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Lots of energy here !! Ya gotta love it !!! Much respect !!!!
That's right. Just say Fshew Fshew Fshew Fshew over and over again, and you've heard every podcast by this unoriginal artist. Pretty annoying. I love Trance and Electronica and this is a disgrace to the genre's.
Since the SPACE ROCKERZ took over things have sky rocketed , this is my new favorite podcast !! Not to much talking and amazing guestmixes all the time ! #wow'd !!!
I listen to pretty much every electronic music podcast I can find and Shakedown is without a doubt the best there is. My only complaint: GIVE US MORE!!!! Every track on the last two (with Sergio and Drew Wilson) was sick and the sets were perfectly structured/mixed : its been 2 months, please drop another one on us!
Excellent music to give you a boost while running. Just moved to Shakedown from The Perfect Mix, and Shakedown is really good stuff so far.
Shake Down is the greatest Trance podcast out there. I am really glad I found this one. If anyone like or LOVEs Trance as I do then this is the podcast for you! You''ll enjoy listening to it all day long like I do.
This is one of the finest and highest quality podcasts I've ever subscribed to. A definate must-have collection of DJ mixes for your collection, if your hard drive or iPod can handle them all!
I love this podcast so much!! By far the best out here on itunes...hands down. Best wishes to this podcast.
great music great mixing and great guy! :-)
CR has some of the best grooves in trance! He can bring the beats and take you into another realm with his smooth mixes! Keep up the great work...hope to see you in the mid-west sometime...maybe at Bleu in Detroit!!!! Hey get your booty shakin podcast playin arse out here to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival this year!!!!
i have many podcasts but the best electonic podcast that i have is shake down. i is a great mis to take where ever you go and is great to listen to to dance or or just by itself. chris you also have a way af bleding songs together or mixing that i have never heard in other podcasts. wish that other podcast would be like this. thanks for a great podcast.
I downloaded an earlier episode just to get a feel and after listening to that episode on repeat for almost three hours I decided to subscribe. I always look forward to the new episodes and can't wait to see what kind of transcendental state I'll get sent to next.
I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago, right as I was heading into finals. I've managed to listen to every single one since then. I'm officially addicted! Thanks for all the hard work that clearly goes into putting the show together - each broadcast is excellent. I don't really have much to add that the prior reviews haven't stated already - it's simply a great show. Excellent selections, awesome mixing, and I love the little movie snippets at the end - very funny! You've definitely made the nights and days I've spent at the library a lot more rockin'!
My favorite episode so far has been episode 38. Why's that, you say? Because it dared to deviate from the usual lineup of choices. Too much medium light dance, makes for a boring listening experiance. Ep 38. was a break from that kind of music. There is more than just one instance where SD takes a break from the norm. It's these little breaks that keep me listening to Shakedown, and not the boring guys' podcasts!
If you like the PerfectMix, you'll love this too
what i love about shakedown is that you can feel the dedication that goes into putting these mixes together. Shakedown brings together a slew of sounds that takes other trance podcasts months to catch up to.
For everyone who really enjoy some good trance, vocal, or just looking from some awesome beats to drive or do anything with this is the podcast for you. I recently got an 80g classic and went on a podcast downloading spree and Shake Down has been the podcast that I have been listening too since the 1st episode and been hooked on it ever since. Keep up the good work Chris I do look forward for each new episode. I'm listening to your episode 8/30/06 as I type up this review. Major props to you my friend.
Reddick, you rock! Listen to you every day down in Florida! Keep up the great work! Best on the net!
Shake Down Trance Podcast is, quite simply, the best trance podcast available right now. DJ Christopher Reddick knows how to put a great show together and keep us listening. Each week is met with anticipation that a new Shake Down will be posted and that I'll have yet another hour+ of great music. From his new music sets and trance classics to his fantastic guest DJ sets and great DJ interviews, Reddick keeps me wanting more. I've listened to every one of the available sets and I keep them in rotation all the time. It's always fun to go back and listen to older sets, as well. Keep up the great work!
DJ Christopher Reddick is a God among fools. I look forward to hearing EVERY installment of this amazing podcast, and I find myself listening to the same episode over and over again throughout the night as I work. Definately a must have if you enjoy Trance, Techno, EBM, and other Dance genres!
Love it ! Listen to it all the keeps me awake when i am hauling cattle from one place to another...i've even converted some of my diehard country music fans....keep it up.
Great mixes...nothing but solid TRANCE and lots of it. Keep up the good work and thanks!!!
Reddick's Shakedown is the one podcast I look forward to every week. I am excited by his choices and constantly enjoying the mighty mixes he shares with the world. FABULOUS!
With all the tech-house/minimal tracks sneaking into certain trance D J's sets its nice to take in the breath of fresh air that is Shake Down Trance Podcast. After all enough is enough, we want to move, think and feel not bob our heads to the same beat speckled with ridiculous synths and samples if we did we could buy fruity loops and, in a half hour, satisfy ourselves. Check this one out! D J Christopher Reddick holds it down and puts you there with a mix of progressive and classic tracks, great transitions and the vibrant unpredictability of his sets. Any one who wants to know how to mix a great trance session should refer to #43.


I think this podcast is awesome, these mixes are great!
Mr Reddick does an amazing job with each podcast. They all offer something to every trance listener. A great guy with a kick grass podcast. Worth the download! Cant wait for next episode!
Love this show. It has personality, the mixes are quality, great track selection, and it makes me want to come back. I almost feel like I know this guy. Love it.
This is by far the best podcast ever! Keep up the great work Chris and keep pumping out those wonderful mixes.
Man, this podcast is FANTASTIC! It's great when I'm working out, driving, or when I wanna just chill. Reddick's got somethin' for everyone who loves gettin' their groove ON! With these beats runnin thorough my head, I can rise above ANYTHING! If you only subscribe to one podcast, This has GOTTA be IT! AWESOME!
This is definitely my most favorite podcast ever! Christopher Reddick does a great job with the mixes and every single podcast I've listened to is great. I always look forward to downloading a new one each week! Because of him, I don't even bother buying CDs anymore! Thanks a lot for the podcasts- nothing seems to lift my mood more than when I listen to them!
Chris, your podcasts rock each and every week. I download them as soon as they come out. I have about a 45 minute drive to work each day and it helps pass the boring drive time and keeps me going!! Thanks for providing a great podcast, Keep it up!!!
This is one of my two favorite trance podcasts. Consistently great music; excellent job!
Why buy trance mixes when you can suscribe to this podcast and listen to the best trance mixes. The quality of the mixes and selection of beats are superb. DJ Reddick deserves lots of praise and is obviously very talented.
This is an amazing podcast. I listen to it all the time. It's good for anything from doing something extreme, to just falling asleep to at night. I especially like the breaks in the elapsed time bar, that show you what song your listening to, and when it goes on to the next one. Thanks for the great podcast, and keep the great music coming.
I came across this podcast by accident - - what a fantastic find! I listen to your releases frequently and have never been disappointed. Your blend of both old and new music provide a perfect amalgam of fast/slow paced and instrumental/vocal tunes. In short, a trance lover's dream. I listen to your mixes while at the gym, while studying or just lounging. You are hands down, in addition to “Dance Department,” my favorite podcast. Keep up the brilliant work.
Yo Reddick, just stoppin by to tell you how rockin your beats are. Whenever im in the mood for some trance I only listen to your stuff, its like fuel. So keep it coming!!
I really like this podcast and look forward to each one. I'm even going back and getting the older ones to add to my "library." Each podcast is very well done - the music is seamless and the artist/track info has been an enormous help in deciding who I really like and whose music I really "need" to buy. DJ Christopher Reddick, keep up the great work - it is appreciated!
im hooked...can't stop listening
If you like to immerse yourself into a future world of technologic trance music, this is for YOU!!! I was looking for a podcast where I didnt have to sort through the ones I didnt want. Every single Shake Down mix is worth downloading!! HIghly recommended!!!
Excellent track selection and mixing. I subscribe to five electronic podcasts, and of the three I routinely recommend to friends, this one is at the top of the list. Highly recommended while driving or finishing reports at work.
This guy has the best mixes out there! Quality music on these podcasts! I play these mixes for the skeptical people who don't know about trance because it has the best of what trance has to offer! Reddick knows what's up!!!
This guy is the real thing! Very smooth mixes, great selections. There are a lot of DJs on the net but Christopher Reddick has the beat to get you out of your seat! das beste.......********** stars! snooz
Shake Down is definately the best Podcast and is great for listening to new songs before you decide to buy.In addition to that, everything is mixed very well. I always look forward to a new edition. If you don't have every episoide it's worth taking the time to DL them all. I-tunes has made a bunch of money thanks to DJ Reddick and Shakedown as I have heard a bunch of songs from his podcast and have gone on to later buy them. Also Contacting Chris is easy and he is really informative and is truly about the music and interested in sharing his knowledge. If your a Trance fan you have to get this podcast. Believe me, the only reason I would ever consider taking the time to write a review is because I think Shake Down is truly worthy of it and I am really glad that Chris is doing them for FREE!
Yo thanx 4 doin' all these podcasts for us. I enjoy listenin' 2 these podcasts every day. Don't stop makin' more.=)
I can't really say enough about Shake Down. This is a uber-quality podcast by a DJ who is in touch with his fan base and local events. Everything is well put together, the selections are great and the mix comes out perfect every time. If you have any love for trance just hit the "Subscribe" button and hope DJ Christopher Reddick keeps it laying it down for long time.
Every trance fan should be tuning into this podcast week in, week out. I look forward to it every week....Keep up the great work Christopher...