Rocky Mountain Calvary Podcast

Reviews For Rocky Mountain Calvary Podcast

I grew up going to RMC. But I move away from C. Springs over 10 years ago. I missed the teaching at my home church there. It is such a blessing to still be able to hear God's Word taught so well even though I am on the other side of the world now. Thank you so much for providing these free teachings! It is truly a blessing!
What a blessing RMC is, both in Colorado Springs and around the world. This podcast allows me to share in the blessing from every corner of the earth as I am in the military...thanks RMC!
It is so wonderful to be a part of the church even when I'm so far away. The best church to be a part of!
I attended R.M.C. for a year before I moved. I miss the teaching and feelings of being in the church and seeing the spirit of God through the people! Podcasts is the only way to listen, close my eyes and actually be in the church, feeling the Spirit again!
I had the amazing opportunity to attend church at RMC last sunday. A group I was with just happened on a member of the church and then we decided to go with him to church. I must say, it was probably the most amazing church experience I have had.
What a blessing. Verse by verse teaching of the Word!