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The host isn't annoying! She's just a bit talkative! Wouldn't you be? Anyway, this is her podcast so guys just... cut her some slack!!! I think this entire podcast is great.
What if they make a thing we’re the crystal gems fight thanos from marvel. It might boost the series a lot maybe they might also might meet ant man the people that didn’t get dusted in infinity war and like they even add Deadpool (or not). They might also bring the people that died in infinity war back to life and the dusted. And might show white diamond or even show some people from Steven Universe be dusted ( sorry it’s just an idea ). But we now know that yellow and blue diamond are simply allies so technically them I can bring wipes to help them beat thanos.
I love this podcast if you’re a fan of Steven Universe you’ll love it too.
I am personally a HUGE fan of Steven Universe, it’s a show I that I feel is in the best. I love these looks at the voice actors and how they feel about the show, I love how they show their great passion for the thing they do and how they talk about how much they love the people they work with. No critiques. -ACleverCritique Also, nothing related to the review, but I love it when you hear glimpses of the voice of the character they play on the show❤️❤️❤️ -ATotalFangirl a.k.a ACleverCritique
This podcast is the first one I have ever listened to.I will listen every week!
I am not a podcast-type person. I find the idea of sitting for forty minutes and listening to people talk incredibly boring, especially because it takes up so much time. This is my exception. Just getting to hear the people involved talk about Steven Universe, a show I am extremely passionate about, is breathtaking. They manage to make it incredibly entertaining and keep everything involved. Just awesome!
I love Steven Universe and I love getting the behind-the-scenes look at it. We also get little sneak peeks or character discussions that we can’t get anywhere else! What more could a fan ask for in a podcast?
I love these podcasts as much as I love the show❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜
I’ve been watching Steven Universe for quite some time and almost all of my friends love watching the show. I always wondered why the SU crew have a lot of long hiatus in between each steven bomb, after listening to everyone that has contributed into making this show gives me a whole new perspective. I never realized how many people work on the show and these people get unrecognized!! It is crazy how long the progress is and that everyone has their own schedule in their lives. The podcast has been recommended to me by my boyfriend and I don’t regret getting ingrained when listening to this show haha I started listening to the podcast today and I’m already on volume 1 episode 6 and I’m already enjoying everything about this show. I look forward to more episodes!!
Love all the interviews that happen here and gives great insight on the story on the next level. Wish it was on Spotify though.
It’s fun to hear the conversations between two character voices and the people who write the story boards. It’s also fun for me (a nerd) to study extrovert behavior. 😂
This podcast is so wonderful! I love getting behind the scenes info on such a fantastic show because we get to see how much love and thought goes into it. It’s cool to hear the creators responding to things like fan theories and hearing the characters in an interview setting Keep up the great work!


i absolutely love this podcast. thank you to all who make it possible!! it’s such a great way to learn more about the show and always brightens my day. i especially love delving into the characters, design, music, just anything that is about how the show is built. keep up the amazing work!!
more.. i need MORE!!


By Tzmith
Love the in-depth analysis and interviews! So glad I’m listening to this!
Steven Universe is my favorite show and it’s so cool hearing about everything that goes into making it. It’s awesome getting to hear the Crewniverse talk about their specific jobs on the show and to hear them go in depth about characters and episodes. This is all really great 🙏🏼
I LOVE IT 😄😄😄😄 but.... Give us proof if Green Diamond exists or not!!!!! 😡🦂🦂🦂🦂🦖🦎🐍🐢🐊
Love all the background info on one of my fav shows. Definitely an interesting listen
So great to hear what some of the inspirations behind the episodes were and to learn from everyone involved in SU. It makes watching the show even more fun!
I watch the show and love the art so I want to hear the amazing people talk about what I love, everything is done greatly and if you love Steven Universe then you definitely should check this out
I love it so much!Always has the best info about Steven universe!Keep it up!
I live all the questions and hearing what the crew and voice actors think!
McKenzie truly asks every guest very amazing questions specific to what they do on the show. Voice actors are asked about if it was hard to get into a specific emotion for the show, storyboard artists are asked what episode was their favorite to work on and what challenges, or what were they told to work on for animating the show just feels like McKenzie does so much work for each episode to ask each guest really engaging and unique questions and I love it so much. I find McKenzie to be very engaging and personable, and the interactions between her and all of the people working on Steven universe to be very natural, genuine, and overall refreshing. Overall, it makes for a very fan-friendly podcast that I personally enjoy very much.
I love Steven Universe, and listening to people from the show speaking on this show fills me with joy!
Keep doing this, I love the behind the scenes of the episodes and the opinion of the crewniverse :D
🌟Great Podcast!,I like hearing how the developers/ Storyboard artists think and come up with the story and what they're ideas were. It's also nice to hear what the fans think as well.🌟
I love listening to this podcast when I go for a walk or during my commute to work or class! I’m so glad to hear more insight about the characters, story, and show we all love!
The content of this show is amazing. I love that it is all canon, and all of the people that have come on the podcast have been so enthusiastic and full of energy! They really make the podcast worth listening to. The host, however, makes it difficult to listen to more than a few episodes at a time. She really has a few crutch words and phrases that are used WAY too much. Someone needs to go through a speaking exercise with her and count how many times she says "I love that!", "awesome", "that's wild", "you know?", and the infamous "gotcha, gotcha!".
Thank you so much for doing this, it is an amazing insight into the world of the crewniverse.
Such an awesome show and very cool concept. Thank you.
I was introduced to (or found) this podcast a week or so ago, it’s been very entertaining and informative. McKenzie is an excellent host and the cast and creators are a vibrant group
With several episodes emphasizing the work the writers/artists/directors do, and more looking at individual, fan-voted episodes, and even further then looking into the individual characters, this podcast is not one to miss out if you're a fan of Steven Universe. The individual thoughts and lives of the crewniverse really highlight how Steven Universe is a beautiful mixture of all life experiences. TL;DR Listen to this podcast if you want to know how this show came to be
I mean I know it's official, but it's still amazing how much time Rebecca Sugar and others spend talking about the show. Season 2 is shaping up to be even better than the first!
I had to dig up my old iTunes account when I started listening to this podcast just to add my two cents to the review section. I absolutely love hearing the creators and actors speak but I highly agree with several other reviews written that the host is too talkative. I would also be extremely giddy and nervous if I were to interview such guests, but by episode 3 I was finding it hard to listen to the constant verbal feedback of "cool" and "gotcha". I also am not enjoying the frequent tangents regarding her feelings on certain segments or recapping what the person said. Please consider a more professional interview style approach moving forward as I do very much enjoy listening to this content. Questions should be left open ended and typically not ending in, "is that right?" or by guessing how a guest feels about a particular subject looking for confirmation. I hope that this creative criticism is helpful and I look forward to more episodes. Thanks.
I’m in love with this podcast! I can’t wait for the next episode!! Mackenzie does a terrific job hosting the podcast party and I love when the guests sometimes put themselves into the episodes! This podcast has helped me with tuff times and I am so grateful for that. 😅
I flipped out when I found out about this podcast. I love getting this knowledge of show production. It’s hella entertaining and educating.
Fun to hear from the makers behind the show, and thankful it's kept short and focused.
It’s wonderful to hear about the hard work that goes into this series! I hope these podcasts continue because they are so inspiring.
I can't listen to it on here I wish they put it on Spotify :( I'd love to hear these!! Tried to play but only cloud buttons that do nothing can't download or play. Please move these to a better listening site like Spotify. I really want to hear these
Loving this podcast. the interviews are done really well and give great insight on the creative process behind Steven Universe. the host is fun and engaging and the episodes help alleviate the pain from the long hiatus between seasons.
Now I can get my fix of SU at any time of the day, especially at work! McKenzie does a great job talking with the crewniverse. This is a great peek into the minds of SU characters and their creators and the inner workings of the show. Any clod will enjoy this podcast ⭐️.
i love the show, and i love seeing (or rather, listening to) all its inner-workings! its so cool to learn about everything beyond the average viewer’s eye
LOVE this so much!! 😁
I love cartoonnetwork podcast 💕💕💕
This podcast is very fun and a great way to learn cool tidbits about the show as well as being a great channel of inspiration from members of the crewniverse! McKenzie is a great host, and her intrigue and reactions are very relatable. This aspect gives the podcast a very warm, friendly feeling. Definitely deserving of the 5-Star rating.
I really love this podcast. Great job to everyone involved.
Rebecca sugar is a genus and everything she does I approve and love, this show makes me happy for everyday life