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Sam and Jill find the best music from the folk world and helped me discover singers I would have otherwise never heard.
You've introduced me to some great music that I would have never otherwise know. Thanks - I very much enjoy your show. Jim Mahoney Atlanta
This quaint euro-american pair do some amazing digging to find some of the best acoustics and voices out there. I have loved listening to their recent music from Chapman, Kurly and others. Their talk interudes are controlled but cozy.
Smart and entertaining, strong focus on the music. Keeps my drive time to and from work relaxed and smiling. Jill and Sam are a great team, who play off each other like they speak the same language, but of course they don't ;)!
What a great show! There is a nice mix of music that I would not have otherwise found. The DJ's can be a bit gigglish but they combine the American and English humor and tastes.
A great selection of music and artists one might not otherwise be exposed to, very well presented and mixed by the hosts. Sam & Jill are charming hosts (though they get a bit silly for my taste from time to time); they are knowledgeable and well connected. If you like folk with a contemporary edge, get this one.
I've found some really great folkies through this podcast. It's kind of cool how the show mixes up traditional and current folk styles as well as having some blues, etc. Sort of like going to a cafe with some fun friends and just enjoying yourself. The DJs are really laid back and not slick, and pretty fun, and they don't usually talk too much!
Sam and Jill, sure do know how to find acts I've been missing. This is a must have for any folk fan.