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By iza11
super helpful --love seminary student
I discovered this podcast just several weeks ago. I listen to all mini-shows and liked most of them. There are so much wisdom in them, I like Rabbi Brian's voice and his view on many spiritual topics. I feel like I found a new friend who shares his thoughts and knowledge with me. Thank you, Rabbi Brian, I hope you will continue to record, so I could learn more from you.
I'll admit, I could do without the 30-second intro, but I really enjoy his simple but deep tidbits for daily life. Whenever I need a short little pick-me-up, he puts me in a positive mood. I'm not even sure I would consider his podcasts to be religious, more like spiritual. You don't have to be of a certain branch of Judaism (or any other religion) to connect with his insights.


By Sagrand
I wish Rabbi Brian had a longer podcast. 25 minutes or so.


By KenWJ
Down to earth, funny, and great common sense insight! Thanks for your podcast Rabbi Brian :-)
I loved it!!
Rabbi Brian has always helped me do what I most value: Mind that which I did not know I was not minding I love him
Rabbi Brian never ceases to amaze me with his heart and insight. I always learn new ways of looking at things. Often they either make me feel better about my life or engage me into challenging myself with new thoughts on different subjects. It's clear this guy is onto something that a lot of people want to hear ... including me! Kudos to the Rabbi!!!!! You rock man!
Rabbi Mayer never lets me down! Great stuff for those who question and for those who should questions!
I never thought I would want to listen to a podcast by a Rabbi but Rabbi Brian is no ordinary Rabbi. I highly recommend him to everyone. I'm more spiritual than religious and Rabbi Brian fits the bill. I dare you to give a listen and see for yourself!!
This stuff is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Of course, I'm Rabbi Brian, the author of this podcast. I just wanted to write a review here. I look forward to your comments as well.