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This podcast is an indespensible resource for all youth workers, whether you are a volunteer or a full time youth worker. Doug and his friends have years of experience and connections that make their opinions, wisdom, experience, and even their jokes a great resource for all of us. Answering our questions and providing entertainment makes for a welcome blend of useful information and hilarity that won't get old. Thanks guys and gal for all you do! Joel
Just enough ministry that you don't feel guilty for Listening......just enough sarcasm to feel guilty for listening....more than enough hilarity to listen to all 130+ over again. I have changed entire points of view concerning ministry aspects based on these guys' advice, wisdom (opinions), and experience. Thanks!


SYM PODCAST Rocks! These people love the Lord, serve the church and want to help youth workers better minister to teens. I listen every week.
If you are a youth pastor and you have a sense of humor... this podcast is for you. If you often find yourself wishing everyone in the world would just be nicer... or if you believe that sarcasm is a tool of the devil... or if all you want is a TON of youth ministry content and for everyone to be serious all the time... then maybe this isn't for you. But for all of the normal youth pastors, this is hands down the best podcast in the iTunes store and perhaps in all of Web 2.0 - so download an episode and subscribe to Matt McGill and friends... you won't be disappointed.
Great podcast! I impatiently await the download each week. The best podcast on itunes, no question. A bit on the short side but otherwise a great production.
I think some of you guys are Fans and it clouds you really hearing what is going on here. a lot of good stuff yes but also arrogance. They love to cut most people down, its youth ministry advice mixed with a "im better then you attitude". This feels like to cool kids in the lunch room sitting at a table picking on those who walk by. I still try to keep hope someone will tell them cut downs are not funny. The only one who sounds like he really cares is Matt and he is leaving. i wonder why?
I like the podcast enough to try and get the rating to a 5! For the one person that doesn't think it's funny...I don't think you're a youth worker! To the youth workers, it's like reliving NYWC. Thanks for the consistenly uplifting stuff YS! You keep my week going.
I've stayed current from the beginning of this train wreck. I absolutely love every minute of this weekly break.


Can't wait to get the new podcast each week (or whenever if finally comes). The "SYMP Crew" is great - great set of dynamics. It is almost like they've rehersed ... and then thrown out all the scripts, like they have a game plan ... to use another time. GO SYMP! Suggestion: have a family member pop in for a few minutes more often. Get Rick Warren on the show! In the words of my favorite college basketball commentator, "Awesome Baby." -jeff smith
I watched your first podcast (episode 00) and have been hooked ever since. Thank you for your humor and wisdom. Youth Pastor Don Turner at Westside Community Church, Toledo OH P.S. I’m only on episode 04 since I just started today! I can’t wait to catch up!!
This is one of the best casts i've found. i've been searching for a podcast that can help me with my walk. this is encouraging and fun. i really enjoy listening to this cast it makes me laugh cry and helps me know that i am not the only one. i'm foing to do some missionary work in mexico someday and this encourages me to put my dreams and words into action.
Thanks for the podcast each week. While I am behind in watching, I am diligently working on catching up. Some days I feel burdened and overwhelmed, but the chemistry between you all is the chemest (like that?) You make me laugh and enjoy what I do. Thanks for the illustrations and the encouragement and you truly do make us feel like we're not alone in this. Thanks for all you guys do! Pastor Rick Wulf Echo Valley Grace Brethren Church Tremont, PA (Don't wanna get dinged!)
I just listened to all 21 cast's and they were great. I am currently going to college for youth ministry, and it's great to get info from other people out there that are working in the ministry field. It's great that I am not the only "crazy" youth worker out there. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you, Doug, at the youth worker's convention in CA.
It is obvious that there are people who love this, but I can't figure out why. I guess some people just have TONS of extra time to waste.
This is like a mega workout session for youth pastors. You get pumped up for youth ministry as you get your weekly dose of SYM steroids. So, play the Rocky theme song, put on your “Youth Pastor for Life” t-shirt, prank call the church receptionist and get addicted to the only youth ministry podcast you will ever need! I wasn’t paid to write this…really I wasn’t. I'm a Student Ministry Director geek and proud of it - just like Doug.
Hey guys! I am always one week behind in listening to your podcasts, so I never hear the contests and all that stuff until it is too late. So if you guys want to be really chem, maybe in one of your upcoming episodes I can get a shout out to Avery Argenna from Faith Fellowship Church in Conesius NY! (sorry you wont get to ring the bell this time) God bless you guys!
The SYMP podcast is a huge help in further learning how to do ministry and how not to work. I look forward to the podcast every week. Each new episode is a refreshing break to my hectic week. Working with youth can be tough and daunting and working with parents is even worse but this is the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to the SYMP gang for making an enjoyable yet educating podcast. Everyone needs a class clown.
Really enjoy these podcasts
You guys have a very interesting podcast. It is addictive, and as soon as i downloaded them i had to listen to then straight through, keep it up everyone. GO GOD!
I have been told my entire life that I am not like everyone else. That is one of the reasons that Romans 12:2 is one of my life verses. I do have to say, that after watching several of these podcasts, I know that I am not alone and that there are other adult children with ADD that want to see students come to Christ. I love it! Keep up the good work! Youth Pastor Kansas City, MO
Hello to all even the camera guy! I just wanted to tell you that I am a student minister that is working at a university instead of a church ministry and watching the hilarity on your podcast makes me long for the CHEM old days. Even though you are all extremely sarcastic I get all nastolgic for the days of working with a team of people to change lives. Matt your dry sarcasm is by far the most histerical thing of my day as i watch the podcast...however your uneducated coments about the mac are unequivicably the sign of your love for the blue screen of death Keep it up guys I do love it!!! Natalie pay attention.
I have a couple suggestions that may make this podcast more interesting. (I assume you want people to view it.) My first suggestion is EDIT. If you edit your podcast before you post it, it would probably cut down on the length of the podcast. Shortening this podcast would make it a bit better for those people like me who want to put it on our ipods. My second suggestion is to frame up your shots better. Its all shot at a funny angle, and there is way too much headspace. Keep this podcast going!
I often wonder...what was life like before the Simply podcast (one word)...*shudders* I feel like I know you guys personally (we all know Natalie a little more personally after E05) after watching you every week! As a future youth pastor hopeful, it's great to get all of the tips you provide BEFORE I try to manage a youth group of my own. Thanks for the hilarity that ensues every Tuesday. There isn't a better podcast to be found in any category on the Internet...#1 in my book! Here's a shout-out to the Simply Podcast team! *cue Natalie's music* Brandon Carter College Church of the Nazarene Bourbonnais, IL (go ahead, ding me anyway...keep Natalie awake)
well, the podcast was great... if you like this one, you'll LOVE Liquid Church & Tim Lucas
As I watch this podcast I wonder when did Doug and the gang sneak into one of my youth ministry team meetings and so precisely replicate our team. We are just like this, except that we can not stay on task quite as well as they do. One of my volunteers watched the video and said the same thing. Thanks for the laughs and the insight into youth ministry.
I am a intern at jefferson street Christian church and ever since we went to pdym two weeks ago, I have been hooked to the podcast. As a college student having something new each week to listen to is great. Also since I didn't know about the podcast, last friday I caught up with all the podcast in one day. I didn't even get bored. Ok i admit I was playing warcraft the entire, time, but hey I listened. well maybe.
I like this, but there is real no use for the video.
Dudes (and lady), why is the video an episode behind? Are we to be punished for being "visual" learners? What have we done to fall so far behind those who would choose to only participate in this podcast with but one of their five senses? Why only listen when you can both listen AND watch?
What do you mean "Just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for listening"? I'm hooked. I found you during the 7th week so I'm having to catch up (I'm almost there). The mix of humor and relevant youth ministry information makes this podcast enjoyable to listen to and watch. The audio is great, the video is even better. Don't understand why I would rather watch than to just listen. Feel guilty? I find myself constantly peering to the video that is in the corner of my monitor. Awesome job! Keep up the great work.
i like the video podcast better than than just the audio. Normally stuff like this you have to pay for...but since this is podcasting...and none of them know what they are really can fit it in your youth budget (it's free.) BTW-Your mom is chem...and so is this podcast, so you really should check it out!
I need my video podcast. Amazing to see the facial expressions, laughter and action that happens behind the scenes. Great idea Andy to shot video. It is Chembooty, especially in episode 5. Keep up the good work. It is good for the soul. Dave Winner Baptist Temple (soon to be Grace Baptist Church of Blue Bell) Blue Bell, PA 19422
I didn't think that Doug could actually provide any more resources than he already is. Between listening to super series, downloading freebies from the web, ripping off game ideas, and catching up on my leaders are learners series, my life was almost under total control of Master Fields. But now with this podcast I can commit every waking minute of my day to his direct tutelage. Plus there's Matt!
In case you haven't SEEN the podcast (one word) yet, either you have just been listening to it or haven't started the MUST get the video podcast. I have seen them all and believe that the video one is the only one to download because even though the camera is "played" to it is so funny to see reactions and the nonverbal humor (ie. dancing, sly burping, and that Doug apparently goes to Wienerschnitzel each week before the podcast). Download and SUBSRIBE to the video podcast its worth it!
Perhaps this Podcast (like the word chem) will slowly take over the world and eat your brains. For just as zombies chases ditzy blondes and a squirrel craves a peanut, so too am I hooked to the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast. It is a beautiful experience between the ever burping Matt McGill and his boss with the evil villain facial hair Doug Fields. Watch or listen as Josh calls everything awesome and Natalie's mouth hits the floor every time McGill speaks... which is often. Subscribe, don't preview, and enjoy an interesting and funny show.
I have been covered in sweat and spit from sitting in the front row of a Tony Campolo message. I have been shocked by Tic Long's continued attempts to seem cool and youthful(ear ring and baggy pants) no matter how old he gets. Like Paul on the road to Damascus I have been blinded by the glare off Duffy Robins' bald head. I had a runny nose for years that was healed when I brushed up against one of Rick Warren's many Hawaiian Shirts. But none of these like experiences comes close to comparing to the wonder that is the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast. It is sweeter than saliva, bolder than baggy pants, better than baldness, and more stylin than Hawaiian shirts. Check it out! Justin Talso Youth Pastor Redwood Valley Community Church Redwood Valley, CA No Bell
better than watching lost, 24, csi and/or especially your senior pastor!
I have been in youth ministry for four years now and have been using simply youth ministry products for three. Our youth group here in Broken Arrow, OK runs anywhere from 80-100 kids every week and I'm the only hired staff for students. SImply Youth Ministry truly does simplify my work and helps me to minister relationally to these students better each week. This podcast comes as a break for my week. It's great to see the people who make my work easier sit back, have fun, and answer some questions about real ministry issues. This podcast rocks! Ryan Fankhauser, Northside Christian Church, Broken Arrow, OK
These guys are in no danger of taking themselves to seriously can't wait til they go "on location" very cool. If you hire me as "PodPastor' (one word)! I might be able to get over how you slighted me in your book! Another idea, you guys are constantly drinking. I know you gotta get hungry dring the show. send me your address and i will send you some of my wife's chocolate chip cookies. I am not assmall as when we got married and I am fond of saying that "my wife's cookies have made me the man I am today." Man she hates that! Rod Felton NorthRidge Church Sabetha, KS (no dings)
The only reason one would need to prefer the videos to the audio is "simply" the shamed look on Matt's face when his joke's bomb, and the dissappointed looks that come from all the others. For me...that's reason enough to watch the video podcasts.
Nice work Mat, the camera angle was great on the last don't need brazelton, lose him!!! chris and bobby harrisonburg church of the nazarene harrisonburg, va
These guys (and girl) are hilarious...of course, that's probably because I am a youth worker also and we are a strange breed. If you work with youth, you need to listen to this podcast!!!
The video covers what the audio missed (just check out the last minute of episode 4 to see where the burps actually originate). Where can you find genuine, good-looking youth ministry leaders sitting around the table burping, laughing, weighing in, burping more, talking about stealing priceless items for ebay auctions and talking about ministry? I believe so many times, youth leaders forget the true reason to their calling in weeks scheduled by meetings, lesson plans, balancing time with students and family and the constant struggle for respect. These three guys and very courageous Natalie totally bring me back to the laughter, fun and soul purpose of youth ministry. "And we're back" in youth ministry now. Don't go a week without missing this podcast...or you might miss Doug wearing the same shirt twice, watching a dog fly onto the table, seeing which item is on ebay next, the new comedy coach and watching four people who care MORE about youth workers in ministry than spending time on their own ministry needs. Plus, where can you find cow bells and a scale in the same place without something just wrong going on?
I think these guys got bored at lunch and decided to do this on a whim. Wasn't funny... and I'm not from Canada.
This is one of the funniest and most unique podcasts I have ever seen. As a ministers son I think this podcast is something that young people would enjoy watching and listening to because it is a fresh look to podcasts.
I don't know how I've lived my life without this podcast! I look forward to it more than the next episode of Lost or CSI. It's extremely Chem! Aside from all the anti Mac comments I love every part of your show!! Can't wait for next week!
You guys chew the scenery like no other show on my laptop. Never have four people dominated a microcast like this Free-For-All-Fields-Fest. I've told hundreds of people to tune in, download, and laugh...and yet none will return my calls. No worries. It took Jesus a while to catch on, too. Pod On, Dudes (and Dude-ess)
Best podcast on the internet... Hands Down! J. Kirk Next Level Church Charlotte, N.C.
Let me first start by saying Doug Fields was my High School pastor 7 years ago...that's right he IS that old. Matt McGill poured into my life in high school and as I mature into an adult. Josh Griffin is a good friend and former coworker. But I can honestly say...these podcasts are genuine. There is no sugar added. These guys are funny, funny people. I see them all the time and yet I still take time out to listen to them talk about Youth Minsitry. There is something to be said when former students of theirs are now considered friends. I enjoy doing life with these people. They are the real deal. Lots of laughs, honesty, and passion for todays youth and their leaders.