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This guy’s been doing excellent work forever. Always entertaining.
The first 11:15 of a 60 minute podcast were spent on the topic of one of the host's vacation. The episode was titled 'Put a cork in it'. Perhaps they should take a hint from their own title. I recommend following Steve Gibson's excellent example of delivering lots of information with minimal (if any) personal or irrelevant fluff.


By GlennEm
A lot of banal banter; some occasionally useful and interesting info.
By the time the theme song, daily song, introduction, unfunny Leo jokes, incredibly long ad, and the letter segment is over, you only get about one minute out of twenty talking about the actual gadget. This show had a lot of promise when it debuted, but has really gone downhill.
Leo Laporte rocks!
Two old broadcasting pros do a show about sometimes dubious gadgets, which often serves as a vehicle for their larger than life personalities and love of wacky jingles. A little more comedy than hard tech reporting, but charming and fun. If you have 15-20 minutes to fill, they have you covered.
Lots of humor and honest reviews of gadgets. I've made purchases based on their reviews and is a good source for gift ideas!
I've scanned through this podcast to find any value in it. I can't find anything but filler waste of time.
I get home, grab the Giz Wiz, and laugh my head off, all while enriching my brain with gadget news. A great show. "I'll be there!"
You guys work well together and manage to keep it fresh with each podcast--daily. That's a tough thing to do, keep consistent on a daily podcast. Although I haven't bought many of the gadgets I've been tempted. If you like to hear about off the wall tech gadgets this is the cast to listen to.
These guys have a great chemistry and they use it to weave gadget talk into a tapestry of amusing anecdotes.
I LOVE listening to Daily GizWhiz at night before I go to sleep. Unfortunately, I can't keep from snickering and outright laughing at times. Even supressed chuckles disturb my wife. Either tone down the humor, or I'll have to listen at some other time. Really, this is my very favorite netcast, and I look forward to every episode. I heard you mention the guy who listened to all 200 programs at once - yipes! I'd have to be locked up because of continuous hysterical laughter! Oh yes, I also love the gadget reviews and find them very useful - except for the Titanium Spork (sorry, Leo). Keep it up, never never stop - NO! Make MORE GizWhiz programs! We need them! Well, maybe old software engineers like me just need to get a life!
One of the best podcasts out there. Even talk about a gadget occasionally.


A Podcast err... I mean... Netcast that makes its own gravy! Excellent for anyone like myself that is a gadget junkie. This one gets a listen every morning on the drive into Denver.

A very entertaining podcast, both for the wacky, lesser known gadgets, and for the witty/silly banter of the hosts. Even my wife and kids love this one.
The new's comady teem & the best.You guys make everyone stop,lisen,& lafffffffffffffffff.
This is one of the best podcasts on the net. Leo keeps mentioning that he wishes more people would listen to it, and I say it's their loss. My wife even likes this podcast, and I couldn't get her to even touch podcasts before! Truly a fun show!
Not quite a 5, but not a 4 either. Great podcasts that's a lot of fun. It's really great to hear about all sorts of random gadgets I wasn't even aware of. It's a must listen to for any gadget geek.
The gadgets are cool, but it almost doesn't matter; it's great listening to Mad's Shiniest Head and Leo, The King Of Podcasts, just shootin' the breeze.