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These podcasts helped me a great deal when I was visiting my family in Thailand. It covers most of the basic things that would come up in any conversation, be it at home or in the marketplace. I recommend that all beginners should take a look at these podcasts. Enjoy!
These guys do a really good job of making the Thai language easy. I like the pace too, they don't come out with a new episode every day, giving me a chance to listen to each episode multiple times.


i know thai and this isnt very good compared if you just stay in thailand and learn thai for a month
I am very impressed with this podcast! The pronunciation is clear, and they give you ample time to repeat the words and phrases. I travelled in Thailand for 2 months and am returning at the end of the year - this will definitely come in handy!!!!
Taken from their website: We are happy and surprised that this website has become so popular. But due to the more than 1000 subscribers and new subscribers that we get every day the traffic and costs for this website have increased a lot. Therefore we had to take some episodes offline. If you are interested to download episodes 4 - 8 please donate 5$ via paypal for our website and we will email you a link where you can download these five episodes.
good stuff. i have recommended this podcast to all of my family members. the length of each lesson is not overwhelming and the voices are clear.
what happened to episodes 4-8?
Nice course, easy to follow. BUT...please fix lessons 4-8 - I can't download them! Thanks.
This podcast is great for those who want to get into thai language. I am scoring it 5 stars as the pronunciation is clear and the phrases' difficulty is ok for basic students. I would just say that new podcasts need to come out with more frequency, otherwise, listeners may lose interest or forget the previous lessons. Also, I don't like the cheering in the some of the podcast as the volume control goes to high. Other than that, the they are great. Please keep up with the good work, I am looking forward to listening new lessons.