The Key of David (Video)

Reviews For The Key of David (Video)

I look forward to every podcast! I listen to them at home and while I’m driving. Mr. Gerald Flurry teaches the truth straight from God’s word. He picked up the mantle that the faithful Herbert W. Armstrong once carried and is revealing God’s end time message to God’s people! I thank God for the work that the PCOG is doing and I never cease to pray for them!
I wish I could rate this 5 stars. Seems to be a tech glitch. The podcast won't show the display on my iPad 2, but the sound comes thru in playing Key of David Video. Maybe they customized the display for iPad 3 but not backward compatible? I play numerous other podcasts without any glitches....hmmm...
Mr. Gerald Flurry speaks straight from the Bible! He does not put his own opinion or views into his studies. Great content and extremely relevant to our time in history.
Flurry took over where Herbert W. Armstong left off. This is a cult. It is not biblically sound exegesis. Very misleading info.
Many folks have been searching for the absolute Truth in their religious studies. The absolute Truth of Christ pertaining to God and our future lives in a dying world. We see daily, that we cannot trust our political community. We cannot trust our Police and protectors of real justice. We cannot trust and believe in our worldly governments. We as a people are indeed lost, but not without hope. Hope springs eternal in the heart of Truth. You can now rest and relax from your stresses and pressures and anxieties in life. You are one that has now found the Truth. God's Truth, Christ's Truth. The same Truth that the Apostle's taught, as they received it from Christ. Hold tight to what you now have. Don't ever let this truth out of your life. Study it daily, and absorb and retain all that you are taught here. These are blessed folks that bring you this message, and now you are being called by our Lord for a purpose and His plan for your life. Come forward out of this world, and set yourself apart from those who would reject God's Truth. Open now your mind, your eyes, and your life, and you will see and understand like never before. (REBII)
What do you say when you find the truth? WOW, Thank God! Although many will find it hard to accept at first, the Truth is amazingly simple, clear, profound, and easy to understand. IF you have been searching for the Truth for a long time—as I had been—when you finally find it, it just grabs you and wakes you up. This program follows in the tradition of Herbert W. Armstrong's World Tomorrow program, revisiting many of the foundational tenets of true Christianity that he taught, and elucidating many "new truths" that God has revealed at this time of the soon-coming-end of the age of Satan as deceitful ruler of this world (Revelation 12:9, 2 Corinthians 4:4). If you really believe that your Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God in print, and that it is completely correct in its original writings, then this program will help you to grow closer to God than you ever believed possible. Proverbs 23:23 says "Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding." This program, and everything offered to the public on it, is free; but, its value is above all the gold in the world, and it would be worth buying at any price. I wholeheartedly give it my highest recommendation, and know it will bless your life if your attitude toward God is correct. —Daniel Koenig, Arkansas
Thank you so much for bringing the truth to podcasts!
In this worlds current climate of crises, there is no other news source that gives us the only true and meaningful perspective behind world events in this age and that is God's. This world needs to know why it is in its current demise and the hope it has in the very near future.
Most people will not like hearing The Key of David Program because its message is contrary to this world system. But for the few it is The Plain Truth. Mr. Flurry sometimes chuckels slightly because he just can't give out the full message there on the spot. One must write for the FREE material and study to show themselves approved before all is revealed. The short of it is that we must learn to GIVE in a world that teaches us to GET. Richard, in Atlanta
It is always interesting to see how God brings forth the technology to advance The true Gospel so His servants will be able to better WARN, educate, PREPARE the world for the most advanced good news ONE could ever recieve! The return of Jesus Christ! God used such apostles in the past and now God uses a prophet to warn of impending disaster with the greatest news EVER intertwined! ONE CANNOT TURN THEIR EARS AWAY! Keep watching the Key of David to better learn the news headlines with an ear to bible prophecy to KNOW that there has been a prophet among us.
This is the only show that tells it like it is, if you want to know what's going to happen watch That Prophet, Gerald Flurry. It's what the world needs.
As an avid viewer of this program since 1994, I greatly appreciate now being able to carry this #1 program with me wherever I go. No other program gives you the news, the news behind the news, what's ahead in world events, and the "WHY" behind it all. As soon as I think that the program can't get any better, I am blown away by the next. Thank you so much for such a powerful program now in this convenient format!!
Great program with indepth analysis of world events! I appreciate being able to get the news behind the news anywhere in the world I travel with this podcast. It is a great teaching tool for the serious student of world affairs.