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The most recent episode featuring Bill Weld inspires hope and shows me reason and decency has not left the Republican Party.
Great topics and journalism. Too often the male speakers will talk over the women on the show. Very disappointing.
Thanks for including the whoop by Jon Batiste at the beginning of Battle Hymn of the Republic! I missed hearing it.
I don't know what the future of Radio Atlantic is going to be. I enjoyed the varied hosts of the first season that made this my favorite political podcast. I have accepted Alex Wagner as the sole host now in the second season because she has a likable style and is generally informed about the issues she has presented. This show with Isaac Dovere (Alex on maternity leave) never got beyond a 41 minute emotional plea to treat immigrants humanely. Of course, who can argue with that? But I am interested in analysis, challenging questions, and coming away from a podcast having learned something that changed my mind. This is a far cry from what drew me to Radio Atlantic at the beginning.
Continuing my search of a podcast that addresses ALL members of the Democratic party not just the ultra left... The episdode was an interview with Jennifer Palmieri, who says the DNC "holds our leaders to a higher standard" than the RNC. This after she tells us she worked for Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal and John Edwards after we found out he a secret kid--so I guess higher standards only apply to people who aren't writing her a check. The hypocrisy of the Palmiere and scantimonious attitude of the interviewer is what will re-elect Trump.
What happened to rule of law?


By rdm5522
Simply superb,Alex is an excellent host, with great insight.
Ms. Wagner is a fine hostess but since she became the only host behind the mic, every conversation became consumed by the matters concerning the presidency. This podcast already covered American politics quite a bit with Thompson and Goldberg, but at least the topics each week varied. Can we hear stories on different topics such as anti-semitism or the Airbnb scandal? It’s what made this podcast so unique in the first place. Also, please stick with The Atlantic’s in-house reporters. If I wanted to hear or read Jeffery Toobin, I would just read The New Yorker or watch CNN. Side suggestion: Please bring back John Batiste’s WHOLE theme song at the beginning. It was awesome.
Timed for about 30 minutes, each episode provides a quick dose of insight into current events. Interspersed with humor, these discussions are easy to follow. Perfect companion for a 30 minute commute.
There’s no shortage of interesting topics and knowledgeable guests, but the discussions are shallow and uninspired.
How often do you listen to an interview and wonder why the right questions aren’t asked? Never happens with Alex Wagner. Loved her when she had a show on MSNBC, great addition to the Circus and CBS mornings. See asked Dan P really insightful questions.
I expect the Atlantic to provide journalism that is intelligent and informative. This was neither. I don’t know this interviewer - never encountered her on Atlantic podcasts before. But her questions and persona were off-putting, cheeky and premised on conservative news nonsense that led to discussions that would have been totally uninformative except for the persistently reckoning responses of Dan Pfeiffer, her interviewee. Please ditch this hostess. She is toxic.
Great host with everything needed to stand out, do an exceptional job. Articulate, smart, great perspective on complex issues.
Alex Wagner is a good journalist, and in her hands, this podcast has focused entirely on current events and issues. Her upbeat approach makes this podcast informative, but not a downer, despite the heady issues facing our country today.
You topic choices and guests always educate me in ways I never imagine, and for that I am truly grateful. Keep up the great show!
Alexis you were so patient with this guy. You weren't sold by that anecdote at the end?? Someone get this man a cat ASAP. Social media isloates and divides - because leave us to our own devices (no pun intended) and that's the 'society'. Look at history. Enchanted circle - dear lord
Radio Atlantic is one of my go-to news sources. I found the original host Matt Thompson a little distracted. So glad Alex Wagner has taken the helm for the foreseeable future.
Matt Thompson - Alexis Madrigal conversation if January 2019 one of the absolute best, smartest, accessible while extremely sophisticated podcast conversations I've heard ever. Matt is just to good to step away from hosting for very long. Bring him back!!!
In depth analysis and nice round table talk. I’m as likely to nod in agreement as cuss in disagreement with what I hear in the show.
This program is well made and important; everyone should listen religiously. The Atlantic is a seminal pioneer in American journalism. It's like The NYTimes meets Diane Rehm meets Terry Gross but with more bite. AR digs deep into the American political, economic, raligious and social landscape, leaving no stone unturned. That all said, since President Trump was elected, Goldberg has taken a somber tone and many of the interviews take a dark turn. The US has taken a dark political turn with the R's quietly advocating for the alt-right and far right "free speech." Since they sit on most levers of federal and state power, I can see Goldberg's sense of foreboding. Nevertheless, Goldberg seems to miss the budding optimism of a groundswell that is meeting this darkness. It is a difficult time for our nation, but people are rising to the challenge like never before (from all parts of the political spectrum.)
I'm not sure the Atlantic's perspective is one I always I agree with but just like them I love to analyze everything.
I really enjoy this podcast and learn a lot. My only criticism is that some of presenters talk too fast and do not clearly speak of their words. Sarah Zhang of a week ago or so is a prime example. If English is not your first language, you won't be able understand her. As a 70 year old with decent hearing, I really struggle to understand her at time. The recording people need to step in and try to improve this.
In a world “deluged with irrelevant information” (to borrow from Yuval Noah Harari) this podcast is both thought-provoking and truly informative.
I listen to every episode. Matt Thompson wisdom, humor, and insight area a gift. Unparalleled for its long form analysis of critical issues. Very smart people.
the privileged ivory tower commentary is awful, the insider giggling and chuckling from the hosts is awful, the whole thing is awful. Deleted this crap from my computer, and unsubscribed.
When it started out, the show had verificable experts speaking cogently on the issues of the day. It seems that the topics, recently, have a “let’s see where this takes us” quality, and the guests seem to mostly guess and trudge through their responses. Where’s the evidence of expertise? The show seems to not be concerned about this anymore. I’ll give it a couple more episodes. After that, I plan to unsubscribe.
Great content and insightful analysis. Still manages to be concise. Intriguing guests with meaningful perspectives. If only the hosts would resist the all too common tangents I've heard on all my podcasts from right and left which focus on their role as the holy martyrs of the press and their personal burden covering the rapid news cycle. Additional, the gooey personal positivity is a bit much sometimes. But the tremendous value of the insights the intellectual conversations being far outweigh the negative aspects.
It’s the least sound-bite, most reasoned, deepest dive I know of in the podsphere. What a pleasure to find in the flood of crazy!
I don’t like the listeners’ keepers. They are always so corny and don’t actually give listeners suggestions or new things/ideas to explore.
When most media folk are extremists, it is such a gift to hear from learned, connected editors that have a balanced and comprehensive perspective on current matters. Matt Thompson is a delightful host. “Keepers” have provided me ideas that I have used week after week. One example is when Matt recommend the doll house mysteries exhibit at the Renwick museum in downtown DC (Nov. 2017). I used this idea as a first date. And, as it turns out, the girl I took was so taken by the exhibit that she has continues to talk about that to this day as we celebrate a warm loving relationship that began with Matt Thompson’s suggestion.
I am sooo impressed with each episode with the in-depth coverage along with insights on the issues of today. I eagerly look forward to each installment and strongly recommend them to everyone


I love the Atlantic’s reporting. Keep up the quality journalism! You are one of the few news outlets I pay for. I also think a Ta Nehisi Coates podcast would be fantastic. Even if it was just a reading of his articles.
I love the Atlantic and anything with David Frum is great. But the topics are serious and participants are too impressed with their own cuteness.
Love it
I wanted to hear what you had to say about the Mueller investigation after a year. However, the constant giggling and jokey jokey tone were really off putting. Honestly, sometimes you sounded a little bit like Beavis and Butthead. Too clever for words! It’ll be a while before I try to listen to another one.
love the intelligence of this podcast but i don't like the lighthearted jokiness. it doesn't work. stuff going on is too serious.
Appreciate that the music piece is always played in full at the end of the podcast.
There’s nothing like this in the Pod sphere. Keep up the good work.
The Atlantic’s hiring of Kevin Williamson is an affront to women: to your wives, your daughters, your mothers. Unsubscribe.
What a great choice for the Family-related podcasts. Great thinker but also what a great speaking voice. I listen to Podcasts all day while I work at home alone and I will follow her!
Podcast w different topics & thoughtful conversations. Alex Wagner: how do you find the time to do all you do? Perhaps an episode on how to squeeze 72 hours into 24⁉️
I have the same problem with this podcast that I do with the Atlantic Interview -- the tone of the hosts and interviewers is on the cynical and snide side. The content is great, the episodes are beautifully produced, but the quality overall suffers from inside jokes, snarky asides and a frequent lack of seriousness about the issues being discussed.
I always love the Atlantic pod. It does not disappoint. I hadn't heard of the Bechdal Test. Happy to know it now. I am thankful for these gleeful and grumpy folks.
Radio Atlantic is to me needed nourishment.
Very excited that Radio Atlantic has decided to do a 3-part serial series, beginning with No Way Out Part 1 on 2/16/18. The podcast material is always excellent and makes the listener want more.
Loved the one about Manafort. Will continue to listen.
It presented a lot of new information to me. If “Americans” feel threatened they will do as they please. How sad. To be true to the American spirit we need to see everything from the other side. We need to reach out with a caring heart.
Every episode is thoughtful and detailed just like their wonderful articles. The hosts work great together. I could listen to Matt's voice all day. Looking forward to future episodes.
I discovered the podcast in Fall '17. I have listened to all the episodes, including the back episodes, and would recommend every single one. I'm impressed at how much thoughtfulness goes into every episode. I now added the magazine subscription and I'm so glad I did.