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If you want tech or hacker news as you’d expect from 2600, look elsewhere. It’s another run of the mill news show with no original insight or opinions. Total waste of time.


By jp75556
Got through 1.5 episodes. Got to hear how bad the USA is for not freely admitting illegal aliens. Is this CNN? Great. Unsubscribing. Think I’ll cancel my 2500 subscription as well
Being a longtime fan of 2600, I was expecting Off The Wall to be a hacker show. Well, it's not QUITE 100% a hacker show. Rather, Emmanuel Goldstein opens the listeners' eyes to issues going on not only here in the States but also the world. His unique show also dips into the unusual, such as "The Quest for Starbucks," in which the 50-year-old Goldstein announces that he has yet to ever set foot into a Starbucks and is on the way to deciding which of the thousands of Starbucks locations will be his first; and shows dedicated to his unique travels to places like Cuba and the former Yugoslavia. And of course, there are some hacking and technology issues discussed. And finally, it's nice to hear someone on the radio who doesn't blame Barack Obama for all the evils that have been affecting us for the past thirty years.
This is a great show definitely in the spirit of free speech, free thought, and free media. While I don't agree with everything Emmanuel has to say, but it's always interesting to listen to him. This is the way that radio should be.
Eric/Emmanual has always been a character of life. In this show he lets his tangents take center stage and keeps all thoughts rounded into the pen by his great radio personality. Sometimes zaney, introspective always entertaining and intellectual, a fun show to listen to.