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I am a college kid who has been listening to ilyce since 2006. -I know, niche demographic. I really enjoy her and learning new tools. I consider it an added lecture. 5 stars
The ThinkGlink provides very good information applicable to the audience outside of Georgia. News summaries and guests are knowledgeable and interesting covering a variety of business topics with an emphasis on real estate lately. The show covers investing, saving, money management, taxes, and all levels of personal finance. However, Mrs. Glink has recently turned into a drama queen where her discussion is laced with doom and gloom regarding the economy and the housing market. One specific instance is her report that for every 1 house in foreclosure, there are 50 more on the verge of foreclosure. That is just rediculous if you think about. If that were the case, every single house would be on the verge of foreclosure since more than 1 in 50 houses is distressed in the current market.
This used to be one of my favorites. I've called into the show to ask questions from Virginia. The negative is that the show does not update as quickly as it used to so some of the information is untimely. 1 star for not posting podcasts in a timely manner. And get rid of the quotation marks.
I wish your radio show was available here in Chicago, but I'm so happy to find out that your real estate podcasts and personal finance podcasts are available at iTunes. Thanks for all the great info and advice!