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This podcast simply couldn't be any better even it it had b00bs.
His interviews are hilarious. Long live Frank Black
Thanks for putting all the time and effort into this. Great podcast & I have passed the info over to a few friends. Keep up the great work.
If you like the Pixies and Love Frank Black ...then tune in everytime...the only bad part of this show is the overwelming jealously felt when the hosts get to interview Frank and Eric Feldman et al. Great show everytime!!! And you usually hear something from Frank or the Pixies you haven't heard before. Thanks alot guys!
Nothing says Frank Black PodCast llike the Frank Black PodCast. From Interviews with the man himself to associations and tour buddies - This PodCast gives you what you want. It's like being a teenager again and staying up late to watch 120 minutes on MTV. I equate it to that for some reason. It's excellent.
Excellent song choices, lots of backstories, and the man himself. Great podcast.


The hosts love Frank Black. I mean they really, really, really, really love him. I never realized Frank Black had such a rabid following; but these guys are so dedicated and earnest, I can't help but to get excited about the songs on the podcasts. Beware casual listeners, this is a recruitment tool for The Cult of Ray.
Dean and Brian are two great fans of Frank Black as well as the Pixies (as shown in Episode #4). Their banter, radio presence and mild senses of humor make for a great listening experience. Also, the rarities, b-sides, and live shows played on the show can really be enjoyed by lovers of Frank Black or anyone who likes good music. Keep up the good work!