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Love the true biblical preaching of Derek Prince
He’s the best . Grateful for this daily resource it has changed my life completely. My teens like to listen to him as well . -Jaz
I love the teaching of Derek Prince - the only drawback is the constant interruption from commentators. While I am sure they are wonderful people and well intentioned they detract from the message.
Derek Prince ministry is blessing me, EVERYDAY! Give God Time to ministry to you through Derek Prince, you will see your life transformed!
So glad to have found this site. Clear, true, unadulterated bible teachings. Even though I have been a Christian for a very long time, I am learning from this godly man. So nice to find sincere faith here.
I can't stand all the extra rubbish this guy that runs DPM now adds to the sermons he puts online. I JUST WANT TO HEAR DEREK!!!! Remove all the extra stuff and give me the message!
One of the greatest men of God ever lived!
Derek Prince was a great teacher! This podcast is well-produced and inspiring.
Former philosophy professor from Cambridge University in England has great insight & believes the gifts of the Spirit are for today.
Great teaching.
I thank The Lord for Mr.Derek Prince!!!!
I had the opportunity to meet Derek Prince in Cuba, and to closely work sharing his materials all around the island, and even now many years later his teaching are making and impact still in my life. I recommend this podcast to anyone the truly want to meet God and experience all His blessings made available to us on the cross.
Love this podcast
This podcast is an absolute gem; Derek Prince is a scintillating intellect, combined with genuine spirit-lead insights. A treasure. BUT I do not log onto iTunes on a daily, or even weekly basis, so I've missed some episodes that I dearly wanted to hear. If you're going to go to all the trouble of putting the episodes on iTunes, why not make them either permanently available, or available for at least a month or so? What's the point of putting them on for a few days and then taking them off again? All of Christianity has turned itself into a business, instead of freely giving and trusting to God to provide. It's one of the primary reasons non-believers don't take Christians seriously; it's obvious that the "sermons" are money-based and people are more than tired of profit-driven preaching. Every "ministry" should make their "sermons" and "teachings" free of charge. The end result might be less income for the ministry, but more people brought to God. And if you really believe in God's word, He will provide for you. I don't think there is a single instance in the New Testament where Jesus asked for money in order to get his wisdom, or his healing touch. Instead, He freely gave to all who came; He even provided for His followers by creating food. Do you (entire Christian community) not think that God will honor you and not let you go hungry if you stop charging money for God's wisdom? Do you think He will let a ministry that is doing good work to fail? Also, the segments are a little over-produced. Derek Prince is the attraction, not conversation about how nice his sermons and teachings are. The endless music, introductory conversation, interruptions for more conversation all gets a little old. But I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this available. He is a gem, and I had never heard of him before. I hope to learn from him for many years to come.
Derek Prince to me is the greatest bible teacher of our generation. If you are looking to understand the bible and build a very solid foundation then Derek Prince is your man. My knowledge has been greatly developed and my faith increased through Papa's teachings. At times when I hear his voice I miss him so much but thank God that DPM is bringing Papa back from the grave. I can't wait to meet him in heaven to say a big thank you!
derek prince's teachings are grrrrrrreat
Awesome Teaching
I've been listening to the wisdom of Derek Prince for a few weeks now and my soul has been refreshed! My hope has been restored! May God bless this great man of God and this ministry.
I've been listening to these podcasts for two weeks now and feel thirsty for more. His voice and truth of his words have settled into my heart. Listening to this man's story and teachings is one of my day's most pleasurable moments. They have enriched my relationship with God and my knowledge. Thank you so much for providing these.
It's so refreshing to hear the depth and simplicity of the WORD again.... The truth DOES set us free. Thanks for resurrecting the messages that have helped the body of Christ to grow and mature ..... Please get this podcast ...... You will never be the same again. To GOD be the glory!!! James 
Some real stuff
clear, biblical. derek prince's teachings are a treasure of knowledge.
This is bible teaching at it's best. Simple, pure, undiluted word of God. These teachings are even more important in our days. God is not too far to reach ... He's always there as long as we search for Him with all our hearts and stop looking to entertainment preachers and feed on the word of God. May God raise up more teachers like Derek Prince for this generation. Amen.
This is some of the best teaching I have had the pleasure of applying to my heart, mind and heart. Thank you so much.


my mom loves them
If you have stumbled upon, or deliberately, found this Podcast, it is no accident. The Spirit has lead you here!!! If you subscribe to this Podast, your life will FOREVER be changed! But let me cheerfully say that the Enemy will be more active in your life. This is a good thing. (They probably won't let me post this message for very long...but if they do, rock on). Be blessed by this teaching and persevere in applying these teachings to your life!!! By the way, what I mean by NoLongerDeaf is that before I started listening to Derek's teaching, I can confidently say that I was Spiritually deaf or at the very least, very hard of hearing. I know understand why Jesus would say "He who has ears (spiritual hearing), let them hear."
Get to know God and who you are as a warrior and as the Bride of Christ. Derek is so logical in his teachings that it will make sense when you read the bible now. His word on the Word is for NOW. Listen and make it alive in you as you get face to face with God. A special thanks to the folks at Derek Prince Ministries for making this available for free. This was how Derek would have wanted it. Please Pray for them and support this vital ministry. What you send to them now will have eternal rewards. Dennis Stricklin, Cocoa, FL.
I have been subscribing to this podcast for over a year and it just keeps improving. You might not have heard of Derek Prince before, but if you have found you way to this podcast, don't hesitate. Get plugged in now. It just keeps getting better and better.
I have read so many of Derek Prince's materials and thank God for solid teaching and Spirit led insights from them! It's really exciting to have a podcast to listen to now also! THANK YOU!
No Bible teacher has ever blessed me more than Derek Prince. Though he is no longer with us on earth, he left us with a wealth of Bible teaching by which we can grow spiritually. Because of his ministry, my family's spiritual legacy will never be the same. I highly recommend this Podcast.
Prince was an outstanding Bible teacher. To have his material FREE on iTunes is an invaluable blessing. The price of my pod is now well worth it. May God bless Steve Jobs.
Derek Prince does a great job explaining the Bible. It is profound yet easy to understand. In these 15-minute programs he gives you just enough to chew on till next time, which thankfully is 5 days a week! Whether you are a seasoned Bible scholar or someone who has never even cracked the cover, you can really benefit from Derek Prince's Bible teaching. I am thrilled that Derek Prince Legacy Radio is finally being Podcast on iTunes!
Derek Prince was one of the great bible teachers of our time. This whole series speaks to a deep question resonating in the hearts of the people of America. What is truth? Derek answers this question with absolute biblical accuracy...