America's Debate Radio with Mike and Jaime

Reviews For America's Debate Radio with Mike and Jaime

I really tried to like this show and I stuck it out for more episodes than I should have. I was really hoping for some actual debate w/ constructive criticism, ideas, and an exchange of opinions. Unfortunately, this show did not meet expectations.
This is way better than any other talk radio show I've ever heard and it just keeps improving as time goes on! No yelling and screaming and none of the typical stuff like cutting off someone's mic when they disagree with the hosts. Highly recommended listening if you like politics and even if you don't! There's something for everone.
Looking for something new and different in the world of political talk? America's Debate has managed to get my attention when it comes to political debate and talk. Their website and accompanying radio show (live on Wednesdays and available as a podcast) is full of lively conversation, elegant debate and well rounded folks. Mike and Jaime bring a new view to the same old political banter. They mix entertainment and education into a single show that's guaranteed to do both. WELL worth your time!
This seemed promising. I could not get past the lady of the show. Every other word is UM, UM and more UM. I did not make it through the whole podcast. Sorry.
If you are tired of screaming talk radio hosts more concerned about infalting their own egos than listening to your feedback or intelligently discussing an issue then you should consider giving America's Debate Radio a listen. The radio show is excellent both as a standalone item or as a complimentary part of the America's Debate forum experience.