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A great podcast for French language learners
As a student trying hard to learn how to not only pass tests but actually understand the language, it is incredibly difficult to find listening exercises geared towards the intermediate student. There are plenty of things for advanced students, but it is discouraging to listen only to those since I can't understand much of them anyway! These podcasts provide a way for me to build listening skills and confidence with something that is slightly challenging yet not wholly beyond my grasp!
Of all the podcasts I have listened to, this one is my favorite -- I'd probably actually pay for it. I learned French by speaking with my young cousins, who are French, and as a result I can speak quickly and understand, but my grammar and vocabulary is a mess. I'm no more an advanced student than I am a beginner; I'm no more a beginner than I am an advanced. So classes always frustrate me greatly. But these lessons are smart, interesting, and comprehensible! THANK YOU SO MUCH.
I love French so much, but my pronunciation is terrible (i just can't seem to shake my midwestern American accent). This podcast is easy to listen to while studying, walking, etc because there is no english constantly grabbing your attention, yet you soak up the French accent and correct pronunciation. This podcast is truly a blessing! Thank you so much!
This is an excellent series for those who want to get into la poesie francaise, but are removed from francophones. Camille is an awesome explicator, and she introduces you to some new interpretations of poems you think you know.
Absolutely love this podcast - presented in an intelligent & accessible manner.
What a pleasure to get to hear French spoken in a slow, enunciated way. These podcasts have been extremely useful to me. While acquiring a knowledge of French poetry, this is an excellent opportunity to submerge oneself in a world of spoken and written French for those of us who live so far from France and don't have it in our everyday surroundings. That is actually the key, as I have found, to really begin to gain a command of a foreign language, being surrounded by that language. I have studied many French courses (including Rosetta Stone French levels 1-3), and continue to do so. But after finishing and reviewing those courses, it feels great to actually have something that I can actually use to submerge myself in French and close my eyes and comprehend and actually think in the language. And the transcripts help to fill in the gaps in comprehension with an English translation. It really adds a finishing touch to what all the other courses are missing. Vive Easy French Poetry!
It is really good!!! It is easy to understand and helps a lot to refresh and to learn french. I love it
This is a really good resource for an intermediate speaker. The content is on the formal and academic side (as opposed to every day conversation) so possibly it's especially good for students. Still, I'm well past my student years and find this one of the best refresher/learning resources I've found, especially for developing listening skills. The presenter has gone to a great deal of trouble to present each poem in a sysematic way that allows the listener to build on newly gained knowledge and understanding as the podcast proceeds.
I didn't expect to find my perfect French lesson in a poetry podcast, but for me, it's not about the poetry. All I was looking for was a podcast that was completely in French, of which I could understand most of it, to train my ear better to the language and help me feel better about my ability to learn French. This podcast is definitely it. The constant pleas for donations are less annoying when you realize she's doing this all on her own in her free time.
I enjoy the refresher course. I studied much of this poetry in high school and/or college; however, that is long forgotten. The podcast is amusing and assists me in refreshing my French skills. Thanks for offering this.
Most French instructional material is aimed at either tourists or teenagers. This podcast, on the other hand, lets you really experience the beauty of French literature in a manageable quantity. Camille's voice is wonderfully clear and her explanations are just enough (I only wish my English literature teacher had had such a light touch with the symbolism!) This series is a lovely gift and I encourage everyone to make a small donation to support her work.
Camille provides just the right mix of interesting vocabulary and grammar along with a style that is well-suited to intermediate French students. Listening to her has not only improved my French, but given me a love of French poetry. Merci beaucoup, Camille!
Unpretentious, elegant, and refreshing. This podcast approaches good poetry with clarity and simplicity.
This podcast is outstanding. It is well written and expertly executed. Camille's speaking is precise and is timed perfectly for audio comprehension. Her pronunciation is classic and ideal for students to imitate. The real gem is the content of her casts - she has clearly spent time in preparing her texts, which include a biography of the poet in the lesson, a technical explication of the poem including some personal interpretation, and then a beautiful reading of the poem. The casts are generous in length without being overwhelming, in short - EXCELLENT! I will be suscribing to this cast for as long as she offers it, free or fee. I highly recommend this lesson and encourage anyone, at any level of French, to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from such a professional teacher. There is something for everyone in Easy French Poetry :)
As a teacher who loves learning, I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning French. The sound quality and the clarity of Camille's diction is excellent, and the content of the podcast is interesting and intriguing, keeping the listener engaged on several levels. Something that sets it apart from the other French language tutorial podcasts is that Camille does not move back and forth between English and French. Superb.
Love this podcast! Fun, easy to listen to, great to learn from. Please keep them coming!
I am an advanced student and have begun to listen to Camille's podcasts to keep myself abreast of the subject matter and style. She offers insightful and intuitive explanation in each podcast. It feels like sitting down with a friendly tutor for a short while. Many thanks for your hard work. Cristian Fernandez Chicago
With a beautiful voice and accent, the podcaster shares a French poem as a method of teaching vocubulary, grammar and culture. It is a great and engrossing approach, done with a great deal of professionalism. Merci Beaucoup!
Enfin, a podcast that talks about something other than going to the restaurant or to the post office! Camille resists the instructor's tendancy to paraphrase something in our language, and consequently, we are forced to listen to her explications carefully. What a lovely idea to talk about the beautiful poetry that the French language has to offer. Her podcasts are so informative, I only regret that they are not longer! Merci, Madam!
Beginners and advanced French students already have plenty of stuff to listen to already (advanced can just listen to regular french podcasts or purchase audiobooks) but it's hard for intermediate students like me to find something that is both easy enough but not totally idiotic. For us, Camille's podcast is perfect. It's intellectually stimulating but simple to follow along. Not only is it a great idea, but Camille implements it brilliantly. She has a great voice and is a natural (and experienced) teacher. This is professional quality stuff by an actual and astonishingly gifted professional for free. Please paypal her a few bucks so she can continue to provide this wonderful service!
I was flunking french but now after listening regularly I'm finally starting to get a grasp of the language thanks soooooo much! It's so much easier to understand this podcast then my hyper teacher!
Je suis de New York, mais j'habite maintenant en Lettonie. Il n'ya pas personne avec qui je peut practiquer le langue. C'est tres utile. Merci!!
This is a great help for those looking to brush up on their french. She speaks slowly enough for you to really understand what is being said; having a poem for reference reinforces the lesson, and the topics are interesting enough to hold your attention. You are interested in what she has to say.
Fantastic way to work on your french listening comprehension. It's easy to find french audio on the internet; it's incredibly hard to find something like this -- interesting and challenging, yet accessible to less advanced speakers. It made my day yesterday to see that Camille had released a new one!
This is a smart and well produced podcast to help people who like to better their French. If you don't follow everything the fist time listen again and improve your knowledge in French in a different and interesting way.
These podcasts are very useful to me in improving my French. I usually find it difficult to understand spoken French; what good is it to listen to French speech if one can’t distinguish individual words? Mme C-K speaks very slowly and clearly, which helps me to pick out and comprehend the words. You can get clear enunciation in many French tutorials, but most of them use stock phrases that we all already know and would never use in real conversation. “Où est la toilette?” can only take you so far. Mme C-K explains the poetry in French, allowing me to learn how French people actually speak.
I highly recommend this podcast: Camille has a great recoding voice, she speaks slowly enough so I could understand (I am a lower intermediate I think). The podcast is full of vocabulary, and thanks to the help on her website, I was able to understand all of it. It's nice to hear poetry and feel I've understood something complicated and challenging, yet so part of the French cutlture. I am going to learn the poem by heart so I can say it out loud in my car :-))
What a great way to learn the language. My favorite French podcast. Thank you!