Best Darn Diddly (Simpson's Podcast)

Reviews For Best Darn Diddly (Simpson's Podcast)

It’s so fun to listen to The Simpsons in such a funny and analyzed way! Makes me wants to rewatch every episode covered. So good and if you’re a Simpsons fan, this podcast is an absolute must!
I love this show. It's great, Miles and Richie really know their stuff and get some amazing guests on the show as well. I look forward to this show dropping every week. If you love the Simpsons, or even are a casual fan, you'll love this show. NOW LISTEN TO THE SHOW AS I SHOUT SLOGANS AT YOU!
I like the concept and the idea of the show. It's the best Simpsons review show I've found yet. The hosts are knowledgable in the episodes and they make some fairly interesting observations. I had to dock it two stars though because the main host makes me cringe. He always feels the need to drop totally forced f-bombs in every other sentence. It's as if he has a quota to hit. Also, the sexual innuendos are immature and unnecessary (how his wife is his favorite person because he "loves blowjobs"). Just talk about the show. It also makes me shake my head when he tries to come off as cool by, for example, talking about how "old" he is at 30-something years old. Ultimately, it hasn't been enough to get me to stop listening (yet), so I guess that's good. I'm only through the first season though, so I'm hoping these issues resolve themselves soon.
Did the Simpsons ever create a podcast this awesome?? Love it!
I laughed so hard
Great Simpsons recap show with terrific hosts. Love it!
If you like The Simpsons, you'll love this podcast. Richie the Whiz Kid and Mr. Most Days Off review each episode of the Simpsons in order. They do a great job of recapping each episode and provide some fun facts from the episode commentaries.
This Podcast brings back warm nostalgic feelings. Always well-informed!!!
This show is the only thing in the world that is better than watching the Simpsons. If you grew up watching it (especially if you still are), you need to check this show on. Watch an episode, and then listen to the podcast. I love going through from the beginning with these guys, and their banter makes it even better.


By Saphira
This podcast always brings me back and I feel like a kid again. You get old and stop watching all your favorite shows, but it's cool to hear BDD rattle off about an episode and take you back to the good ol days!


This is your go to for Simpsons podcasts, great show that truly loves the Simpsons and rekindles your love for it as well.
started tapping my fingers together when i found this pod. love the simpsons and am beginnning to think of these guys whne i see donuts.
I am the host and creator of Best Darn Diddly so obviously I recomend this podcast. If you love the Simpsons or ever have loved The Simpsons, please give us a listen!
And I love this show. The host have a deep knowledge of Springfield based lore and can sing See My Vest by heart. Give it a listen!
I love this podcast so much. I'm going to binge all episodes so I can get my Simpsons fix.
MrMostDaysOff and Richie the Wiz Kid have done a great job of reminding me why I love the Simpsons. They dig into classic episodes and provide tons of fun facts (very useful if you're into bar trivia) and their own off the wall insights into life, pop culture, and most of of America's favorite sitcom families.
Great show! Definitely give it a listen, he may not be predictions king anymore, but he's king of podcasting still. 😎