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This is garbage! The most annoying cry babies I've ever heard.
This podcast is for someone who wants to get to know certain comedians better, don't expect a performance. It's so valuable if you're a true comedy fan
No one gives a damn about some unheard of comedians hosting a show talking politics. Save it.
This is such a great podcast, but I got into it late and now I have nothing to look forward to. I hope they decide to do more at some point soon. If you like this, check out Comedy Death Ray Radio.


I've literally checked every week for years for a new podcast here! Not actually that demanding for the best comedy interview podcast that ever was. This interview is top notch.
This is a great podcast which delves into the world of "alternative" comedy which only means comedy that isn't typical one liner homeogenized comedy. The things that are happening in this kind of comedy and consequently this show are exciting, original, and extremely funny. I just wish they would do more episodes.
One of my favorite podcasts. It's great to see a show where a comedian can get interviewed and it not just be set up for them doing their act. "So, I hear you hate airline food..." More of this please.
A very human, very funny look at comedy. I didn't start listening until the fourth or fifth episode, but after that, I downloaded them all and listened to them non-stop. Very addictive... wish it were on twice a week.


By J vs W
I heard this show was good... by listening to it! Once I listned to three in a row so I know what I'm talking about. Also I heard Anthony Jeslenik is hottttt.
Although this podcast isn't all about making the listener laugh, it does so- repeatedly. Though it's not about music, movies or TV, you'll find out a lot about what goes on behind the curtain that hangs in front of the backstage area in the Dreamâ„¢ Factory (Holly-weird!). If you like stand-up comedy, this podcast is for you. Host Sasquatch picks the brains of some of the best comics working today, and occasionally combs their hair. I've laughed, I've said "hmmmm" and occasionally snorted a snot to the very edge of my nostril in a thought-gasm. This podcast breaks all the rules! Or it will, when some Hammurabi wannabe gets around to codifying podcast law. I'll start: Thou shalt yuk it up big time.
This is a very good show. If you are a fan of laughing then you will enjoy this show. The show includes funny sketches and interveiws, with comedians.