is the case with most modern podcasts, you don’t need to compress/limit the bejesus out of the audio — I don’t need audio of someone telling a story to be as brickwalled as SoundCloud rap.
Love Andrews podcast. I listen to about 2 stories a night and doze off in peace. What I love most about his podcasts that his voice is rather calm yet suspenseful. Even if you did a podcast on just having a chill conversation about your life.i would listen to it daily just to hear your voice tbh. People do reruns on their favorite tv shows, however I do reruns on his stories. Keep up the great work. Please don’t ever stop making podcasts. Take vacations but please don’t ever leave us again!!! sending you lots of peace :)
I often find myself checking my phone daily (even though I know I only get one episode a week) to see if there are more stories. I was so sad when the first go ‘round of LNM ended and got deleted, but I am grateful you’re back and doing well. Thank you for having one of the best podcasts out there!!
I literally listened to just this podcast for a 12 hour road trip... best podcast out there. I’m telling anyone who will listen- you must check this one out!
I love this podcast so much and Andrew Tate has an amazing voice that oddly soothes me as he is telling scary tales. When he stopped the podcast last year I was so sad but understood. Having it come back was for sure the highlight of my podcast year ♥️♥️


I don’t like reviewing So I won’t put in any effort This is a good podcast
I was so sad when Andrew stopped making episodes for a while. I’m a big fan. Love the creepy stories...they make my work day more bearable! Keep up the great work. ❤️
LNM is one of my favorite podcasts. Andrew does a great job narrating the stories.
Starting off I’m current as of July 2019, the stories, however true they may be, are genuinely pretty good. Of the six or seven other podcasts of this type I listen to, these are the best curated. Everything flows well, but as somebody who was drilled to properly pronounce words, to “elevate your vocabulary” and even had a college professor stress the importance of “specificity of language”, it’s now incredibly difficult for me to look past easily avoided grammatical mistakes. I consider this to be a “professional” podcast, partly due to previous experience on part of Mr. Tate, but also because there’s a monetary exchange which is really all that’s needed for an individual to be considered professional. However, when commonly used words go mispronounced, it’s distracting from the show. I thought we all learned at an early age “faux” isn’t a furry orange to tan creature living in your drainage ditch, but something fake that’s very convincing and sounds like another word for enemy. If these were live, it would be one thing, tongue twisters happen, but it’s been edited...maybe I should start a podcast of my own all about commonly mispronounced, misspelled, an misused words. The other star being dropped is solely due to the complaining at the start about people accusing this podcast of replacing the previous podcast with the same name by the same author. Come on Andrew, you’ve been here before. Don’t make excuses and definitely don’t complain about your audience. It honestly turned me away until I was extra bored at work during the early morning graveyard hours. So, I’m thankful it only took up the first half of season one to get it out of the podcast. Aside from the grammar in a publication that’s only auditory and primarily word based, not bad...just average.
I was sad to hear the show was over but when it came back I was so happy! If you need to take another break please do it, I love the show but it’s not worth you messing with your head. Love the show!
Virtually every story is about someone with a vague, perceived sense of someone being a weirdo, simply describing their fear-driven thought process and overreacting. Blah
I love this podcast it have a perfect way of making the stories scary and mysterious. Which is exactly what I want. Season 1 episode 8 is my favorite bc I love this podcast and something scary by sapphire so a collab with my top two is amazing so yea love this podcast
I am in love with this podcast, I found it when I was listening to podcast known as Something Scary, and she did an episode with you and I was like, “ok, this sounds amazing, let’s try it out!” And when I did, I immediately fell in love, I love how stories are being told about real people, and not just scary monsters that go und r our beds, but *real people* in which I believe to be the true scary monster that we all should fear sometimes, cause real people are scary a lot! And I also love the music 🎵 ♥️
Honestly my favorite podcast on the block and 10/10 would recommend. I do miss the original but hey this is just as good
As a horror buff, I scour podcasts day-in and day-out to find a show that truly provokes uneasiness and fear. Especially at work, where the mundanity often causes hours to drag on, I’m in total desperate need of an awesome podcast. Stumbling upon Let’s Not Meet was my god-save. Not only do I find myself frequently unnerved by the stories and the amazing narration, I spend less time droning on about the time and become totally enveloped in this series. Even at the gym, I find myself choosing to listen to LNM over a playlist. 100% recommend to anyone needing a good chill.


I’m a fan of horror podcasts and I just stumbled on this today. I got hooked! Andrew does a great job of having a calm yet haunting narrating tone to his voice. The music only strictly at the end of each story adds to the suspense of the story and podcast as a whole!


I love listening to “spooky” stories all the time and the fact that these are real life situations it gives me the chills. Makes me think twice about every situation and I am more cautious than ever. I look forward to the new episode each week :)
There are few podcasts where I'm counting down the hours until the next episode, but this is definitely one; I'm hovering over that download button every Sunday night (but no pressure, Andrew!). These stories of close calls with real monsters are scarier than any ghost tale (apologies to my favorite spooky podcasts). They also make me wonder how any of us survive adolescence, what with so many "more-scared-to-get-in-trouble-with-my-parents-than-to-call-for-help-to-get-away-from-demented-person" teens - aaargggh).
Love the new beginning music and the background noises!!! Totally creeptastic !!! Keep up the good work Mr Tate!!!!
Storytelling podcasts are my favorite. I avoid “true crime” (morbid), while fiction fails to draw me in (let down). This, THIS podcast is great. Each story is penned by a different author, based on their experiences, and the tension and fear that manifest as Andrew narrates becomes hypnotic. Because the experiences could happen to anyone, anywhere in some form, the stories are even more gripping. The endings give the same awesome payoff: they escape. LNM is a collection of close calls. I cheer at the end. I enjoy hearing the accounts of escape and survival, and how clever people can be when face with danger. LNM may be a true horror podcast, yet I find it uplifting and so very satisfying. I can’t pinpoint why I like Andrew’s narration so much. Maybe it’s that he skips the vocal animation, which allows the stories to tell themselves. He is ... unlike Robin Williams. He is also unlike Levar Burton. He reads with a straight face, and it works well with the material. The way he pronounces “up” is darling. Shortly after I found LNM, the show disappeared from iTunes. I was delighted when it reappeared on my feed. Andrew, I am glad you are feeling better. Your episodes are the highlight of my week. Every Monday, I wake up earlier to enjoy what you have to share. It just hit me that LNM has no advertisements. Thank you for the consideration.
Stumbled upon this gem in 2017 and I've been a die hard fan ever since. Genuinely the only podcast I look forward to.
This show is amazing! From the host to the tone of the music to the stories themselves, I love it all! These experiences truly come to life in the show and I enjoy every terrifying moment of it!
This is my favorite true horror podcast out there. Love the main speaker, love the guest speakers, love the stories. Let’s Not Meet is the only reason I look forward to Sundays (it’s usually my last day of a six day work week) because I can get totally absorbed in the stories and barely notice the time passing. The anthology style episodes really keep the listener engaged - at least this listener with a... let’s say ‘limited’ attention span. If you love short, suspenseful true tales to chill you to the bone, give this one a listen. Huge kudos for the retelling of Blueberry. It was incredible!
The scariest part of this podcast is that these stories are real! Wonderful story telling and format!
I love this podcast! It's creepy and horrifying and the narrators are amazing and I appreciate the warnings when they're needed.
The stories are all pretty interesting, and his voice is really nice to listen too!
Nice soothing voice Good stories Spooky It’s just great
This podcast is so creepy and so infectious and keeps my interest for hours! Andrew has cultivated an entertaining and scary podcast. The way he tells the stories keeps me on the edge of my seat! Thanks for all the thrills!


By Hamalah
This is such a good podcast. I love how the host tells all of the stories.
The best part no ads the podcast is hard to describe otherwise
This is probably the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I listen to it on road trips, at school, on the beach, etc. As a true crime and horror lover, this podcast is perfect for me. His voice could put me to sleep tbh. I recommend it to anybody who loves true stories and spooky tales :))
The first season was phenomenal, one of the best (and terrifying) podcasts I’ve ever listened to. The second season has started off even stronger than the first, with the narration skills more confident and well-presented than ever. However, music often dictates mood in a story. When the same two tracks are on a loop throughout, the tension built by what used to be silence is kinda killed for me. I understand the production is trying to be boosted by some fitting tunes, but I think they have the opposite effect as of now.
Stumbled upon this podcast while on a 14-hour road trip, best choice ever! Episodes are a reasonable length and each story’s creep-factor has a lingering effect that leaves you wanting more. Watch out for Blueberry Pro tip: extra episodes in the uploaders twitter bio👍🏾🔥
I had some concerns because season one was kind of dead and lacking. But, he uploaded the first episode of season one today, and is off to a very strong start. Seems closer to the passion he had the first time around. Keep up the good work
I love this podcast they have awesome 😎 true stories and all the time at the ending it says,Let’s not meet 🥳 so I have a few stories but I think I am good for now audios amigos 😏✍🏻💃🏻🤹🏼‍♀️💜🇺🇸
I listen to this podcast each week with my wife, and it’s quickly become part of our weekly routine while getting ready for work. Andrew and his various guests do a great job and bringing you into each story and conveying the emotions felt by the characters in them, making you feel like you are right there with them through each harrowing tale. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking a good chill or scare.
Just discovered this podcast and I gotta say I love it! The hosts voice really adds a spookiness and the stories are excellent. Keep up the good work!
I love the the podcast, it’s super scary makes the hairs in neck stand.
Andrew works really hard, and it shows. He has developed the very best scary story podcast. Everyone should listen.
I’m super bummed that I’m caught up. I often pretend I haven’t heard a few episodes so my husband has to listen to them in the car with me all over again. This is my fav podcast.
Andrew is the best story teller. I appreciate him doing this podcast. Amazing!!
Total fav! I was pretty sad when the previous version of this shut down. I was ecstatic when it came back! I wish we could get daily episodes but I’ll take weekly over nothing!