Reviews For VeelaCast

I love harry potter too but like the other person said i still think it relates to mugglecast a lot im one of their fans and this is more of a girls podcast i just believe that everybody's taking mugglenets ideas on podcasts .
i love this podcast! not only are they acurate about everything from harry potter, but they're entertaining! i love it cause i can relate to what theyre thinking and saying!! this is like the best harry potter podcast!! i love it!
Danielle, Ariel, Megan, Hayley, and Keyln do a spectacular job discussing some great issues about Harry Potter. They're fun to listen to, and they have really intuitive conversations. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I loved this podcast and was able to relate to everything they said. Its funny too, these girls make me laugh!! its just amazing.. check it out!
Hey Everyone! I am Danielle from VeelaCast! I just wanted to say PLEASE give us a chance and subscribe to our podcast! The first episode was kind of random topics, but the rest will be more structured with a Main Charactor or Theory topic! Thanks everyone! <3 VeelaCast Danielle