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Honestly don't really "get" this podcast.. they seem to have decent enough hosts, but they just talk about whatever comes up. In one of the episodes they were seriously talking at length about Pakistan and their take on what's going on out there. Really? I'm sorry, everyone is entitled to their opinion but I really don't want to listen to these guys talk about politics; something they are obviously not experts on. I wait and wait for them to hit on a nutrition topic, which is rare. The "Anna" chick is always butting in with a "funny" comment. It's really just obnoxious banter the whole time. The last time I listened I heard the guy say "well I guess I should ask you a nutrition question". That was enough for me. Needs big time improvement. Try the Fitcast or Beyond Diet; FAR superior programs.
Though I enjoy the hosts, there are usually too many ads and interviews for products. Stick to the basics with athletic nutrition prescriptions and steer clear of the salesmen! I understand they need sponsors for the show, but there are too many commercial breaks...good thing I have a fast-forward button for them!
This podcast has it all, funny hosts, great content, and the "performance tips". Dr. Antonio is one of the top researchers in the industry , and Carla and JC are some of the best trainers in there respective fields.
Overall a great program, but a little heavy on the advertisements. The hosts are entertaining and the featured guests are all experts. For another great podcast without as many ads, check out the FitCast.