A Different Point of View

Reviews For A Different Point of View

Funny, intelligent, and completely in character.
An excelent and funny audio book. Brings up some of the issues of Star Wars and discusses them through a troopers point of view.
I always enjoyed watching, reading and listening about Star Wars but never felt a part of that universe until listening to TD-0013's broadcasts. You get a Stormtrooper's perspective on everything Star Wars and this trooper has got some words of wisdom. This show is great and insightful.
This podcast is great fun. Whether you sympathize with the fundamentalist Jedi or the "oppressive" Empire, you will enjoy listening to this trooper's views (albeit from a different point). A lot of what he says makes sense. It makes me want to rewatch all the movies and read all the books. Maybe I should have been pretending to be a stormtrooper instead of a jedi all those times! Maybe Palpatine wasn't all that bad.